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Chapter 1763: I Will Personally Go

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“Yes.” Mo Yu admitted. He did send someone to kill Murong Xi.

“Mo Yu, I already told your subordinates. Why do you still have the manpower to kill Murong Xi?” Di Zhe shouted. “She is just a little girl, and you are being so cruel to her!”

“This is not what I want to kill. Drink tea?” Mo Yu poured good tea for Di Zhe and pushed it in front of him.

Di Zhe glanced at the tea that he handed and took a sip. “Didn’t we say that we won’t touch Murong Xi?”

“Yes, it wasn’t my men. It was Ghost Concubine’s people who did it.” Mo Yu said quietly.

“You…” Di Zhe became angry.

“Our agreement is that you and my people won’t do anything. I didn’t break it.” Mo Yu said. “Great general Di, you have killed so many people, why do you care so much about a little girl? Is it because she looks like Yu Ke Luo?”

“You said that she is just a little girl. You have to kill her because she looks like my little aunt?” Di Zhe sneered. “Ghost concubine cannot kill my little aunt, cannot kill You Yue, so they turned their anger on Murong Xi who look like them.”

“You can go to her to settle the account. I won’t stop you!” Mo Yu said. “But in that case, she might find out about these little moves you did privately.”

“Are you threatening me?” Di Zhe’s eyes narrowed. A fierce light flashed in his eyes.

“Don’t look at me like this, you can’t beat me.” Mo Yu said. “If it wasn’t for giving Yu Ke Luo’s face, could you still pester me for so long?”

Di Zhe clenched his fists. “Mo Yu, don’t think you are the biggest in the Ghost Realm!”

“I didn’t think so.” Mo Yu replied. “It’s just that I live more easily than you.”

“Are you at ease? I think you became ghost concubine’s lackey!” Di Zhe said. “If she has you go kill, you kill. Do you dare to say you are at ease?”

“I killed Murong Xi is just returning her a little favor. This time, she can’t order me around. However, great general Di will always be suppressed by her. Instead of wasting time with me here, go back and think of how to deal with those things.”

Di Zhe’s eyes narrowed.

“Don’t look at me like that. I can know about your things. She can also found out sooner or later.” Mo Yu said. “Don’t let yourself be without retreat. Otherwise your whole Di Clan would be implicated.”

“You don’t need to care about my affairs.” Di Zhe tried to restrain his anger.

“Oh, I remember you don’t care about the Di Clan. You don’t care about their life and death. However, if your mistake caused you to fail to save Yu Ke Luo, do you not care as well?”

“Shut your mouth!” Di Zhe waved his palm and broke the rockery not far away.

“Angry from embarrassment? With your state, how would you fight with ghost concubine? How would you save Yu Ke Luo?” Mo Yu chuckled.

“Humph, you…”

“Master.” A black clothed person came in from the courtyard and stopped outside the pavilion.

Mo Yu glanced at Di Zhe and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Reporting to master, the people below said that Murong Xi is not dead.” The person stated.

“Not dead?” Mo Yu’s voice echoed. Although his voice remained the same, it made people feel that he was a bit angry.

“The news they sent back was that she indeed died, but our people discovered she was actually alive.”

“Tsk tsk, it seems ghost concubine’s people are useless!” Di Zhe smiled. His words filled with contempt.

“Are you sure of the news?” Mo Yu asked.

“Certain. Last time, they personally saw her at Atavistic Orchid Mountain.”

“Since the person is not dead, why did they report she is dead?”

“The news was from those people before they died, saying that Murong Xi had been severely injured, had no spirit power and fell off the cliff of ten thousand meters. She would definitely die.”

“It seems Murong Xi had a narrow escape and did not die.” Di Zhe sneered. “You didn’t abide by the agreement, so I won’t abide as well. Di Liu, let’s go talk to uncle about stuff.”

“Do you want to protect Murong Xi personally? It just happens that I want to see what kind of person can survive under such conditions. How about we go together?” Mo Yu chuckled.

“Only ghosts would go with you!” Di Zhe snorted and led Di Liu away.

Mo Yu looked at Di Zhe and helplessly sighed. “Aren’t you a ghost!”

“Master, do you want to send someone to Eternal Brilliance City?”

“No, I’ll go there personally.” Mo Yu declined. “I also want to see the so-called similar to Yu Ke Luo girl. How similar is she to her.”

“Yes, this subordinate will go prepare.”

After sending the two worrisome people away, Sima You Yue breathed a sigh of relief. Murong Hui walked in from outside.

“Xi’er, why did you go out suddenly? Did you know how dangerous outside is?” Murong Hui reprimanded. The fire in his heart slowly dissipated when he saw her smiling at him.

“You are not allowed to do such a dangerous thing in the future.” He reached out and poked her forehead.

“I know, father, you have always sent people to follow me. As long as I go out, someone will protect me secretly.” Sima You Yue grinned. “And if we don’t take actions, they would not stay still. After going out for a round, I immediately reaped the rewards.”

“What happened? Are you injured? Why didn’t I get news?”

“Father, I’m fine. They haven’t done anything yet.” Sima You Yue replied. “It’s just at while I was at the venue, I felt that I was being watched. Then when I, Xiao Ruo Bai and them went back, we were being followed.”

“They didn’t notify me.” Murong Hui was furious. “How can they not notify me of this kind of thing?!”

As he said, he wanted to get someone.

“Father, don’t worry.” Sima You Yue grabbed hold of him. “I told them not to talk. You are so busy and nothing has happened. So I don’t want to disturb you. If something happens, I will tell you immediately.”

“You girl.” Murong Hui looked at her helplessly. “If Xi’er was half as sensible as you, I don’t have to worry so much.”

“Xi’er is your treasure. She is very good, your pistachio.” Sima You Yue replied.

“Although she left, she would be happy to have you accompany me.” Murong Hui comforted his heart and placed his affections on her. “However, that is not always the case.”


“You know your identity and do not want me to say it. With just my strength to protect you, I am very worried.” Murong Hui said. “Are we really not telling the prince?”

“No need. Perhaps, we will meet other people.” Sima You Yue pouted.

“Other people? Who?”

“I have a hunch now. I hope my hunch is wrong.”

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