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Chapter 1754: Awkward Cloud Spirit

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Sima You Yue was also extremely anxious at this time. She couldn’t take out any of the items that could block the lightning that were stored in the Spirit Pagoda, and she didn’t have the strength, not to mention the top grade purple lightning was not present as well. What would she use to resist the power of the lightning tribulation?

The more she thought about it, the more irritated her heart became and she thoroughly regretted it in her heart.

If she knew, she wouldn’t have come to see this stupid bird!

The entire area of ​​lightning tribulation was now full of elements of lightning. Without any strength, if she touched any of it, her current body would be hurt

“No wonder, the people of the Ghost Clan are so afraid of lightning.” She grimaced as the pain assaulted her, this kind of natural suppression was really uncomfortable.

Suddenly, she felt those lightning attribute elements start to burrow into her body, and her whole body felt as if was being torn apart, and it felt as if her soul was about to fall apart any time

“How could this happen?” She screamed out in her heart and lamented, “Why is it that even when I arrive in the Ghost Realm, I am still so sensitive to lightning….”

This was an advantage for her initially, but now that she is a ghost, which is doubly painful for her.

Was she going to die even before the lightning tribulation started?

She had just arrived in the Ghost Realm not long ago. She hasn’t even started to cultivate and she hasn’t found her mother nor had time to go back to see her former friends. Was she going to die like this?

She felt more pain in her heart than her body.

“Hmm–” A satisfied sigh sounded in her ears, and her desperate heart instantly saw the light.

“Little Purple, is that you?” She asked excitedly.

No answer.

However, the speed at which the surrounding lightning elements entered her body increased rapidly, and the severe pain made her suffer. She didn’t even have the strength left to think. She just felt that her body was about to be torn apart at this very moment.

Just when she felt that her body had reached its limit and she would die if she absorbed a little more, it finally stopped. A gentle force dissipated from her abdomen, making her nearly collapsed body solidify again, and the pain slowly dissipated.

“Meow~ This baby has finally awoken! Yue Yue, did you miss this baby?” An excited voice resounded clearly. Sima You Yue was sure that she did not have any illusions. This brat really followed her soul and entered the Ghost Realm.

Although the pain disappeared, she was still weak and she was lying on the ground, refusing to move.

“Miss you? Hmph, I miss you and hate you at the same time!” She replied feebly.

If it weren’t for it, she wouldn’t have suffered such a torture just now. But if it didn’t exist, after a while, the lightning tribulation would be smashed down, and she’ll most probably not be able to withstand it.

“Huh?” She looked at tribulation clouds in the sky, how did she feel that it was familiar? Could it be that guy, Cloud Spirit?

Before she was sure, a lightning bolt struck down from the sky, wrapped her body, and brought her directly into the air.

Seeing Cloud Spirit’s familiar little eyes, Sima You Yue was sure that it was really that guy.

“Why have you become like this?” Cloud Spirit looked at her contemptuously, “Without even awakening the Top Grade Purple Lightning, I don’t dare to bring you up, otherwise that bolt alone would directly smash you to smithereens .”

“Ha ha, I’m kind of in a miserable state right now.” Sima You Yue couldn’t deny that she was in a little sad state now, “Why did you come to the Ghost Realm?”

“This was originally my site.” Cloud Spirit said, “Why did you die? Who can kill you?”

“I couldn’t control the power in my body… I exploded.”

“…” Cloud Spirit looked at her speechlessly, “It’s really rare for someone to die in such a manner.”

“Hey, a hero doesn’t mention the bravery back then!” Sima You Yue said helplessly, “but I didn’t expect that the first acquaintance I met after death turned out to be you, which isn’t too bad.”

At least today she would not die.

“Hmph, if you meet someone else, you will be dead!” Cloud Spirit harrumphed, “With this meager strength, you still dare to provoke the Transfiguration Lightning Tribulation.

“Then you should raise your hand this time. Anyway, I owe someone a favor!” Sima You Yue said.

“Why do you want me to pay you back the favor you owe?” Cloud Spirit stared at her.

“Hey, aren’t we two good friends?” Sima You Yue said with a smile, “Good friends should help each other, right?”

“Hmph! You said that you would give me fruit wine the last time, but you also didn’t turn up for the appointment at all!” Cloud Spirit said unhappily.

Sima You Yue smiled, “I was busy that time, but now I am free, I will make some for you later.”

“Are you out of stock?” Cloud Spirit licked it’s lips.

“It’s all locked up. Without spirit power, it can’t be opened.” Sima You Yue sighed, “Wait for a while, and when I cultivate spirit power, it will be able to open. A lot has been stocked up over the years and I’ll give them all to you.”

“That’s what you said! You are not allowed to ditch me and not turn up for our appointment ! Otherwise, I will kill you and let your soul be scattered and there will be not a sliver left.” Cloud Spirit had a deep resentment for her missing their appointment the last time!

“Alright, this time I assure you, I will do what I say.” Sima You Yue promised.

“Hmph, I will believe you one more time.” Cloud Spirit said, “However, you have no power at all now, maybe you might not even manage to cultivate any spirit power and you may have perished before that.”

“Then I can’t do anything about that.” Sima You Yue gestured helplessly. Strength was not something one could have even if one wanted it.

“Follow me.” Cloud Spirit finished speaking and turned to leave.

Sima You Yue stepped on the cloud, and for the first time she didn’t have the strength to walk on it, she always felt like she would fall.

She followed Cloud Spirit to the middle of the cloud, saw a platform by a pond and remembered where it was.

Last time, she had quite a lot of lightning fluid here.

“Let that kid in your body out.” Cloud Spirit said reluctantly.

Sima You Yue was startled, and understood that it was talking about Little Purple.

“Is it not like the last time?” She called out the Top Grade Purple Lightning.

At this time, Little Purple was still a cloud of purple gas. Although it could speak, it hadn’t transformed yet.

“Can your body stand it?” Cloud Spirit rolled its eyes, grabbed Little Purple, and threw it into the lightning pond. That awkward expression showed how distressed it was over this sacrifice and it’s heart was hurting!

“Meow- so comfortable!” After Top Grade Purple Lightning entered the lightning pond, it quickly drank the lightning fluid inside, and then, before Cloud Spirit could speak, it came out of the lightning pond and jumped into a more central place.

Sima You Yue discovered that the more lightning fluid the Top Grade Purple Lightning drank, the more solid its body became, and in the end it formed the appearance of a purple kitten.

When it drank all the lightning liquid, Cloud Spirit was about to cry.

Sima You Yue reached out to touch its head and said, “I will give you more fruit wine later, so that you can drink fruit wine every day.”

“I’ll come to you next time!” Cloud Spirit looked at her with comprehension. The deep eyes gave Sima You Yue a bad premonition.

“Alright, time is almost up, you can go down.” After speaking, it sent Sima You Yue back to the ground.

As soon as Sima You Yue stood up, she heard a scream from above her head, and when she looked up, she saw Top Grade Purple Lightning being rudely thrown down.


It really was an awkward little Cloud Spirit who acted however it wanted!

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