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Chapter 1696: Killing As They Come

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Sima You Yue looked at the group of people that surrounded her. She curled her lips. “You are really slow. I have been waiting several days for you.”

It has been seven to eight days since she killed Northern Du Hao. These people had just found her. Did she hide too well? She obviously went to the city to shop!

Her chances of being exposed were quite high. That meant that these people were incompetent.

“Hmph, you also know that you cannot escape!” The man sounded muffled. He obviously changed his voice.

“You don’t have to pretend. I know you’re from the Liu Clan, and you’re here to avenge Northern Du Hao.” Sima You Yue stated.

“Since you know, why don’t you obediently hand yourself in!”

“Are you stupid?” Sima You Yue glanced at him. “If someone wants to kill you, would you obediently allow it? Besides, you don’t know who will be the one that lives!”

“Shamelessly boasting!” There were a dozen of them. They couldn’t deal with her alone?

Sima You Yue chuckled. “Mi Er, quickly finish this fight.”

After all, she had already released her Spirit Realm and enclosed her surroundings.

“Spirit Realm!” These people cried out.

“You should send someone with a Spirit Realm to kill me.” After Sima You Yue finished, she stepped back and Mi Er appeared from her hand. Soon, the entire realm was filled with black smoke.


“What is this———ahhhh——–”

Those people could only let out a scream before closing their mouths forever. They were reduced to bones.

After the black fog changed to human form, there was a line of bones on the ground.

Sima You Yue looked at the bones and said emotionally. “Everytime I see you use this trick, I would feel that fortunately you didn’t use this trick to deal with me.”

Mi Er rolled his eyes. “I didn’t use this trick to deal with you? It’s because you used Blacky to scare me.”

In the Ghost City, if he wasn’t restrained by Blacky, would he had recognized her as master?

Thinking of how powerful he was, he had to follow a scumbag, and was suppressed by a dog who does nothing but eat, he burst into tears.

“Blacky is really good.” Sima You Yue praised, “Mi Er is amazing!”


“Let’s go find a place to cultivate. More people from Liu Clan should be here soon.”

She went to find a valley with a nice view to cultivate. It was not too close to the place where the incident occurred that would make people think she had escaped from the place and wasn’t waiting for them. But it was not too far away at least they could still her with little effort.

She cultivated two days in the valley before those people arrived. This time there were twice as many as the previous time. She roughly estimated that there were thirty to forty people.

Sima You Yue didn’t say much and directly released Mi Er to fight them.

Liu Clan.

“Patriarch, all the people we sent for the assassination were killed. Same as last time, their life token broke at the same time.”

“Did you see anything?” Patriarch Liu asked.

“No, the scene before their death is all darkness, as if in a black fog.”

“Black fog?”

“Yes, the black fog is a bit strange. I don’t think it is something from the Human Realm.”

Patriarch Liu was shocked. Could it be….

“Patriarch, do we still need to send more people?”

“Of course! Northern Du Clan gave us a death order. If this matter is not handled properly, Liu Clan will not be able to survive in the Sixth State.” Patriarch Liu said bitterly. “It’s only fifty to sixty people. Liu Clan can afford it. I will send another fifty people and two upper paragon rank members.”

“Yes, Patriarch.”

After a while, more than fifty Liu Clan experts set off, ready to take down the kid in one fell swoop. Liu Clan waited for a few days when the news came back that all those people were dead! The situation was the same before, all killed at the same time!

This happened once and then thrice. Liu Clan was not as confident as before. In just a dozen days, they lost more than a hundred people. Now matter how many people they had they couldn’t withstand this sort of casualty!

“Patriarch, should we use that?” The Great Elder asked.

“You mean…” Patriarch Liu was a little moved.

“This scene returned is still the same. All of them died in the black fog. We saw the pictures before their deaths. The black fog must not be something from the Human Realm. I suspect it’s from the Ghost Realm.” The Great Elder reasoned. “Since it’s something from the Ghost Realm, then using that thing to deal with it will have an advantage.”

Patriarch Liu was shaken. Thinking over and over, he rejected the proposal. “The example of the Yang Clan is in front of us. We must be cautious. Once discovered, our result would be the same as theirs.”

“But, they have ordered this on us. We are just doing things for me?” The Great Elder did not want to give up. “Those people just need to be careful and there will be no problem.”

Those people were personally trained by the Great Elder. He also felt distressed with their deaths!

“No, send people again, all upper paragon rank. I don’t believe that that person has the ability to reach the sky!” Patriarch Liu ordered.

Seeing his insistence, the Great Elder couldn’t say anything. He was angry, so he personally took a hundred people over there. He didn’t expect to see Sima You Yue leisurely barbecuing by the lake when he arrived in the valley!

“Mi Er, there are quite a lot of people this time!” Sima You Yue looked at the people who surrounded the valley. Tsk, tsk, this Liu Clan was really doing things with such a big effort!

Mi Er fiercely bit off a piece of chicken thigh. “You have so many people. Are you afraid you can’t deal with them?”

“I thought you would want to deal with them alone.” Sima You Yue said. “I can’t allow Aunt Xiang and them to come out now. You need to continue fighting.”

“What benefits?” Mi Er stretched out his hand, while gnawing a chicken leg with his other hand.

“Go, I will make you five chickens.”

“Ten.” Mi Er counter-offered.



“Eight.” Sima You Yue glared at him. “Otherwise you’re getting none.”

“Alright. Eight is eight.” Mi Er snorted. “Every time you use food to lure us into working for you. Your price is too easy.”

Sima You Yue smiled. “It’s okay if it’s easy as long as it works. This time, you don’t have to kill them all, leave some alive. That person should be left behind too.”

The Great Elder watched as Sima You Yue and Mi Er were eating and chatting so calmly. He was furious that his beard swayed up.

“Who are you?” He shouted.

“Someone who wants your life!” Mi Er turned into a thick black fog and spread across the valley.

“Sure enough, it’s nothing from the Human Realm!” The Great Elder yelled. Mi Er didn’t give them much time and directly surrounded those people. After a while, the black fog receded. Dozens of bones appeared in the valley.

“What …. What… What are you?!” The Great Elder’s mouth trembled in fright when he saw those white bones.

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