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Chapter 1728: Godfather, wait

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Gu Qing, who was on the floor, began to struggle uncomfortably on the group. It was as if she was being restrained.

“Pavilion Master Gu, we have already fulfilled our promise to take you back to your pavilion. Right now, you can tell everyone the truth.” Xiang Yang walked over to her and said.

Gu Qing opened his eyes and looked at her, “What are you talking about?”

“Doesn’t the Sage Pavilion have something to do with the black robed men?” Xiang Yang asked.

“Yes.” Gu Qing replied.

“What do they have to do with it?”

“I don’t know much either.”

“Then tell me what you know.”

“The hunting plan. I only know about the hunting plan.”

“What is the hunting plan?”

“We will go to various parts of the continent and select a few women. Then, we will send these women to a predetermined location where the black men will take them away.” Gu Qing’s words resulted in an uproar. Many were completely stunned by this situation.

“What else?”

“The hunting plan failed this time. The women were all rescued. The Great Holy Daughter was extremely angry and got me to find out who was the one behind it. For this incident, your Holy Daughter will know the most about it.”

“Pavilion Master Qiu, is he speaking the truth? Does the Sage Pavilion really have something to do with the black robed men?” Someone jumped out and demanded an answer. Seeing how urgently he spoke, it seemed like he had faced quite a bit of loss as a result of dealing with the black robed men.

“She is merely a branch pavilion master. Her words do not serve as evidence at all. Who knows whether or not the Guild League has done anything to her?” Tang Yun stood up and said, “How could we possibly believe those words!”

“Not to be trusted? Get your Holy Daughter to testify whether or not that is true.” Fang Ming said.

“Actually, there’s no need to go through so much trouble.” Little Roar muttered this from beside Xia Chang Tian’s ear. Xia Chang Tian beamed as he replied, “Pavilion Master Qiu, as long as you swear that you know nothing about the black robed men, and that the Sage Pavilion does not have anything to do with them, we can settle this issue.”

“Presumptuous! Our Pavilion Master has such a high standing, how could we do something like that!”

“Then let your Holy Daugher swear it. Swear that she doesn’t know anything about the black robed men and that she didn’t get Gu Qing to hunt those people down.” Xia Chang Tian looked at Sima You Yue, “This request isn’t too much, right? We have already compromised. If you still continue to evade this, then…”

Everyone’s gaze landed on Sima You Yue, giving her additional pressure. She raised her head and looked at them before finally looking at Qiu Chi.

“Great Holy Daughter, swear it.” The Guild League continued to goad.

“I… I can’t!” She grit her teeth and shook her head nonstop, “I can’t, I don’t want to go to hell!”


When they heard what she said, the entire place fell into an uproar. Everyone started to talk over each other.

The Sage Pavilion really had something to do with the black robed men!

Qiu Chi looked at the people below. When the people from the Pill Association came here, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to hide this. If it were the average power, he would have been able to deal with it directly. However, since the Pill Association had a relationship with these powers, he would not be able to stop them.

Why would those from the Pill Association come here without any news? How did they know about the issue with the black robed men, and even bring that person from the Sage Pavilion?

Step by step, they were beginning to be dragged into their hands.

“President Xia, you said before that you still wanted an explanation from my Xua Qiu Clan. what do you mean by that?”

“What else could I mean? Of course, that the Xuan Qiu Clan also has a hand in the issues regarding the black robed men.” Xia Chang Tian said, “Young Master Xuan Qiu, the last time we met, you were still unable to walk and see. Your body has recovered greatly recently.”

Eh? Was he reminiscing about former times?”

“You Yue healed your body, but you guys actually sent black robed men to her great grandfather’s birthday celebration to kill them. You Yue said that you are her friend, but this is how you repay her?’

Xuan Qiu He subconsciously looked at Sima You Yue. he looked at her unfamiliar face and saw her questioning gaze and replied, “I didn’t. I didn’t know about this at all.”

“What do you not know? Did you not know about the issue with the black robed men or did you not know about them going to kill You Yue and the others?”

“The Xuan Qiu Clan did not participate in the issue regarding the black robed men at all.” Xuan Qiu He said confidently, “If you don’t believe me, I can swear it. I can swear that my Xuan Qiu Clan…”

“Young Master, you can’t!” Xuan Qiu Chi, who was standing by the side, did not let him swear it.

“Elder Zhi…” Xuan Qiu He looked at Xuan Qiu Chi with disbelief, “Could it be…”

“Young Master, you cannot swear it!” Xuan Qiu Chi pulled on his hand. When he saw him questioning gaze, his expression was a little mournful, “Young Master, you can’t…”

How could Xuan Qiu He not understand it? He placed his hand down gently and looked at Sima You Yue. He opened his mouth, but found that he couldn’t say a word.

It turned out that the clan really had something to do with the black robed men. They really had done something so cruel, they really… had tried to kill the entire Sima Clan.

There was no surprise in her eyes, neither was there surprise. She… knew long ago.

Then what else could he say to her? That he didn’t know at all? Even if he didn’t know, that didn’t change the fact that it was something the Xuan Qiu Clan had done.

Sima You Yue saw the hurt and self reproach in his eyes and wanted to tell him that she was actually very happy. At the very least, she did not judge him wrongly. She didn’t place her trust in him in error either. However, the situation did not allow her to act suspiciously. Otherwise, if Qiu Chi wanted to do anything to her, she wouldn’t be able to resist.

“Alright. The truth is revealed.” Xia Chang Tian said, “Qiu Chi, right now, we should be able to collect our debt.”

“Since you insist on seeking death, how could I not satisfy you? Men!” Qiu Chi immediately dropped his previously gentle appearance and kept away the smile on his face, revealing an ice-cold chill. Sima You Yue, who was standing beside him, could immediately feel the temperature around her drop by a few degrees.

“There’s no need for you to call for them. Your Sage Pavilion men have all been poisoned. Apart from those here, you no longer have any backup.” Fang Ming said.

“How is that possible!!” Those from the Sage Pavilion didn’t believe them. There were so many of them from the Sage Pavilion. How could they all have fallen?

“Doesn’t your Sage Pavilion need to eat a type of medicine every month….” Fang Ming didn’t need to finish his sentence for everyone to understand.

Those from the Guild League had tampered with the pills. After eating the pills, they had lost all ability to fight.

“How is that possible! Those pills are distributed internally. How could… could we have a spy amongst us?!”

“Not only that, but the person must be of a high position too.” Qiu Chi’s gaze landed on Sima You Yue, thinking about how she had been at the cliff doing self reflection, and stopped suspecting her immediately.

“Are you done talking?” Supreme Fifth Spirit Senior, who was watching the show play out from the air, spoke, “Then is it my turn now?”

After speaking, he glanced at those on site and the murderous intent in his eyes was obvious.

These people had dared to come to discuss how to defeat them. In this case, they couldn’t blame him for massacring them here now!

Those people were dying with regret. Why did they promise to attend this gathering? They had obviously been tricked!

“Godfather, wait!” Little Roar suddenly spoke and stopped Supreme Fifth Spirit Senior, who was about to act.

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