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Chapter 1806: Mysterious Hell Flower

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Sima You Yue looked at the guards who ran over and said, “What’s the matter?”

“Young Miss, someone sent this.” The guard took out a box and handed it to Sima You Yue.

“It’s for me?” Sima You Yue took the box, remembering that the last time she had received the mysterious box given by Mo Zhi, so she glanced at him subconsciously.

“Yes, the request was for Young Missto open this and have a look personally.” The guard said, “He said you would know what’s inside when you open it.”

Sima You Yue’s doubts increased sharply, did she know such a person? The box in her hand seems to be getting a little hot.

Mo Zhi saw her doubts, and said: “Open it and see if you know what it is.”

“Hmm.” Sima You Yue nodded, took a deep breath, and then opened the box.

The box looks ordinary from the outside, the size of a palm, but after opening it, it feels that there was something else inside.

“Pocket Cosmos Box.” Mo Zhi saw the origin of this box in one glance, and frowned.

“What’s in it?” Yuan Yan asked.

Sima You Yue glanced at the box, shook her head, and turned the box to the opposite side.

“Empty?” Yuan Yan looked at Mo Zhi, who also looked confused.

“Why would someone send you an empty box?” Mo Zhi took the box and took a closer look. He did not find anything inside, and then returned it to Sima You Yue.

When Sima You Yue took the box, she suddenly saw the pattern of a flower on the lid of the box, and she was stunned.

“This pattern…”

Yuan Yan and Mo Zhi saw her like this, and then looked at the pattern on the lid of the box again.

“What’s wrong with this pattern? Have you seen it before?”

Sima You Yue touched the pattern on the box, a coquettish flower. Unlike the mandala that Mo Sha likes, this flower gives people a more charming feeling.

“Looking at the flower, a picture appeared in my mind, as if I was standing in a sea of ​​flowers. It seemed as if I had actually seen this flower.” She said, “But, I’m pretty sure, I haven’t seen this flower before. Do you know what it is?”

“Are you sure that the picture you remembered is in this flower?” Mo Zhi asked.

“I’m sure.” Sima You Yue said, “Do you know what this is?”

“This is the fabled Hell Flower.” Mo Zhi said, “I only say that it is the fabled flower, because everyone has only seen this kind of flower pattern, but has never seen a real flower.”

“Hell Flower? Isn’t it a mandala?”

“The mandala is just a flower that symbolizes hell, but it is not a real Hell Flower. And this is said to be only in the depths of hell. It is a veritable Hell Flower. It is said that people who have seen this kind of flower are no longer there. But this is also true. It’s just a legend, no one has actually seen it.” Mo Zhi said.

“If this is the case, how did Xi’er meet?” Yuan Yan asked.

Sima You Yue herself was puzzled. She rubbed her forehead and said, “Before I woke up, I seemed to have a period of confusion. I didn’t know where I was or what I did.”

“Let me have a look.” Mo Zhi looked at Sima You Yue.

Sima You Yue hesitated for a while, and stretched out her left hand.

Mo Zhi grabbed her hand and let his divine sense slowly penetrate into her body, into her divine sense. After a while, he withdrew and said, “It’s not that you are confused, but that you have a memory that has been sealed.”

“Is it sealed?” Sima You Yue looked at Mo Zhi in surprise, “Are you sure?”

“Hmm.” Mo Zhi nodded, “But that seal is not strong, so you can occasionally think of some fragments. This may have something to do with Hell Flower.”

“Is it because I saw the flower and was blocked by someone?” Sima You Yue said, “If that’s the case, why did he send me this box to remind me of something?”

“This… probably only you know.”

Sima You Yue sighed, “If I knew, would I still ask? What does it mean to send this over at this time?”

“I remember seeing things about Hell Flowers before.” Yuan Yan said, “I remember it seemed to be with them.”

As he talked, he took out a pile of books, and there were hundreds of them.

“I remember which book it was here, we can look for it.” Yuan Yan looked at the two.

“Looking in so many books?” Sima You Yue twitched her mouth, “You can think about it again, what book did you see it in?”

Mo Zhi looked at the pile of books, pulled one out from the middle, and threw it in front of Yuan Yan.

“It seems to be this.” Yuan Yan opened the book, found the page, and handed it to Sima You Yue.

Sima You Yue looked at the front first and found that this was a book that records such legends. The page that Yuan Yan gave her had very few words, and there was a picture of a Hell Flower underneath it.

“It is said that this kind of flower blooms in the depths of hell and is a representative of the underworld god. No one has seen a real flower, but it does exist. The god of the earth is not a legend, he is a real existence.”

“Such a short sentence, there is no detailed description at all.” Sima You Yue returned the book to Yuan Yan after reading it. “If according to the statement in the book, then I have not seen the Underworld? In other words, does the Ghost Realm have such a existence as the Underworld?”

“The story of the god of the gods is too legendary, but I think there is a person or… a race we don’t know behind this.” Mo Zhi said.

“It’s so hard that you, a Mo Clansman, don’t know?” Yuan Yan asked.

Mo Zhi shook his head, he had only seen it in this book.

“Could it be the one in Ninth Underworld Mountain?” Sima You Yue asked.

“Ninth Underworld Divine Clan? No, it’s not them. They appear with Black Lotus, not Hell Flower.” Mo Zhi said, “If I really want me to say it, Black Lotus represents the heaven of the Ghost Realm, and Hell Flower represents the real hell.”

“Isn’t it a legend? The Ninth Underworld Clan exists, can it be said that this Hell Flower also exists?” Sima You Yue asked.

“I thought it was a legend before, but now…” Mo Zhi raised his eyebrows, his eyes fell on the Pocket Cosmos Box, the meaning was self-evident.

“The Ninth Underworld Clan is also legendary, how can you be sure that it exists?” Yuan Yan asked.

How sure? Of course it is because she was one of them!

“The Ninth Underworld Clan exists, but it has appeared less over the years, so it is less known.” Mo Zhi said.

“Hey, at this time, it really feels weird to send me such an inexplicable box.” Sima You Yue looked at the box over and over for a while, but couldn’t find anything, so she closed the box and put it on the table. .

Mo Zhi looked at her puzzled, and said, “Why don’t you think about it? Since the other party said that you will understand when you see the box, maybe it really means something.”

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