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Chapter 1770: More Dangerous

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Sima You Yue looked at the two of them waiting for their answers.

“It’s better for you to not know for the time being. In case you meet them and can’t control your anger, you’ll be in trouble if they find out.” Di Zhe said.

Sima You Yue glanced at him. “If you can control your violent temper, can’t I control mine?”

Di Zhe: “….”

He seemed to have been tremendously injured.

Mo Yu chuckled on the side.

“Alright, speak.” Sima You Yue said.

“You know, we have many kingdoms. After so many years, some kingdoms had become very strong. And some had formed alliances….” Di Zhe then mentioned several names of kingdoms, and Sima You Yue remembered them one by one in her heart.

“Why do these people have to kill my mother?”

“Little Aunt is exceptionally talented and had some disagreements with them. Geniuses are envied. Those people wanted to see the royal family without descendants, naturally. They did not want to have such a talented younger generation. Only when the royal family is without descendants, those kingdoms can become stronger.” Di Zhe explained. “Since you don’t intend for others to know your identity, it’s best to not let others know of your talents, or they won’t let you grow.”

“I know.” Sima You Yue nodded.

“Do you plan to stay here and cultivate?” Mo Yu asked.

“Not necessarily, but I want to continue to appear as Murong Xi. At least, before I have strength, this identity is a good cover.”

“Then we should keep more people here to protect you.” Di Zhe was uneasy.

“No need. I’m just a daughter of a little duke. Not many people would notice me. You will only make others suspicious. As long as I don’t meet someone like this old guy, Mo Yu, I can handle them.”

“You? Have the strength of an Underworld Fiend Master?”

“My strength is not high, but I have Little Purple!”

“Who is Little Purple?”

Sima You Yue took out Little Purple. Little Purple meowed at Di Zhe and Mo Yu.

“A kitten? Without spirit power, how will it protect you?” Di Zhe questioned.

Little Purple was unhappy from being looked down upon. So someone was miserable——-



A lightningbolt fell on Di Zhe, instantly zapping him.

Sima You Yue: “….”

Mo Yu: “….”

Little Purple retracted its claws. “Next time if you say that, I will turn you into a jerky!”

“Cough cough——–” Di Zhe coughed out black smoke. “What is this fella? It can actually use lightning?”

“Hmph.” Little Purple turned its butt on him.

“You are fortunate that Little Purple still has an impression of you. It wouldn’t just be like that.” Sima You Yue said.

“Top grade purple lightning?” Mo Yu looked at Little Purple. His tone was uncertain.

“Hmph!” Little Purple turned its butt on him too.

“Little Purple knew of you before she transformed. The time we spent together was not short, so it was deeply impressed by you. It only used less than half of its power, if it used full power….” Sima You Yue did not continue.

She didn’t directly answer about Little Purple’s identity, but acknowledged on the side.

“Unexpectedly, you can actually absorb top grade purple lightning into your body and transform it successfully. This is the first top grade purple lightning that has transformed in history. With it, even if you don’t meet someone like me, you will be fine.” Mo Yu said.

“Is it that powerful?” Di Zhe looked at Mo Yu and them at Little Purple with less doubt.

“Top grade purple lightning is in the realm of heaven and ranks higher than thunder tribulation. Although you were zapped because you were not guarded against, you won’t be able to resist it with ten times your strength.” Mo Yu explained.

“That amazing?!” Di Zhe was dumbfounded. A little kitten could defeat him?

“Of course, there is also a very important reason that thunder is the natural restraint for the Ghost Clan which strengthens its power. If it is a human, you may hold on for a while with your strength.” Mo Yu continued.

Di Zhe was “…”

Why did he feel that suffered tremendously today?

“Since you have decided, then do that.” He knew her temperament. Since she had told them firmly, it meant she made up her mind and would not change.

In order to not attract attention, the two did not stay long in the city lord mansion before being driven away by Sima You Yue. She told them to not send anyone to protect her secretly. However, it was okay to protect her publicly.

“Why?” Di Zhe did not understand. Wasn’t it the same?

“Because I look similar to my mother! You have a good relationship with my mother, because of my looks, it is normal to help me. Just like this time. But because there is no feeling, you cannot go too far. If you send someone to protect me secretly, it would be unreasonable.” Sima You Yue explained.

“That’s true. I will have Mei Ying take care of you more.” Di Zhe said.

Sima You Yue knew Mei Ying. She was under the Kingdom’s Prince which Murong Hui followed.

Murong Hui was sincere to Mei Ying, and Mei Ying valued him. Otherwise, he would not be allowed to come to Eternal Brilliance City to be the City Lord and look for the treasure in Atavistic Orchid Mountain.

However, even thought Mei Ying valued and treated Murong Hui very well, she would be more concerned with Di Zhe’s instruction.

Mo Yu was relatively simple. When he left, he said one sentence. “You know what you need to do right?”

Sima You Yue nodded. When faced with danger, she could use the underworld skills that Mo Yu taught her before. It would be able to show that she was protected by him. How many people in the Ghost Realm dare to move his people? Those who were not afraid of him will give him some face.

Seeing her node, his eyes revealed a faint smile. “When the tea is gone, I will come find you.”

“Sure.” Sima You Yue nodded in response.

He was very sure that she had her own secret. But he didn’t plan to delve into her secrets as long as there was tea. Sima You Yue knew this, so she was not worried about it.

After sending the two off, Murong Hui entered her courtyard.

“Both masters have left?”

Sima You Yue nodded and then asked, “Do you want to drink tea, father?”

Murong Hui walked into the pavilion and saw her put away the teacups used by Di Zhe and Mo Yu and made tea for him. She put it in front of him.

“I thought you would leave with them.” Murong Hui started.

“I am father’s god daughter. I want to stay with my father for a while, will you drive me away?” Sima You Yue asked smilingly.

“Stupid child, you can stay with father as long as you want.” Murong Hui replied. “Even if I have to sacrifice my life, I will ensure your safety.”

“Then if I get in trouble, will father help me with the aftermath?”

“Anyways, I have gotten used to these things.” Murong Hui chuckled. “However, from this perspective this time, it would be more dangerous to stay with Father.”

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