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Chapter 1707: Everyone’s thoughts

Ximen Li was still bewildered while Si Yue ran over excitedly. She immediately grabbed onto Third Mo and said, “Third Mo, Third Mo, you came to save me, right?”

Third Mo furrowed his eyebrows and stretched out a hand to push her away, saying, “You didn’t get poisoned, so why didn’t you escape?”

Obviously, Si Yue wouldn’t dumbly tell him that she wanted to see if he would come and rescue her, so she said, “There are so many experts here, how could I defeat them?”

“You really can’t?” Third Mo looked at her with disbelief.

“Of course not. Look how many experts there are. I’m just one person.” Si Yue pulled on his sleeve, ignoring his attitude.

Third Mo seemed not to believe her, but he didn’t say anything else as he looked at Ximen Li and asked her, “Li’er, how did you get captured?”

Ximen Li initially wanted to continue watching them interact. Her curious eyes flitted between the both of them. She was wondering whether or not to step back when Third MO looked over.

She hurriedly kept away her curious expression and replied, “I was travelling around the central regions with Little Roar when I met that group of people. They didn’t say anything before capturing us.”

“How does your elder brother and the rest take care of you?” Third Mo’s expression was solemn. It was a good thing that those people didn’t kill her directly, otherwise, they would regret it deeply.

“That…” Ximen Li subconsciously poked at Little Roar with her finger.

Third Mo immediately understood as he looked at Little Roar, “He gave you the rotten idea to throw those guards off?”

“… Yes.” Ximen Li replied in a small voice. “I also felt like I wouldn’t be able to grow under their constant protection. When Big Sister travelled around, there was nobody protecting her either.”

“You… ” Third MO was incensed, “Is the situation now the same as before? The continent is in chaos and, based on your tiny bit of strength, you dare to travel on your own. Do you know that, because of those undead, how many people hate your elder sister to the core? If they capture you to threaten your elder sister or even kill you, what is your elder sister supposed to do? What if she puts herself in a dangerous position to save you or blames herself for your death forever?”

“I…” Ximen Li was stunned. Initially, she thought that she would be able to grow even quicker if she ventured out alone. However, she didn’t think so far away. “I’m sorry…”

“There’s no use in apologising to me. Be more aware next time, got it?” Third Mo lectured her and he really seemed like an elder brother.

Ximen Li felt uncomfortable in her heart. It had been many years since someone had lectured her. Her older brother and sister had carried all the enmities on their own shoulders and everyone always protected her. That was why she ended up with such a pure personality.

Sima You Yue had also realised that her personality was too pure, which was why she allowed her to travel around to become more street-smart. It was a good thing that she was only pure, instead of becoming arrogant and despotic under everyone’s pampering love.

She bit her lip. She knew that although Third Mo’s words were unpleasant to listen to, he wasn’t wrong at all. She couldn’t act like this anymore.

Si Yue saw Ximen Li lower her head as if she was hurting from doing something wrong. She pulled on the sleeve in her hands and said, “Alright, don’t scold Xi’er anymore. She was in the central regions so how was she supposed to know about the changes in the inner regions. Didn’t you come to save us? Why are you speaking so much?”

Third Mo glared at her, “My plans have to change. It’s not a problem to save just you, but if I bring her with us, it will be very difficult without alerting those people. I’ll have to come up with a new plan.”

“You don’t have to make any plans. Just tell us where we are. Once You Yue rushes over, with the both of you working together, are you afraid that you won’t be able to rescue us?” Si Yue said.

“You Yue is coming?”

“That’s right. Little Roar said that he contacted Sima You yue a few days ago, and she’s already in the Twentieth State. She just doesn’t know where this place is. That’s why she can only rush over based on the connection she has with Little Roar. If she knows where this place is, she’ll be able to come here quicker.” Si Yue said.

“Then I’ll go contact her.” Third Mo said.

“How troublesome would it be for you to get in contact with her. Just tell us where this is and get Little Roar to tell her. That will do, you’ll save time.”

Third Mo agreed. The sooner she came, the sooner they were safe.

Only now did Little Roar tell Sima You Yue that Si Yue was here. He also told her that Third Mo had come as well, and also told them where they were.

Only now did Sima You Yue know where they were. She was even more rest assured that Ximen Li would be safe now. She would not have been so confident if it were anyone else, but if it was Si Yue, that girl, she definitely wouldn’t sit down obediently and let them bully her.

When she first heard Little Roar tell her that Si Yue had been shut in here for two months, she found it strange. Based on this girl’s strength and background, how could she have been trapped for such a long time. Later on, she heard him say that Third Mo had come and she immediately understood, biting back an exasperated sigh.

“You didn’t tell me something so important? I’m going to deal with you once we’re back!”

Little Roar shrunk his neck back when he heard her threat, saying grievously, “It’s not that I didn’t want to tell you, but Si Yue threatened me. She said that she would burn off all my fur if I told you. Sob sob, Yue Yue, I’m so pitiful. I suffer under the torment of that woman every day and my days pass in darkness. I’m so terrified everyday. Sob sob, hurry and rescue me from this sea of fire…”

“I’ll rush over there now.” Sima You Yue couldn’t stand his whining and cut off their connection.

She told Sima Liu Xuan, “Father, An Lei, I’m going to set up a teleportation array to teleport there. You guys head into the spirit pagoda first.”

Because it was rather far, she had to set up an elaborate array. The less people the better.

Sima Liu Xuan and An Lei did not object. However, before they entered the spirit pagoda, Sima Liu Xuan told her that she definitely had to let him out if anything happened.

Sima You Yue kept Sima Liu Xuan into the Spirit Pagoda, turning a deaf ear to the later half of his sentence.

Her father was abnormal lately and she saw a crazed look in his eyes. Mm, it was better not to let him out.

She took out a map of the Twentieth State and, based on the direction that Third Mo told her about, she calculated the spatial coordinates before setting up her teleportation array.

After coming to the inner regions, she rarely set up teleportation arrays. That was because the inner regions were too big and setting up long-distance teleportation arrays took too much resources.

Even if that was the case, she had to change the teleportation array once and take a few more days before she arrived at the location that Third Mo told her about. When she arrived at the place, the connection she had with Little Roar strengthened quite a bit.

Little Roar was currently nestled in Ximen Li’s embrace eating Spirit Fruit as Ximen Li and Si Yue lazed under the sun chatting when, he tossed away the core of a spirit fruit he just ate and climbed onto Ximen Li, hopping around, saying, “Yue Yue’s here, Yue Yue’s here.”

“She’s arrived?”

“Not yet, but I can sense that she’s close by. She should be able to find us soon.” Little Roar said happily.

They had already suffered here for a month and he was about to go crazy.

Si Yue suddenly grabbed him and said, “Quiet, someone’s coming. It’s a new aura. It seems like the person behind this has finally appeared.”

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