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Chapter 1709: Sima You Yue vs Zong Zheng Han Yue

Zong Zheng Han Yue came out from the house and ordered the guards in the courtyard, “Get them, it doesn’t matter as long as they’re still breathing.”

With that said, this meant that she didn’t care if they were injured or disabled.

Si Yue squeezed Little Roar into Ximen Li’s embrace, “You can protect her, right?”

Little Roar nodded. His spirit barrier could last for a while but not for long.


The guy who was slapped by Si Yue waved his hand as the guards came attacking them. Si Yue took out a long black whip, coiled it around one of their necks and pulled it so that his neck split from the body.

“Psssst——” Little Roar covered its eyes and roared, “Lady, can you don’t be so ruthless?”

“At this point of time, who cares whether it’s ruthless or not?” Si Yue’s whip flung around endlessly as the guards drew away before they could use their spirit skills.

Ximen Li thought Si Yue was a little ruthless as well, but she decided to shut up as she thought of the current situation and covered Little Roar’s mouth as well.

“Dark spirit energy, you’re a Dark Spirit Master!”

The guards screamed, no wonder she was so ruthless in her battle!

“Few of you, go!” The guard called a few of them as those were stronger ones. With a few of them against Si Yue alone, it felt a little tiring for her.

“Where did Third Mo go!” She mumbled in her heart. She wouldn’t be able to hold on if this went on. Just when she was about to call for backup, a guard finally ran in and saw Si Yue who was surrounded, especially when he saw how she was hit by spiritual energy. His heart tightened and sped to her side as he materialised spiritual energy and attacked those guys.

“How are you?” He stood beside her as he kept the attacks out.

“Why did you only come now, you might see my skeleton if you came any later.” Si Yue said as she pouted.

“I went to get some antidote.” Third Mo threw the antidote to Ximen Li, ignoring Si Yue’s little grievance and started fighting again.

Si Yue knew it wasn’t the time to throw a tantrum as well, so she got up from the ground and started fighting again. Now that Third Mo was here, it wasn’t good to call for her back as Third Mo would definitely get angry at her.

Ximen Li ate the antidote and she felt the lifeless spiritual energy slowly recover and she felt much better.

After her spiritual energy recovered, she joined in the fight. Afterall, she was younger and didn’t have Sima You Yue’s experience. Even with Little Dough’s support, it couldn’t be compared with those powers that they acquired over age.

Fortunately, she had Little Roar. Little Roar had an incomparable talent for spirit barriers, it blocked quite a few blows from the attack and she didn’t have many injuries.

In the beginning Zong Zheng Han Yue just watched from the side. After seeing Ximen Li use up her energy, she then kept her protective array and attacked towards Ximen Li.

“Wow wow wow, this woman here, it’s alright if you’re ugly, but your character is so bad with so many motives, how dare you sneak attack!” Little Roar sensed the danger and set up a spirit barrier in time to protect Ximen Li from critical injuries.

She turned around and confronted Zong Zheng Han Yue.

“Little Roar, you’re wrong, sneak attacks are her style. She can’t do anything else other than sneak attacks.” Ximen Li told Little Roar, her words dripping with sarcasm.

“You’re the same as your Elder Sister. You’re both superior in talking. Just wait till I catch you, you’ll then understand, this… is all useless!” Zong Zheng Han Yue spoke as she formed seals quickly with her hands. Spiritual energy quickly materialised in between her hands as Ximen Li felt fear from that spiritual energy.

“I didn’t think that her power actually increased so much just in a few decades!” She was shocked deep down as she quickly called out for Little Dough, she would have to hand herself over today if it still didn’t wake up.

Little Roar was anxious as well and rushed, “Li’er Li’er, wake him up quickly! I don’t think I can hold on anymore!”

Ximen Li was anxious as well, but she couldn’t help it if Little Dough was unreliable, it wouldn’t wake up till the moment of death.

How? How!

Third Mo and Si Yue saw the situation but they were trapped by others and couldn’t leave.

Everyone had all kinds of thoughts. It didn’t matter if Si Yue had other back up because she wouldn’t be able to get them here in a few breaths.

When they saw the white ray of light that Zong Zheng Han Yue threw over, Little Roar shouted. His beautiful fur would be gone even if it didn’t die today. He covered his eyes thinking that he would be disfigured.

In the dazzle, he seemed to hear Yue Yue’s familiar criticizing voice, “You’re so embarrassing.”

He opened his eyes, he was still in his spirit barrier and it wasn’t broken, Ximen Li and it wasn’t injured either.

And in front of them, someone they yearned for so badly was standing there.

“Yue Yue, Yue Yue, you’re finally here.” He flew excitedly to Sima You Yue and teared up.

“You’re embarrassing.” Sima You Yue picked him up with disdain, “Can you make that action that you just did?”

“Ow, baby is afraid.” Little Roar didn’t care how Sima You Yue despised him. He flew in mid air while looking at her.

It was that familiar action and familiar feeling.

Zong Zheng Han Yue didn’t expect that Sima You Yue would rush here in time. Although it was their first time meeting, they weren’t strangers after all.

After Zong Zheng Clan was exterminated, the impression of Sima You Yue was deeply carved in her head!

“You’ve come even before I’ve gone looking for you.” Zong Zheng Han Yue spoke as if it was a long time.

“I really didn’t think that we’d meet again in this situation.” Sima You Yue threw Little Roar in Ximen Li’s embrace and confronted Zong Zheng Han Yue.

For the others, everyone stopped fighting when Sima You Yue came, while Third Mo and Si Yue went to her side.

“I didn’t think that you’d still be alive.” Zong Zheng Han Yue continued, “You’re protected by the Heavens, seeing that the Soul Light didn’t work on you.”

“Initially Zong Zheng Clan and Yin Yang Palace were exterminated but I kept thinking there was something not done yet. Now you’re the only one left.” Sima You Yue said.

“Today is the day we’ll end it all. I’d let you escape the other day, but I don’t believe you’ll be reborn again this time!”

“Today is the day where we should put an end to everything.” Sima You Yue opened up the Little Realm so Sima Clan and the guards could deal with the others while she and Zong Zheng Han Yue could fight.

Zong Zheng Han Yue quickly used her spirit skills. It was a huge white bird, but it was different from other forms of birds that were congealed by spiritual energy. This one looked more realistic and holy that made others want to worship it.

“Enough of your act.” Sima You Yue sneered, she didn’t use spiritual energy but leaped and attacked with one fist hitting the huge bird.

A pretentious Big Holy Bird? Let’s see how much you can put up an act!

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