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Chapter 1686: Seeking help

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The banquet did not last for a long time and ended shortly after.

During the banquet, Sima You Yue no longer felt the killing intent, but she became wary in her heart.

The killing intent when she entered was not an illusion, which shows that the other party really hated her. But she didn’t feel it anymore, indicating that the other party suppressed it. It was more difficult to deal with people with such good self-control ability.

However, as the saying went, counter soldiers with arms, water with an earth weir1.

And as for the others, during the banquet, perhaps because of her identity and also because they thought that she was strongly affiliated with Yuan Yu Qiu, many people came to flatter her and wanted to chat with her.

Sima You Yue could only act perfunctorily towards a few. She wanted to hide in a corner so that no one would find her, but Yuan Yu Qiu mentioned her from time to time, so she could only stay beside Yuan Yu Qiu and use her as a shield. Although those people were curious about her, they were also a little afraid of Yuan Yu Qiu, so they didn’t dare to come over blatantly. She was also quite quiet. At least, Yuan Yu Qiu did not act so eagerly in front of outsiders.

After the banquet, she went out with everyone and declined Yuan Yu Qiu when she wanted to send her off personally.

“The Glazed Gathering will be happening in a few days. You can go to the city to see if there is anything you are interested in. I will be busy these few days so I won’t be able to take you around in person, but if you need anything, you can send someone to tell me.” Yuan Yu Qiu took her hand and said kindly.

“Thank you, Aunt Qiu. There’s no need to care about me if you are busy, I will find things to entertain myself with.” Sima You Yue finished speaking and got on the prepared beast carriage.

When the beast carriage door closed, the smile on her face disappeared instantly, her expression a bit solemn. She talked a lot with Yuan Yu Qiu today, and even covered the things of the year, but Yuan Yu Qiu handled it very well. Except for being a little anxious about Sima Liu Xuan, nothing else was divulged.

It seems that it would be difficult to find evidence of her poisoning.

She returned to the courtyard where she lived and when Liang Chu Xing saw her frowning back to her house, he followed along.

After a day, he seemed to have almost recovered on the surface, but no one knew what he was thinking in his heart.

“What’s the matter with you? Why did you go to a banquet, and you were frowning when you came back?” When he went in, he saw Sima You Yue standing in a daze at the table and walked over and asked.

Sima You Yue turned to look at him and asked, “Do you know anything about Yuan Yu Qiu?”

“I guess, all the normal stuff but I should know a little bit better than you.” Liang Chu Xing sat down, and Sima You Yue sat down too.

“Is she a person with lots of thoughts?”

“I won’t say that she is really intelligent but, how should I say it? Hmm, if you compare her with Yuan Li Li that straw bag, she seems a little bit smarter.” Liang Chu Xing said, “Why? Have you dealt with her today and find her difficult?”

Sima You Yue thought that Liang Chu Xing was pretty renowned in the Fifth State, and asked: “Then do you know a kind of poison? The symptoms are…”

She told him about the situation after Yu Ke Luo was poisoned, her parents exhausted her spiritual power to save her life after she was born, and the situation that caused the baby’s meridians to be blocked and could not cultivate.

After that , she asked again: “Does the Yuan Clan have such poison?”

“I have never seen such a kind of poison, but my friend should know about it.” Liang Chu Xing said, “Should we go and ask her?”

“That friend who saved you in Fortune City?”

“His sister, she happens to be in Kangmar City.” Liang Chu Xing said.

“Please arrange it then.” Sima You Yue said.

“I can take you to see her tomorrow.” Liang Chu Xing replied, “However, why did you ask about this? Is it related to Yuan Yu Qiu?”


“Are you that baby? Do you suspect that Yuan Yu Qiu poisoned you?” Liang Chu Xing guessed with certainty.

Seeing him guessing, Sima You Yue admitted, and said, “You are right. I asked Xuan Yuan Pavilion to help me check the affairs of the year and they listed a few suspects. Yuan Yu Qiu was the greatest suspect. But it’s been so many years since it happened so they couldn’t find any evidence, making it difficult to get her to admit it.”

“That’s a bit troublesome.” Liang Chu Xing touched his chin, “Since you helped me collect Yun Lan’s body, I will help you find the person who poisoned you?”

“Can you check it for me?” Sima You Yue blinked at him. The meaning in her eyes was obvious. You are a person who was chased by the Yuan Clan and fled, what cards do you have?

“Am I not taking you to meet my friend? If you don’t have me, you can ask around but you may not be able to get any answers.” Liang Chu Xing said triumphantly.

Sima You Yue: “…”

“If it is found out that it was not Yuan Yu Qiu who administered the poison, what would you do?” Liang Chu Xing asked.

“Then I’ll just keep looking.” Sima You Yue said, “That person inflicted so much misery on my family back then, rendering my parents to be separated, and I was treated as a waste for so many years. This hatred must be paid back.”

“What if that person is more powerful than Yuan Yu Qiu?” Liang Chu Xing wanted to swallow it back after asking this sentence, because Sima You Yue gave him an expression which clearly stated: “Why are you asking such a dumb question?”.

“Yes, with your current identity and background, who can be more powerful than you? Tsk tsk, it’s not that I said, your identity, no one dares to say anything when you walk sideways on this continent.”

“I’m not a crab!” Sima You Yue was dissatisfied with his adjectives.

“This is just an analogy!” Liang Chu Xing said, “Let me remind you, that friend of mine has a weird temper. You know, those who deal with poison all day long have a bit of a thwarted personality. If you are wronged tomorrow, you’ll have to bear a bit more.”

Sima You Yue understood that such masters all had their quirks and nodded in understanding.

“I will pay attention to it,” she said.

After all, she was asking for someone’s help now, so she had to be more understanding.

Early the next morning, Sima You Yue informed Ru Shui that they were going to go shopping, before she left the courtyard with Liang Chu Xing. She didn’t know if Yuan Yu Qiu sent someone to stare at her, so she strolled around very casually. She went to a lot of medicinal stores to check out, and then seemed to have accidentally entered the store that Liang Chu Xing mentioned.

Liang Chu Xing could be counted as a person who was familiar around here. He asked the attendant to take them directly to the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper had already seen him in this appearance before so he recognized who he was.

“Young Master Liang, are you here to see the Young Miss?” The shopkeeper asked.

“Where is Xuan Xuan?”

“Young Miss is in the alchemy room and has informed us that no one is to disturb her. She went in yesterday morning and should be coming out soon. Would you like to wait for her?” The shopkeeper said politely.

Liang Chu Xing looked at Sima You Yue, and when she nodded, he said, “Alright, let’s wait.”

And this time, after waiting for quite some time, a woman in a red dress came in from outside.

“Second Child Liang, why are you here again?”

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