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Chapter 1729: War Begins (1)

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Sima You Yue’s hands shook unconsciously when she heard Little Roar’s voice.

Godfather? When did this guy accept Supreme Fifth Spirit Senior as his godfather?!

Supreme Fifth Spirit Senior treated Little Roar more preferentially and was not angry.

“What?” He flew over to Little Roar and caught him, throwing him onto his shoulder.

“My Yue Yue said these people were deceived. They didn’t know that from the start the meeting was aimed at ancient spirit beasts. They deserve to die if they are tempted. It’s better to solve it amicably, so spare them. I believe they won’t do such a dumb thing again in the future.”

Supreme Fifth Spirit Senior frowned. Little Roar continued, “My Yue Yue said that the ancient spirit beasts are not a bloodthirsty race. We can’t let them misunderstand you.”

As he talked, he grabbed his clothes acting like a child.

Supreme Fifth Spirit Senior silently glanced at Sima You Yue. Sima You Yue nodded slightly, indicating that was what she meant.

Although the people of Sage Pavilion were stopped, there were still the black robed men under Qiu Chi. When these people appeared, it would be a fight to the death. Today’s group included thousands of first rate and second rate forces. If these people were to be beheaded by the Supreme Fifth Spirit Senior today, the broken alliance would recombine in another form. When the ancient spirit beasts were cornered and helpless, jointly intercepted by the entire continent, the ancient spirit beasts would fall into a huge crisis.

It was not Supreme Fifth Spirit Elder did not understand this truth, but today’s matter was an act of provocation against the ancient spirit beasts. His initial thought was to kill them all. But since Sima You Yue had said so, then he would give her face. In this way, these people today owe Sima You Yue’s grace.

“Since You Yue said so, I’ll let you go alive. If there is a second time, I’ll kill you!”

When these people heard his words, they walked out one after another. They met the people from the Guilds League who were guarding the gate. The latter looked back at Xia Chang Tian and the others.

“I heard you wanted to go against the Sima Clan? I didn’t expect You Yue to save you all?” Xia Chang Tian siad contemptuously and waved to the guards. “We are here to find Qiu Chi to settle today’s account, not them. Supreme Fifth Spirit Senior will not pursue the matter anymore, what are you doing, let them go.”

The guards stepped aside. The people left embarrassingly, but they did not go far. Instead they chose to observe the situation from a safe distance.

They all have a thought in their heat: Sage Pavilion was about to be finished…..

Soon, the only people left in the venue were from Sage Pavilion and Xuan Qiu Clan. Xia Chang Tian intervened, “Where are the black robed men? If you don’t call them out, I’m afraid you’ll stand no chance.”

Qiu Chi didn’t pretend anymore and took out a signal flare and lit it. Soon, many people in black quickly gathered around the ancient spirit beasts. Every one of them was a force to reckon with.

“You want to die; how can we not satisfy your wishes?” Qiu Chi sneered.

“I heard your Sage Pavilion has a special spirit skill that can use the power of faith. Let me fight you.” Supreme Fifth Spirit Senior never liked to talk nonsense and directly attacked Qiu Chi.

Qiu Chi greeted him and the two flew into the air to fight. This sounded the clarion call for battle. The Guilds League, black robed men, and the ancient spirit beasts all started fighting. The entire Saint City was plunged into a war.

Tang Yun did not join the battle, but pulled Sima You Yue along and quickly left the battle area.

“Don’t go participate in those people’s battles.” Tang Yun urged. “Just watch from here. Hong Wei, stay here and protect her.”

Hong Wei suddenly appeared. She looked at Sime You Yue awkwardly as before.

“Brother, are you going to fight?”

“I have things to do.” Tang Yun replied. “Remember, do not leave You Yue’s side, understand?”

Sima You Yue grabbed him. “What are you going to do?”

“I sneaked in here, naturally I have something to do.” Tang Yu said. “It’s safe here. You stay here and don’t leave, understand?”

He pulled his hand back and disappeared from their sight.

The two fell into a short silence.

“That….” In the end, Hong Wei spoke first. “I’m sorry about what happened last time. I didn’t know you were Master’s woman. I hope you don’t forgive me for offending you.”

“Then what is it? The fake Holy Son is interested in me?” Sima You Yue understood her. She was just jealous, so it implicated her.

“I don’t know at that time. Don’t tell Master. I don’t want to be thrown into the stinky ditch anymore.” Hong Wei murmured.

“Thrown into a stinky ditch?”

“When I was in the Devil Realm! At that time, I didn’t know that he was Master so I went up and flirted with him. In the end I was thrown into a stinky ditch. If it wasn’t for my brother’s sake, I would be dead.” She made a motion of swiping her hand across her neck.

Sima You Yue was amused by her actions. So it seemed that this girl was quite straightforward. She didn’t expect Wu Lingyu to do such a thing.

Thinking of Wu Lingyu, she suddenly recalled Sage Pavilion’s divine medicine and said to Hong Wei, “Stay here, I will come back soon.”

“Where are you going?”

“I’m going to find something.”

“I’ll go with you! My brother has ordered me to not leave your side.” Hong Wei hurried to catch up and left with her.

Sage Pavilion’s medicine pavilion was a place that Zong Zheng Han Yue never been in but passed by several times. Sima You Yue found the medicine pavilion according to her memory.

The people in the medicine pavilion were dealt with. She didn’t know how Tang Yun did it. This method was heavenly to be able to poison the entire Sage Pavilion.

The two went all the way. Along the way, they saw people lying on the ground. Many of them holding herbs in their hands. However, their divine sense was still sober. When they saw them, their eyes widened.

Sima You Yue walked over and picked up a medicine boy. “Where is the Phoenix Nirvana?”

“It was you…. The mole!” The medicine boy glared at Sima You Yue bitterly. “Holy Daughter, why…”

Before he finished speaking, a long sword stabbed from the side, directly piercing his heart.

Sima You Yue turned to look at Hong Wei who drew out the sword. “He had something in his hand.”

Sima You Yue checked and there was a small black thing in his hand, either he was trying to send a message or to assassinate her.

“Thank you.” She nodded gratefully. She sent her divine sense into the medicine boy’s consciousness and knew where the divine medicine was.

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