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Chapter 1733: Unable to Wake Up

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Everyone was stunned by this scene. All this happened so fast that they did not have time to react.

How could Sima You Yue just… die like that?

Watching her body explode and being thrown away by that power, they had to believe that all of this was true.

Sima You Yue didn’t know what became of her body. Her little bit of consciousness was dissipating. She stared at the blue sky blankly. This might be the last color she would see.

Soon, she didn’t feel pain. Everything became illusory, including herself.

She was going to die! The sort of feeling was the same as before when she died: cold, fear, and endless darkness.

Was this the tribulation that Yin Lin mentioned? Sure enough, it was here!

Thinking of the anxiety and reluctantly in her heart when she left home, she had a hunch at that time that she would never see those relatives in the future.

It turned out to be her tribulation.

She suddenly thought of her father who was still in the Spirit Pagoda. At the beginning, she sensed he was a little worried. It was because he had a premonition. He was still locked in the Spirit Pagoda and she was dead. How could he get out?

And those people in the Little Realm. What about them?

What worried her the most was….. Wu Lingyu. When he knew she was dead, what would happen to him?

“Lingyu, I’m sorry…..”

“Father, Mother, I’m sorry…..”

She couldn’t do anything for them anymore.

Lingyu, I really want to… see you one more time….

There were thousands of memories flashed before death. But in the eyes of others, it was a momentary thing. They hadn’t even seen her situation clearly.

Did she… already… have no bones left…..

Devil Realm, Wu Lingyu was discussing matters with a group of subordinates in a camp. Suddenly, he felt a pain in his heart. He sensed something and his face turned pale.

“Take me over!”

A tear appeared in space. He didn’t have time to tell everyone. His footsteps were heavy. It could be said that he crawled into the torn space.

Sima You Yue’s consciousness slowly dissipated. The last thought before she lost her consciousness was still the person she hadn’t seen.

Lingyu, can I see… you one last time….

You came… I am satisfied…..

Following next was endless darkness.

Wu Lingyu came out of the space and when he saw Sima You Yue’s torn body. His eyes widened and were bloodshot. He was going crazy.

“Why didn’t you save her? Did you forget what your mission was?” He shouted.

“It was not done by an external force, but the force in her body went out of control.” A voice transmitted from the air. Everyone knew that Sima You Yue was protected by someone.

If an outsider wanted to kill her, they could keep her safe. But they couldn’t do anything if it was her body’s problem.

“No, it won’t be too late. I won’t let you die!” Wu Lingyu screamed frantically. He kept forming symbols with his hands. Majestic power gushed out from his body and wrapped around Sima You Yue’s broken body. Afterwards, it formed an encircling circle, isolating other people from outside.

“Time, Reversal——-”

As he chanted, the picture in the circle began to blur. Everyone couldn’t see what was inside, but they could feel the terrifying power.

Xia Chang Tian and his group had witnessed Wu Lingyu use the power of time before. It was outside of Fair Eastern City when Sima You Yue was being struck by lightning and couldn’t hold on any longer. He froze time around her which gave her strength to let her hold on.

Unexpectedly, he already advanced to this point after not seeing him for decades.

A white light shot from the circle, penetrating heaven and earth, breaking the cycle of reincarnation.

“This is the light from Sima You Yue’s exploding.” Xia Chang Tian exclaimed. The others also reacted and looked at Wu Lingyu admiringly.

He could actually reverse time!

Even if it was only a small area, it was a cheat!

When the light dissipated, everyone took a deep breath when they saw the situation inside.

Before inside the circle, Sima You Yue was floating in the air with broken limbs, flesh and blood. Now she was floating in the air intact.

Although Wu Lingyu exhausted his spirit power, a smile finally appeared from his mouth when he saw Sima You Yue regained her previous appearance. But the smile did not last more than a few seconds before disappearing.

“Why is it like this?!”

He caught Sima You Yue. Her eyes were closed with a gray face. There were no vital signs at all!

She still did not come back alive!

“Why? I obviously reversed time. Why did she not come back alive?!” He panicked. If this was not possible, how could she be able to resurrect?


In his anxiety, blood gushed up and he spouted a mouthful of blood and fell from the sky holding Sima You Yue.

“Master!” Tang Yun and Hong Wei flew up together, dragged him with spirit power, so that he landed steadily.

“Lingyu, are you alright?” Xia Chang Tian and them knew of his relationship with Sima You Yue. They were worried about him when they saw his appearance.

Sima You Yue died. They couldn’t accept it, let alone him.

Wu Lingyu looked at Sima You Yue’s face, ignoring the concern of the other people around him. He couldn’t even hear what they were saying. He was filled with self-blame and grief. He was thinking about what he should do.

“There must be a way to save you, there must be a way!” He poured his spirit power into her body, but that spirit power seemed to be entering a bottomless pit with no effect at all.

“Master, don’t be like this. This way is useless.” Tang Yun saw Wu Lingyu’s crazy appearance and tried to persuade him.

However, Wu Lingyu didn’t even look at him. He kept watching Sima You yue as he poured spirit power into her body.

“Little Roar! Thousand Resonance!” Little Lucky noticed that vitality of Little Roar and Thousand Resonance was dissipating and rushed over.

Contract beast, once the master died, their beast would die.

“Little Roar! Thousand Resonance! Don’t die!” The news hit them. He shouted to Supreme Fifth Spirit Senior, “Father, save Yue Yue, save Little Roar and them!”

Supreme Fifth Spirit Senior came beside Little Roar and Thousand Resonance. He injected spirit power into each with each hand.

She would not die. Her spirit beasts would also not die.

He would not allow it!

Ten thousand years ago, he couldn’t do anything. After a hundred millions of years, would he experience the same thing?

“Father, You Yue mother…” Little Lucky cried. His eyes were desperate.

“She will not die.” Supreme Fifth Spirit Senior said. “We will find a way to save her.”

Wu Lingyu exhausted his spirit power. Sima You Yue still had no reaction. The vitality of Little Roar and Thousand Resonance was also rapidly disappearing. Supreme Fifth Spirit Senior could not stop it.

“It’s alright. It’s not too late…..”

A sound transmitted from the air, and a space tunnel opened. Everyone saw Yin Lin, Little Helper and Feng Ru Yan walking out. The words just now were said by Yin Lin.


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