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Chapter 1719: Refrain from acting against evil to protect the innocent

After Qing Yi and Little Seven explained, Sima You Yue finally understood why the Tree of Souls was imprisoned here and why they were so anxious.

It turned out that the Tree of Souls was free like they were in the past, but ten thousand years ago, some people had plotted against him and used a seal on the ground all around this palace, trapping him inside here.

Being unable to leave this soil wasn’t a big deal for vegetative beasts, but the seal was a dark type. It slowly stripped the soil of nutrients and the Tree of Souls was no longer able to receive any nutrients.

Also, the dark energy on the seal was even eroding the inner body of the Tree of Souls, sapping it of its strength.

“Why? If Elder White dies, then the Sage Pavilion would no longer be able to obtain another power, right?” Sima You Yue asked.

“Because this is the only type of seal that can trap Elder White. Based on Elder White’s strength, a few tens of thousands of years would be needed before he dies. They would be rich within those few tens of thousands of years!” Qing Yi said, “Also, look at the people from the Sage Pavilion. The power of their soul has compatibility with the average person, which is all due to Elder White’s efforts.”

“So you’re saying that, while trapping Elder white, they’re also exploiting Elder White’s strength? It’s no wonder that the Sage Pavilion has been growing so shamelessly.” Sima You Yue sneered, her disdain for the Sage Pavilion growing.

“Yue Yue, Grandfather White is growing weaker. If he continues to remain here, he will die in a few years. Qing Yi and I cannot do anything, so we can only depend on you.” Little Seven said.

Sima You Yue did not know why Little Seven and Qing Yi were unable to do anything, but after investigating the situation here, she came to an understanding.

The seal below was completely made of dark spirit stones. These types of spirit stones were hard to obtain. Although every single one was filled with dense spirit energy, very few people dared to use them. That was because the spirit energy was of the dark fire attribute, and most people were unable to absorb it.

As for dark fire attributes, they were like arsenic for divine trees like Qing Yi and Elder White. If they touched it even a little bit, it would bring them much pain.

They used dark spirit stones to form their seal, no wonder Elder White was trapped for so many years.

After examining the situation around them, she had even more respect for Elder White.

“The vegetation can no longer survive here. They have no ability to stand up against the energy of the dark spirit stones. However, Elder White has been using his own power to absorb all of the energy from the dark spirit stones into his roots to ensure the other vegetation can survive.”

“Yue Yue, how is it? Can you break the seal?” Little Seven looked at Sima You Yue eagerly.

“It’s a little difficult, but it’s not like I have no way to deal with it.” Sima You Yue’s expression was solemn, “The seal is rather complex, but the good thing is that many years have passed, so its power has also weakened.”

“If the seal’s power disappears, will Grandfather White be okay?” Little Seven asked.

“No, once the seal reaches its end, it will exterminate the creature that it seals.” Sima You Yue said.

“Then we have to get rid of it before it runs out of power. I’ll leave it to you.” Qing Yi looked at Sima You Yue. He did not speak any pleasantries, but his words were heavy.

“Relax, just leave this to me. The dark energy is useless against me.” Sima You Yue said, “However, before that, we have to get rid of the vegetation here. Otherwise, when the energy explodes outwards, they won’t be able to handle it.”

“Leave that to us.” Qing Yi said.

“Alright.” Sima You Yue began to move the soil. Once the soil surrounding Elder White was all moved away, a dark pit finally appeared. Elder White’s roots were in the middle of the pit, intertwined with some of the dark spirit stones while those dark spirit stones had some spirit energy pulling at it, surrounding the roots in the centre.

“It really is complex.” She looked at those dark spirit stones and wondered which one she should start with. Little Seven left Qing Yi alone to move the vegetation as she ran to Sima You Yue’s side. She saw that she was zoning out as she looked at those black stones.

Yue Yue, do you not know how to deal with this?” Little Seven asked.

Sima You Yue pointed at one of those dark spirit stones, “This should be the key to the entire seal. If you break this, you will have completed half of it.”

“You have worries about what happens next?”

Sima You Yue nodded, “Half of these things have grown into Elder White’s roots. If I get rid of those dark stones, it will harm Elder White. I am not familiar with Elder White, and have never encountered something like this before, so I don’t know what the outcome will be. I don’t know whether or not Elder White will be able to hold on either, so I cannot act rashly.”

“No problem. In any case, the outcome will not be worse than before. Just do as you were thinking of doing before. You do not need to think too much about anything else.” Elder White comforted her.

“But what happens if…”

“If anything happens, then that is my fate. No matter what, it is better than remaining here.”

Imprisoned here without freedom, having to battle with the dark energy everyday. This kind of life made it hard for him to continue on much longer. If he was exterminated, it was still better than his current state.

“Yue Yue, Grandfather White is in pain, but I don’t want Grandfather White to disappear.” LIttle Seven looked tearfully at her.

Sima You Yue patted her head, saying, “I will not let Grandfather White disappear. To get rid of this seal, there should be more than one way. We also have time, so let me do more research and find out another way. If there really isn’t one, then we’ll just try this way.”


“These stones will harm you. Wait for me up here. I’m going down to take a look.” Sima You Yue said as she flew down into the huge pit. She landed amongst Elder White’s roots.

“You Yue, do you want to let MI Er try?” Little Seven suggested from up there, “Mi Er is so powerful and came out from a stone as well. He might know how to deal with these stones.”

Sima You Yue agreed when she thought about it, so she called out Mi Er. Mir Er looked at those stones and shook his head, saying, “The spirit energy comes from inside the stones. If you want me to break them apart, it will be easy. However, it won’t work if you want to research them.”

So that meant that, if she wanted him to confirm that Elder White would not be harmed, he couldn’t do it.

Sima You Yue was rather disappointed. She thought that Mi Er would be able to do it. She didn’t expect that he wouldn’t be able to.

“If I want to get rid of the seal, I’ll first have to find a way to get rid of the power in these stones. The moment I move the stone, the spirit energy will definitely rebound.” She furrowed her eyebrows. If she did this, she might harm Elder White.

“These stones, if they weren’t dark fire attributed, I would destroy one with every punch.” Little Seven pursed her lips, extremely upset.

“Why don’t we let Blacky try?” If you were to mention someone that Mi Er was afraid of, that would only be Blacky. He couldn’t do it, but maybe Blacky could.

Sima You Yue recalled Blacky’s identity. He might really have a way to deal with these stones. Although he looked like a useless thing now, he might be able to deal with this!

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