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Chapter 1802: Someone comes to find trouble

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Sima You Yue was a little curious, what Mo Yu would promise Mo Zhi that he would be willing to come close to her.

“He said, if I come to protect you, people in my clan will not be able to intervene in my marriage in the future.” Mo Zhi said.

“Pfftttt–” Sima You Yue laughed out loud and exclaimed, “You actually think about such stuff like marriage?!”

“Most people don’t, but those who are appointed as the successors of the Mo Ethnic Clan have to marry the women arranged by the family. I didn’t like such arrangements since I was a child, so as long as I protect you, I don’t have to marry anyone the clan chooses.” Mo Zhi said, “And…”

“And what?”

“The Ancestor said that you are an interesting person and you will not let me down and get bored. If I find that you are not good after you arrive, if I don’t want to, I can also go back in advance.” Mo Zhi said, “but the Ancestor knows me well, You are indeed more interesting than I thought.”

“It was fun for you. Hmph, playing all that mystery” Sima You Yue rolled her eyes at him. At that time, he knew her identity and teased her like that. If she hadn’t had a strong heart, she would have been scared to death.

“I just wanted to see how you will react in such a situation. If you panic or ask Ancestor for help, it will disappoint me too much. As a result, you had no reaction at all.” Mo Zhi said.

If she panicked and asked the Ancestor for help at that time, he might not be here anymore.

Sima You Yue didn’t want to express her opinions about the things he did for fun, otherwise she was afraid that she could not help but beat him.

“By the way, remember to send someone to the Duke Manor to say something, otherwise you will worry about Ting Shan and the Ting Shui,” she reminded.

“You are very concerned about Murong Xi’s maid.”

“They are very nice to me. Say it so that they don’t worry about it.”

“However, they are worried about Murong Xi, not you.”

“At least, I’m taking responsibility for enjoying all of the good now.” Sima You Yue said, “If they were to discover that I am not Murong X in the future and are no longer good to me, then naturally I will treat them back how they treat me. At least it is all good now.”

Mo Zhi stared at her for a long time, not knowing what he was thinking, and then turned around without saying a word.

“This guy just left like that, I don’t know if he will go and send news.” She muttered, closing her eyes and rested.

She was recuperating here for two days and finally healed from her injuries. Such an alarming speed in recovery made Mo Zhi amazed.

“Thank you very much this time.” Sima You Yue thanked him. Although she would not be discovered if he didn’t come, she would still have to be thankful since he did help.

“Hmm, just saying it doesn’t seem very sincere.” Mo Zhi smiled and stared at her.

“Huh?” Sima You Yue was slightly startled, should she give him a gift of thanks? Did he have such thick skin?!

“The Ancestor said, your tea art is above him, I wonder if I can have the honor to drink your tea?”

Sima You Yue blinked, “That’s it?”

“Otherwise, what do you think?” Mo Zhi asked back, and the corners of his mouth raised to show his good mood.

“Ahem, what kind of tea would you like to drink?”

“I prefer green tea.”

Sima You Yue nodded, and the two went to the gazebo in the yard. She took out the tea set and began to boil water to wash the cups and apportion the tea. When these were done, the water was boiled, and she started to seriously brew the tea.

Mo Zhi looked at her smooth fluid actions, elegant and charming, even just looking at her, it felt like a kind of enjoyment.


Sima You Yue held the teacup in front of him and when he picked up the teacup, a fresh scent met him, which was very different from what he was used to.

He took a sip, the scent filled his mouth, and then spread to his whole body, and he seemed to feel refreshed.

“It’s really good tea, no wonder the Ancestor likes your tea so much.” He thought it was an exaggeration of the Ancestor before, but he didn’t expect it to be so delicious.

“You are very similar to Mo Yu in many places, even the actions of tasting tea are very similar.” Sima You Yue said, “Are you very fond of him?”

Mo Zhi raises eyebrows, was it so obvious?

“But the Ancestor is often out of the clan, and I rarely go back these years, and I see him a lot less often. I finally saw him that one time and he asked me to protect you…a little girl, thinking about it, I still feel a little frustrated.” He said with emotion.

“It’s obvious that you came here because of that deal. Don’t tell me you are reluctant and unwilling.” Sima You Yue ruthlessly pierced through his facade.

“He he… I can see through it.”

A guard walked in from outside and saw the two drinking tea in the pavilion. The Young Master smiled happier than ever, and he hesitated to come forward.

Mo Zhi frowned slightly when he noticed him, he would not come in if there was nothing important.

“What happened?”

“Young Master, the Dong Clan went to the Duke Manor and wanted to see Young Miss. Because the Duke and Young Miss are not there, they are making trouble.” The guard responded.

Mo Zhi asked them to pay attention to the affairs of the Duke Manor, so he came immediately when he got the news.

Sima You Yue, who had a teacup in her hand froze, the atmosphere suddenly turned cold and oppressive as she looked at the guard and asked, “The Dong Clan is making trouble at the Duke Manor?”

“Yes, they injured a lot of guards in the Duke Manor.” When the guard felt that Sima You Yue suddenly changed, he looked at her with some doubts.

“Hmph! Those people from the Dong Clan actually dare to come and hit the people of my Duke Manor? They are really begging for a lesson. I’ll go back first.” She placed the teacup on the table, and when she left, the teacup cracked into a few pieces.

Mo Zhi looked at her leaving figure, then looked at the broken teacup, and shook his head slightly: “Such a good tea set, it’s a pity. What else have you not said?”

” Young Master, the reason why the Dong Clan dared to go to the Duke Manor to find trouble is because someone came from the Great Yu Manor.” The guard replied.

“So, the Dong Clan has the confidence! This girl, she just went back like this, wouldn’t she still be at the disadvantage? Why didn’t she ask me for help?” He murmured.

He only later discovered that Sima You Yue was not the kind of person who was used to relying on others. She liked to experience everything personally, even if she knows the difficulties, she will always strive to move forward.

“Young Master, Murong Hui and the steward are not in the Duke Manor. If Young Miss goes back, she will face those people directly. I don’t know if it will be dangerous. Should we go and have a look?” This guard had followed Mo Zhi since young. He also knew the purpose of protecting Sima You Yue this time. Seeing Sima You Yue run back alone, he was worried that she could not handle it alone.

“Go, of course I have to see how she is going to deal with these people.” Mo Zhi was a little concerned about the fact that he was neglected in front of Sima You Yue, and worried that she would not be able to deal with those people. “However, we can’t go directly, it will make people suspicious. What is Yuan Yan doing these past two days?”

Sima You Yue called out Blacky and rode back on him to the Duke Manor. Before she got close, she heard a resounding bang from ahead. Turning the corner of the street, she saw the Duke Manor that no longer had a door as the cold wind blew…

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