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Chapter 1710: Cannot die for the moment

With this punch, Sima You Yue had exhausted her strength. Everyone felt that her fist carried infinite power as if to destroy the world.

The punch collided with the spirit power condensed white bird. There was no sound, but everyone could see the white bird crack and dissipate.

“How is this possible! I have blessed it with the power of faith. How could you counter it!” Zong Zheng Han Yue thought this was his special ability and could be used to deal with Sima You Yue. She didn’t expect that none of her abilities would work.

“Do you think that only you have the power of faith?” Sima You Yue blew on her fists. “Although I don’t know what method you used to increase your strength so quickly, since you used a secret method, you don’t have the pure power of faith like mine. You are far behind.”

“How is it possible?! How could you have the power of faith.” Zong Zheng Han Yue didn’t dare to believe it. Her expression became savage.

“How can it not be possible? Isn’t it this?” Sima You Yue released her power of faith. For a moment, she looked as if she was holy.

Zong Zheng Han Yue was stunned as she continued to utter the impossible.

Sima You Yue’s power of faith was holy and pure. Compared to her, her power of faith was the difference between a genuine product versus a fake.

Sima You Yue watched Zong Zheng Han Yue get hit. A smile appeared on the corner of her lips.

Since young, she had always wanted to compete with her. One of the reasons she hurt her at the beginning was that she was not as good as her and was jealous. Now, Sima You Yue wanted to break her pride little by little and have her stay underneath her forever!

“You Yue, don’t kill her now.” Third Mo suddenly started.

Sima You Yue did not know why Third Mo interceded her. Because she trusted him, she nodded.

Zong Zheng Han Yue was worthy of being the Holy Daughter of Sage Pavilion. Her determination was much firmer than others. Although she was dealt with a big blow, she quickly recovered.

“We don’t know who will lose and win!”

She called out and condensed fire attribute spirit power into a large red bird. Sima You Yue chuckled lightly and directly condensed a flaming knife, which divided her bird in two.

Zong Zheng Han Yue saw her spirit abilities were easily broken by her. She condensed water attribute spirit power and a water column from the sky poured down on Sima You Yue’s flaming knife. But Sima You Yue took the initiative to disperse her flame knife and condensed a water whip, wrapping around Zong Zheng Han Yue’s waist.

Zong Zheng Han Yue was surprised that Sima You Yue also has these attributes. The latter smiled at her.

Seeing her smile, she panicked. Based on what she knew of Sima You Yue, her smiling meant that the other had the chance of winning.

Sure enough, she grabbed the water whip with one hand and condensed thunder attribute spirit power with the other hand. And then…

There was no more.

Even after Zong Zheng Han Yue fell to the ground, she still hadn’t figured out why she lost so easily. What of the battle sjhe envisioned. What about her thrashing Sima You Yue countless times? Why was the ending like this? In front of her, it could be said that she had no way to fight back.

She obviously… obviously had many spirit skills to use; she obviously had more methods to use. How could she lose so easily?

Sima You Yue descended beside her. She looked at her glaring eyes that could easily pretend innocence held disbelief. “Do you feel reluctant?”

Zong Zheng Han Yue rolled her eyes with difficulty as if trying to see her clearly.

“Actually, there is nothing to be reluctant about. Do you think you can beat me this time because you did last time?” Sima You Yue guessed her thoughts. “Last time you used my trust as a loophole to kill me. But, this time is different. You no longer have my trust and no longer understand me. But I know your abilities, your strength, and what you have learned. I know what you did and when you were in close cultivation.”

Zong Zheng Han Yues pupils dilated trying to say it was impossible. Sima You Yue’s appearance was completely different. She was certain, and she knew.

“Want to say impossible?” Sima You Yue squatted down. “You have chosen to become a master of people. You should know your actions are no longer a secret. As long as I have the intention, what can’t be done? I can bribe a few people, and I can know everything about you.”


“Do you think I will end my revenge just by destroying Zong Zheng Clan? How can I relax my vigilance after killing you? Know myself and the enemy.”

At this time, Third Mo and Si Yue came over. Sima You Yue stood up. “Rascal Third, why do you want to keep her? You know my thoughts.”

“We found something wrong recently. We might be able to investigate something if we keep her.” Third Mo answered.

“What things?” Sima You Yue asked.

“Black robed men.”

Sima You Yeu took a deep breath. “Do you suspect that it is related to the Sage Pavilion?”

“I didn’t think so before. It shouldn’t be a coincidence that these captured women are here. The black robed men appeared nearby again recently. This woman is also involved in the matter again. This is my speculation. I don’t have any evidence yet.” Third Mo said.

Sima You Yue was silent for a while. “Speaking of which, she really can’t be killed. Since she is the Holy Daughter of the Sage Pavilion and manipulates the kidnapping of women behind. Maybe she really knows something. Let me see if I can find anything useful.”

Zong Zheng Han Yue was already injured. She was hit again by Sima You Yue. When her spirit became weak, Sima You Yue quickly entered her consciousness and attained a lot of useful information.

“How is it?” Si Yue asked.

Sima You Yue sighed and reluctantly said, “It seems we can’t kill her for the time being.”

“Is the Sage Pavilion behind those black robed men?”

“Whether it is or not, is not clear. She knows the black robed men are connected to Sage Pavilion. These women are prepared for the black robed men.” Sima You Yue replied. “She never had direct contact with them.”

“Do you have plans to keep her?” Third Mo asked.

“You know me.” Sima You Yue stuffed a pill in Zong Zheng Han Yue’s mouth to save her life and continued, “She came this time to get in touch with black robed men. She will be able to meet with the black robed men. Then maybe she can find out something. If she dies, her life token would be broken and the Sage Pavilion will know. Then the plan won’t work.”

“Then let her live for two more days!” Ximen Li said reluctantly.

“What about these women?” Si Yue pointed to the group of women who came out of the room to watch the bustle.

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