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Chapter 1756: Father Takes the Stage

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Gongzi Yuan and the others got together and stared at Sima You Yue in surprise.

“Are you really alright?” Xiao Ruo Bai patted her and found that she had no injuries.

“How come?” Patriarch Xiao looked at Sima You Yue in confusion. “What secret technique did you use?”

Sima You Yue did not know who this person was. But judging from his temperament and strength, it was estimated that he was similar to Murong Hui.

“Probably because it is his tribulation so the lightning went his way.” Sima You Yue pointed to the little grey bird.

Although everything thought it was impossible, they could not find a more reasonable explanation.

“No matter what, you are fine.” Murong Hui said.

“Thank you father.” Sima You Yue smiled.

“Xi’er, what’s the matter? It wanted to see you, but why did it want to take on a human appearance?” Gongzi Yuan asked.

“I don’t know why.” Sima You Yue shrugged. “I just came up, and the little bird gave me the kitten. Then he said he wanted to transfigure. Before I had the time to run, the tribulation cloud came.”

“Then are we leaving now?” Xiao Ruo Bai asked, watching Little Grey Bird transformed.

Murong Hui also glanced at Little Grey Bird and pulled Sima You Yue down next to him. “Wait, I want to figure out why he brought Xi’er here.”

Sima You Yue raised her head at Murong Hui and smiled lightly. If he pretended to care about his daughter in front of others, he didn’t need to do this.

So, this person was not completely using her.

Fortunately, they would already have colluded, and now in the process of tribulation, it was impossible to get anything.


Sima You Yue tugged Murong Hui. Before she could speak, Murong Hui patted her hand. The action was very similar to when Sima Liu Xuan patted her.

“Don’t worry, we are here.” Murong Hui consoled her.

Sima You Yue wanted to say that this wasn’t what she was going to say. But because of his actions, she didn’t say anything else.

Soon, the black light dissipated. A small, short boy in gray appeared in front of everyone.

The moment he transformed into human form, the entire ghost beasts of Atavistic Orchid Mountain leaned down to show respect to him.

“Hahaha——– I finally succeeded in transforming! You….” Little Grey Bird excitedly rushed towards Sima You Yue. When he saw her gaze, he quickly corrected, “Xi’er, I did it! I really transformed into human form!”

“Not bad!” Sima You Yue smiled on the surface but was cursing in her heart.

Who was screaming before?

“Honorable one, I am the city lord of Eternal Brilliance City, Xi’er’s father.” Murong Hui stepped forward and in front of Sima You Yue, blocking Little Grey Bird.

“I don’t care what you are…..” Little Grey Bird subconsciously wanted to get rid of Murong Hui but when he saw Sima You Yue poked her head from behind Murong Hui. She stared at him as if daring him to try.

Thinking of her familiarity with the lightning tribulation, he shrank his neck and pushed down his excitement. He nodded to Murong Hui. “Oh, you’re Xi’er father.”

Murong Hui looked down at Sima You Yue and then at Little Grey Bird. His eyes were curious.

“Honorable one, do you know this little girl?”

“Yes, um, we didn’t know each other before, now I do.” Little Grey Bird said. “That monstercat wanted to follow her, so I can only send someone to invite her over.”

“Is this so?”

“Mm. it is.” Little Grey Bird nodded seriously, but no one in the place felt that way.

“In this case, if there is nothing, we will leave first.” Murong Hui said.

“That…..” Little Grey Bird looked at Sima You Yue pitifully.

“Do you have anything else?”

“That…. Can I go with you?” Little Grey Bird asked.

“You want to stay with me?” Sima You Yue looked at him surprisingly. “Why?”

“I feel more secure with you.” Little Grey Bird said shamelessly.

Everyone was “…”

Little Grey Bird, you are a sacred beast, but you saying that a person without spirit power makes you feel more secure?

“No.” Sima You Yue refused without thinking.

“Why?” Little Grey Bird looked pained.

“Because I am not interested in a stupid bird.” Sima You Yue turned away and headed down the mountain. Little Grey Bird wanted to go after her, but Sima You Yue put Little Purple on her shoulder. Little Grey Bird took a step back subconsciously seeing Little Purple.

“Boo Hoo, I am not stupid.” Little Grey Bird said aggrievedly.

But Sima You Yue didn’t care and left directly with Little Purple in her arms.

The rest of the people looked at her and then Little Grey Bird. They finally followed, leaving the messy Little Grey Bird alone in grief.

He, a dignified sacred beast, was actually being looked down by a little girl without spirit power! He felt extremely hurt! He needed to recover well!

Fortunately, at that time, numerous ghost beasts appeared. Seeing those admiring eyes, his injured heart slowly healed.

As they went down the mountain and saw other people waiting midway.

“You guys are finally back. Are you alright?” Cao Cheng An ran over and asked.

“Alright, what can happen to us?” Gongzi Yuan chuckled. “As for you, you haven’t left yet!”

“Isn’t it because I haven’t seen you? By then, you’ll say I left ahead and that I lost to you.” Cao Cheng An reasoned. “How about it, what shall we do for the final competition?”

“After we go back, we can compete. I definitely have more than you!” Gongzi Yuan patted him on the shoulder and laughed.

“Alright, let’s go back! Who knows who has more?!” Cao Cheng An said unconvinced.

“City Lord.” The others saluted Murong Hui.

“It has not been safe here recently. You didn’t bring the guards, so you should head back early.” Murong Hui said.

“City Lord, can we go back with you?” Elder Guan asked.

Murong Hui glanced at Elder Guan. He had heard some things from Xiao Ruo Bai and them about him. He did not have a good impression of Mu Clan.

“Elder Guan, you came from Twilight City. You don’t need to go with us for this little matter?” He said lightly. “Besides, what if you encounter danger if you stay with us? My daughter will always be next to me. Goodbye.”

After that, he took Sima You Yue’s hand and left.

Gongzi Yuan and Xiao Ruo Bai looked at each other and then at the embarrassed Mu Kai En and Elder Guan. They followed Murong Hui.

Patriarch Xiao and Patriarch Gongzi also left after.

Cao Cheng An and the group were extremely embarrassed as they did not know what to say to Mu Clan’s people.

Sima You Yue looked at Murong Hui who was somewhat angry. She felt that Murong Xi was a lucky girl, but it was a pity she was too short-lived.

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