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Chapter 1694: I’ll kill, you guys can investigate

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I’ll kill, You all go investigate

Sima Liu Xuan hugged her, patted her head and said, “I knew it, you really are like your Mother. You hide whatever makes you feel uncomfortable and not let others know. Then behave like a little kitten scratching my heart here and there…hmph.”

Sima You Yue smiled embarrassedly, but did not come out of his embrace, “Father, didn’t you go to investigate the undead and those black robed men? Why did you come here so soon?”

“It just happened to have a clue. I found it nearby.” Sima Liu Xuan said, “I’ll tell you this later. Let me tell you what’s wrong with you, who bullied my baby girl?”

“No one bullied me, I just feel a little uncomfortable, and then I miss Father very much.” Sima You Yue snuggled into Sima Liu Xuan’s arms.

“Really? Well, my daughter knows how to miss Father. Father is very comforted!” Sima Liu Xuan said with a smile. “Let me think about it, were you irritated by Yuan Yu Qiu when you were dealing with her?”

“Yes and no.” Sima You Yue sighed and told him about what happened again.

After listening to her, Sima Liu Xuan touched her head gently and said, “Don’t worry, Father will always be by your side. Who dares to bully you, they have to face your Father first!”

“I knew that my Father is the best Father in the world!” Sima You Yue said with a smile.

This world was more indifferent than the ordinary world, and family affection wasn’t commonplace. Would other people’s Father hear that their daughter’s tone of voice wasn’t very right and would simply throw everything aside and rush over to their side? Only her silly Father could do that.

“Unfortunately, Father is not a competent Father.” Sima Liu Xuan still apologized to his daughter. Many of the responsibilities were originally his, but he let his daughter bear it.

“Who says that Father is an incompetent Father? Just like you, when you go out, others will have to say that you are the most competent! Who asks Father to love his daughter so much? For other things, we are family and there isn’t such a thing as who should be responsible for this or that.” Sima You Yue comforted him.

“Well, my daughter said so much. Father feels much better.” Sima Liu Xuan said seriously.

Sima You Yue saw Sima Liu Xuan’s fake and serious face and pouted, “Father, you teased me!”

“Ha ha ha—” Sima Liu Xuan laughed, then touched her head and smiled: “Silly child…”

Sima You Yue also smiled, and all the depression in her heart dissipated.

Well, it’s nice to have a Father!

“By the way, Father, where did you come from?”

“It’s in the Sixth State, not very far from here.” Sima Liu Xuan said, “We found the Liu Clan in the Sixth State, it is very likely that they are the next chess piece of Northern Du’s family, so I came to have a look.”

“The one who replaced the Yang Clan? Are the Liu Clan and the Northern Du family very close?” Sima You Yue asked.

“The Liu Clan can be said to be supported by the Northern Du family alone. In the previous states, each hidden family has a clan that they support.” Sima Liu Xuan said, “Now that your Master is watching things over there, I can come here. But I can’t stay too long, otherwise your Master will jump about and start shouting why I’m more sensitive to the undead so it’s better for me to check and search things. But that guy just doesn’t admit that I’m better than him.”

Sima You Yue was speechless, these two guys never forgot to slander each other.

“My business has been settled anyway, Father, shall I go with you?” Sima You Yue suggested, “I am more sensitive to undead than you are.”

Feng Zhi Xing made Sima Liu Xuan go back because Sima Liu Xuan had lived with Yu Ke Luo for so long, and he was more familiar with the undead than ordinary people, but even so, he was not as sensitive as Sima You Yue.

Sima Liu Xuan also readily agreed. It was better to put his baby girl under his eyes, so as to save those messy people from making her unhappy.

As soon as he said to leave, Sima You Yue contacted Feng Xiang and the others, and Feng Xiang brought the Feng Clan and Sima Clan’s Cloud Guards to join her.

“Young Miss, this is the Yuan Clan’s compensation.” Feng Xiang passed her an interspatial ring.

Sima You Yue took it over and looked at it. Seeing all the treasures inside, she was in a good mood. She returned the ring to Feng Xiang again, and said, “I’ll give it to everyone. This time, it has been a tough job for you.”

Feng Xiang took the ring and to share it with everyone.

After that, Sima You Yue opened her Little Realm to let them in, and then went to join Sima Liu Xuan on his journey.

When Feng Zhi Xing saw Sima You Yue, he was very happy. He went up and rubbed her head and said, “I knew it, how could your Father not care about everything and run away just like that? It turned out that he went to pick you up. Did something happen? Did someone bully you?”

“Master, don’t rub my head like this, I am not a kid anymore.” Sima You Yue protested in a low voice.

Where does he still have the coldness that he had when he first saw him, now it seems that he had been with her Father for a long time, and his nature had slowly recovered.

Feng Zhi Xing smiled, but did not take his hand back, but put it down after rubbing it twice, and said: “Don’t run around here, this Liu Clan is still a bit powerful. When you meet their Ancestor, you may not even have the chance to open your Little Realm.”

“I know.” Sima You Yue nodded. The Ancestor of super big family like the Liu Clan was definitely an old monster. If she doesn’t have time to open the Little Realm and let the Feng Clan come out, it would be dangerous.

Feng Xiang can’t always be by her side, but she had many things up her sleeves.

But, no matter how careful she was, she was still at the disadvantage.

A few days after she arrived in the Sixth State, she had been running around with Feng Zhi Xing and Sima Liu Xuan, and she did find some abnormalities in the Liu Clan. However, with the Yang Clan’s advancement, the Liu Clan was more careful, and couldn’t find out anything for a while. It was already very difficult for Sima Liu Xuan and the others to find out about the Liu Clan.

After running for a while without progress, Sima You Yue felt that the method could be changed.

“Father, Master, we can’t find out anything like this. The undead are too concealed. If they don’t act, we can’t get evidence.” she said.

“What can you do?” Feng Zhi Xing asked.

Every time he saw her like this, he knew that she had a horrible idea again.

“Go ahead, tell us what ideas are bubbling in your head again?” Sima Liu Xuan frowned, staring at her, fearing that she might say something bad.

Sima You Yue smiled at him and shrank behind Feng Zhi Xing, and said, “Well, isn’t Northern Du Hao still with me? If the Northern Du family knew that their young Master was dead, they wouldn’t be so silent. There will be some action. Then we will be able to determine if it is the Liu Clan.”

“This method is good. But this way you are too dangerous.” Feng Zhi Xing said.

“Leave the person to me, and I will solve him.” Sima Liu Xuan stretched out his hand and said indisputably.

Sima You Yue shrank her neck: “Father, Master, I’m not good at checking information, but I’m good at killing people. So, I’ll kill, you guys can investigate!”

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