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Chapter 1734: Unable to Wake Up (2)

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“Master Yin Lin, are you here to save Sima You Yue? Sima You Yue can come back alive? Will she still be saved?” Xia Chang Tian asked.

“Don’t worry. Everything is not over yet.” Yin Lin’s voice had a calming effect. Everyone’s heart settled down with his words.

Wu Lingyu looked at Yin Lin. “What can you do?”

“It’s not me.” Yin Lin shook his head. “Master Feng.”

Feng Ru Yan stepped forward and took out a jade bottle. She poured the emerald green liquid into Sima You Yue’s mouth and then hugged Sima You Yue’s body as she poured her spirit power in and guided the power through her meridians and channels to her organs.

After a while, the grayish white color on Sima You Yue’s face began to clear away gradually. After a few minutes, everyone felt her vitality aura again.

“She’s alive! Alive!” Xia Chang Tian and the others cried out. Sima You Yue really came back alive!

At the sides, Little Roar and Thousand Resonance’s vitality stopped disappearing. The two turned into a silver light and returned to Sima You Yue’s body.

Sima You Yue’s eyelids moved, but she did not wake up.

“You Yue, You Yue….”

Feng Ru Yan stood up and said to the group of people. “Don’t call, she can’t wake up.”

“Why? Didn’t she come back alive?” Hong Wei asked.

“Her soul has left the body. Without her soul, she cannot wake up.” Feng Ru Yan explained.

“Where is her soul? I’ll get it back. Have she gone to the Ghost Realm?” Wu Lingyu said.

“No.” Yin Lin shook her head. “I can’t divinate where her soul is. I speculate she hasn’t gone to the Ghost Realm yet.”

They didn’t know where her soul was. If they couldn’t find it, she couldn’t wake up.

“Tang Yun, tell the people in the Devil Realm to put aside everything and go to the Ghost Realm to find You Yue’s soul. We must… find her!” Wu Lingyu commanded.

“Master, the current situation in the Devil Realm….” Tang Yun subconsciously wanted to stop him, but Wu Lingyu’s glare made him unable to refute.

“You don’t have to worry. Everything has its destiny.” Yin Lin said. “Although I don’t know where she is now. She will go to the Ghost Realm in the future. However, if you send people to find her, they won’t be able to. They have no fate with her.”

“I must find her!” Wu Lingyu insisted.

“When it’s time to come back, she will naturally return. Otherwise, it would be meaningless for us to save her body.” Yin Lin soothed.

“She will return?”

“Today’s matter is her tribulation and her destiny. She is destined to go to the Ghost Realm. You only need to protect her body. Don’t let her last breath leave and wait. She will come back one day.” Yin Lin said.

Hearing him say this, Wu Lingyu’s mood stabilized. He bowed to Feng Ru Yan and Yin Lin. “I will not forget this saving grace.”

“I didn’t do anything.” Yin Lin replied. “Feng Ru Yan found the thing.”

“Aunt Feng, thank you.” Although Wu Lingyu did not know what Feng Ru Yan gave Sima You Yue. It was definitely a common thing to be able to bring her back to life.

“Yin Lin told me to prepare it.” Feng Ru Yan said lightly. “If you have any needs, tell Feng Clan directly.”

“Alright.” Wu Lingyu did not refuse. To ensure Sima You Yue wouldn’t die, a lot of medical herbs would definitely need to be consumed later, and the cost would be secondary. The most important thing was the need to find some geniuses. With the Feng Clan, everything would be easier.

Xuan Qiu He had been silent since Wu Lingyu appeared. From expectation to disappointment and now hope, he experienced it all in less than an hour. He had walked back and forth between heaven and hell several times.

When everyone was joyful, he saw a person moving outside, wanting to flee unnoticed.

“Where do you want to escape?” He appeared and blocked Qiu Chi’s path.

“Xuan Qiu He, if you don’t want to lose your life, don’t make a big show!” Qiu Chi warned Xuan Qiu He. If attention was drawn here, it would be difficult for him to escape.

Sima You Yue said to keep you here today. She paid so much for this, so I must take your life!” Xuan Qiu He directly attacked and this movement drew other people’s attention.

“Father, Yue Yue said to not let him go!” Little Lucky jumped on Supreme Fifth Spirit Senior and pulled his hair. “Because of him, Yue Yue died. Kill him! Kill him!”

The Supreme Fifth Spirit Senior stood up. The picture of Sima You Yue dying overlapped with the scene from his memory.

“Those who hurt her deserve to die!” He grabbed Little Lucky and threw him away. His body morphed into a beast. He continued to grow bigger and his aura rose steadily.

“Berserk transformation!” Not everyone on site knew what was happening, but those who knew called it so.

“This is a skill of spirit beasts. They become mad when they undergo a berserk transformation. Their combat power rises a lot and as much as twice the usual.” The president of the Beast Tamer Guild explained. “With his strength, undergoing a berserk transformation, Qiu Zhi will not be able to escape today.”

There was no suspense about the result of the battle. Qiu Zhi was killed under thirty moves of Supreme Fifth Spirit Senior.

Wu Lingyu sucked his soul out before it entered the Ghost realm and condensed a dark flame to refine his soul.

In the end, he didn’t even have a chance to disappear.

Wu Lingyu held Sima You Yue and told Feng Ru Yan. “I will send her back. Sima Clan is probably a mess now.”

“I will go with you. Some things need to be explained to them.” Feng Ru Yan suggested.


Wu Lingyu held Sima You Yue, Feng Ru Yan, Yin Lin and Little Helper disappeared from the place together. Those people did not sense any fluctuations at all.

“So powerful….”

“Of course, they are powerful! This is the Master of the descendants from the divine clan.” Xia Chang Tian praised. “Well, let’s solve this matter first, then go to Sima Clan and see if there is anything we can help.”

As Wu Lingyu said, when Sima You Yue’s life token shattered, the entire clan was in shock.

How did she die? How could she be dead?

Everyone could not sit still. They all ask to find her. But it would take too long to go to Saint City. Even if they rushed over, it was already too late.

Just when the whole family was in grief and panic, Wu Lingyu returned with Sima You Yue in his arms.

Seeing her lifeless figure in his arms, the Sima family members’ eyes reddened. They covered their mouths as if they didn’t dare to cry out.

“Lingyu, You Yue, she’s….”

“She is still alive.” Wu Lingyu’s words made Sima family members all calm down. As long as she is alive, there is hope for everything.

“What the hell is going on?” Sima Zhi Yuan started. “Why did You Yue’s life token break?”

“I’ll talk about this later. We still have things to do now.” Wu Lingyu said. He carried Sima You Yue and flew to the back mountain of the Sima Clan.

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