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Chapter 1723: I’m here to restrain you

Little Seven saw Sima You Yue walk over and she waved to her in all smiles while she was chatting.

“Yue Yue, why are you here?”

“I’m here to check on Elder White’s condition and ask if he wants to seek revenge.” Sima You Yue said.

“Revenge?” Elder White was shocked, showing that he had never thought of that.

“Yes. Although the one that trapped you is dead, all the generations of Sage Pavilion knew of your existence but never thought of letting you go even once. Instead they plundered from you, making you weak. Don’t you want revenge?” Sima You Yue said.

“Revenge, of course we must take revenge.” Little Seven continued, “They made Grandfather White suffer so much, how can we not take revenge?!”

“But I know Sage Pavilion’s strength. With my current power, it’ll be tough to go against them. And I don’t want to hurt the innocents.” Elder White was more benevolent.

“Or maybe they didn’t do anything to you, but after so many years, Sage Pavilion did a lot of bad things under all kinds of guises, not many of them are really innocent.” Sima You Yue said.

“I want to seek revenge from their Pavilion Master. Because for all the generations, only the Pavilion Master knew of my existence. But with my strength now, I can’t fight him.” Elder White continued, “We’ll talk about revenge later.”

“As long as Elder White gives it a thought.” Sima You Yue continued, “We’re preparing to fight with Sage Pavilion so I came in to ask.”

“Mm.” Elder White was grateful to how thoughtful Sima You Yue was, “Your spirit hasn’t been stable recently, these are some of the leftover essence, use it.”

As he spoke, a tree branch bent down with a few drops of white fluid on the leaf.

“Elder White, how can I take your essence when you’re not in a good condition.” Sima You Yue rejected him.

“You saved me and gave me such a good environment to recuperate, this is nothing much. Just take it.” Elder White said.

Seeing that she wanted to reject him again, Elder White said, “The power in your body is getting harder to control, and your spirit is affected as well. Although your Spirit Fluid can increase your spirit’s power, it can’t strengthen it. With this, your spirit in the body will become stabilized. Don’t reject it, you need it now.”

Sima You Yue didn’t expect that Elder White could see her condition so clearly so she could only accept his gift.

She opened her mouth and dripped that few drops of milky white fluid into her mouth. After swallowing it, she felt that her body was relieved, every pore of her body seemed to be breathing as if it went back to its parent’s body.

She sat there and absorbed all the essence, and felt that her spirit energy became much stronger and stable. Even the discomfort from using a little faith energy was gone.

She breathed out and opened her eyes and became more conscious.

She got up and bowed in greeting to Elder White and said gratefully, “Thank you, Elder White, for the gift.”

As Elder White didn’t want revenge now, she didn’t want to interrupt them reminiscing and left Spirit Pagoda.

She could contact outsiders from the bottom of the cliff and would be able to know the situation outside, which she was unable to when she was in Spirit Pagoda. So she had to stay there even though she had nothing to do at the bottom of the cliff.

With that, the news spread everywhere. Little Roar, the guilds, Tang Yun and the scarlet bees that she left outside spread it. Her news was the most complete, even Qiu Zhi might not know more than her.

A day before the convention, Qiu Zhi came to the bottom of the cliff on his own. Seeing Sima You Yue carrying Blacky and shivering with cold, he asked, “Do you know what you did wrong?”

“This subordinate knows.” Sima You Yue admitted obediently.

“Since you know, then go up.” Qiu Zhi gripped her hand and flew to the cliff as his spiritual energy was not restrained at all.

She glanced at Qiu Zhi, could his spiritual energy be different from others? Similar to her Ghost aura.

“What are you thinking about?” Qiu Zhi asked.

“Pavilion Master, it seems like you’re not affected down there.” Sima You Yue said softly as she acted like she was fearful of him.

Qiu Zhi was satisfied with her response now as it seemed like she didn’t stay down there in vain. “The white smoke below only restrains spiritual energy but it doesn’t restrain other powers. I’m only using Faith below.”

“You can use Faith like this?” Sima You Yue was surprised, she wondered how strong his Faith could be!

Seeing how shocked she was, he laughed while patting her shoulder and said, “Your power isn’t enough for that now, you can do that when you have enough Faith in your body.”


“Of course. You have to know that our Faith can restrain any spiritual energy, any defense that is fixed by Faith can’t be destroyed by any Spiritual Energy.”

Sima You Yue widened her eyes, was Faith that mystical?

“Then there wouldn’t be a battle where the Pavilion Master would lose! No matter how powerful those people are, they can’t match up to Pavilion Master!

Wouldn’t Sage Pavilion’s strength be number one if all our Clan members knew about this.”

“Hahaha——” Qiu Zhi laughed, “Wouldn’t it be easily suppressed by others if it’s that easy? Faith is accumulated bit by bit. It’s hard if you want to be like me. Even if it’s for me, I wouldn’t be able to make it if it wasn’t for your help the other time.”

Sima You Yue was shocked, her help? She didn’t see that memory from Zong Zheng Han Yue’s mind! Was Qiu Zhi mistaken?


She noticed an empty place in Zong Zheng Han Yue’s memories, those were the sealed memories. Did Qiu Chi do that?

Just as she thought, the way Qiu Zhi treated Zong Zheng Han Yue was odd, how could she become Holy Daughter of Sage Pavilion with her status and even came himself to fetch her. Wondered what happened between the both of them.

“Nothing else can restrain us as long as we can cultivate Faith?”

If that was the case, her plan would have to change.

“It’s not that, just that it doesn’t exist.” Qiu Zhi said.

“It doesn’t exist?”

“That’s right. You know, the energy of Faith came from outside, so it’s not purely the energy of Faith. So the only thing that can restrain us is the pure energy of Faith. But such energy of Faith doesn’t exist in the world.” Qiu Zhi continued, “Go and cultivate till the energy of Faith is enough for you then I’ll teach you how to use it.”

“Thank you, Pavilion Master.”

Sima You Yue lowered her head, concealing the emotions from her eyes.

Now that she felt that Sage Pavilion’s prediction might be true, she was the one that could restrain them!

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