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Chapter 1682: So You Are Sima You Yue

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The corners of Liang Chu Xing’s mouth twitched before he took the pill and sniffed it. His expression changed at once as he brought the pill away with a face full of disgust.

“What kind of pill is this? Why does it stink so badly?”

“This Transformation Pill can temporarily change your appearance. This is the pill that I have recently researched.” Sima You Yue looked at him with a smile, “Take it, so that we can go in.”

“But it smells so…” Liang Chu Xing frowned, very disgusted.

“You can choose to eat it or not.” Sima You Yue didn’t persuade him, “If you aren’t going to eat it, I will go in by myself first.”

Immediately after, she turned around and left.

“I…I don’t have a choice, do I?!” Liang Chu Xing pinched his nose with his hands, closed his eyes, and ate the pill in a valiant manner.

Sima You Yue saw that his brows remained scrunched for a long time and she smirked. When Liang Chu Xing opened his eyes, she immediately concealed her smile, but the smile in her eyes did not abate.

Liang Chu Xing naturally saw the smile in her eyes and harrumphed: “Don’t tell me you were actually playing tricks on me? Why don’t I feel anything at all? Has my appearance really changed?”

Sima You Yue took out a mirror and placed it in front of him. There was an unfamiliar face staring back at him. The facial features were uncharacteristic, and it was not easy to find him in a crowd. Not only that, even his breath has changed a bit.

He reached out and touched his left cheek, and the person in the mirror also touched his left cheek. Only then did he believe that he had really changed his appearance.

“It’s amazing! It’s really possible!” He stretched out his hand and squeezed his face, and exclaimed, “How the hell did you make this pill? Is there any more? Give me a little more? That way, I will fail to pick flowers in the future. I’m not afraid of being hunted down.”

Sima You Yue smiled at him, “It’s fine if you want a Transformation Pill, or you can use it to pick flowers. I’ll castrate you first and after that, you can have as many Transformation Pills as you want. Since we both know each other, I’ll even give you a 15% discount.”

Liang Chu Xing quickly retreated a few steps, putting his hands in front of him as he looked at her vigilantly. With his mouth twitched, he cried out to her in a pitiful manner: “Little sister, you are so cruel, this is asking me to cut off my children and grandchildren!”

“Let’s go into the city.” Sima You Yue didn’t bother to pay attention to him, and walked into the city.

When they came to the gate of the city, a guard stepped forward to stop her.

“Excuse me My Lady but Kangmar City does not allow anyone to enter the city right now. Do you have any invitations?”

Sima You Yue took out the invitation card, and the guard took it and opened it. Seeing the name inside, he glanced at her in surprise, and then handed the invitation card back to her respectfully.

“It turned out to be Young Miss You Yue, my Master has been waiting for a long time. Please come to the place we arranged for you to stay.” The guard beckoned to the back, and someone ran over immediately, “Take Young Miss You Yue to the courtyard .”

The man was also taken aback when he heard that it was Sima You Yue, but he quickly reacted and made a request.

Sima You Yue followed the guard to leave, and Liang Chu Xing followed. When entering the city, he also saw a portrait of himself posted on the wall.

“The painting is really ugly.” He whispered a little, and Sima You Yue narrowed her eyes.

Liang Chu Xing pouted his lips, it was really ugly! He was such a suave and handsome guy, so how could they have painted him into such a wretched mess?

If it weren’t for someone to lead the way, she really wanted to pump him twice. He would look awkward no matter how he looked up and down, and he was still so narcissistic!

The guard took them into the city, got into an arranged animal cart, and drove the car for more than an hour before arriving in a quiet yard.

“My Eldest Miss heard that Young Miss You Yue likes quietness, so she arranged this yard. It is very quiet and not far from the city center.” The guard led them in. The pavilions inside were arranged properly and complemented each other. It was really good.

“There are maids and guards here. If you need anything, you can just tell them.”

“Many thanks.”

The guard led her to see the person who was in charge of the yard and left after.

It was a woman named Ru Shui. She saluted Sima You Yue and said, “Young Miss You Yue, please come with me. I will take you to the small courtyard where you live.”

Sima You Yue followed her to the courtyard where she lived, and saw her abode. From the time she walked in, she found that these arrangements were based on her own preferences, and there was nothing she disliked.

“Are these all ordered by Eldest Miss Yuan?” she asked Ru Shui.

“Yes. The Eldest Miss knows that you are coming, and we specially arranged this yard.” Ru Shui gave her own sense of presence, but it was a pity that she met someone who didn’t buy it.

Sima You Yue just nodded, “I’m a little tired and want to take a break.”

Ru Shui seemed to have something to say, but when she heard what she said, she swallowed all those words back and said, “The lady, take a good rest, and the slave and maid will not bother you.”

“Thank you, Stewardess Ru.”

“By the way, Young Miss You Yue, is this the only one of your guards? Do you need to arrange a separate yard?” Ru Shui asked.

“Just him, don’t bother, you can just let him live nearby.” Sima You Yue said.


Ru Shui arranged a room for Liang Chu Xing, and then said something to tell her to leave at any time.

Liang Chu Xing came to Sima You Yue’s house and kept staring at her.

“There are flowers on my face?” Sima You Yue glared at him.

Liang Chu Xing came to sit down opposite him, and exclaimed: “Are you Sima You Yue?”

“Why, can’t I be?”

“Yes, yes, yes, you course you can.” Liang Chu Xing said with a smile, “I heard of your renowned name before, and I heard that you are very beautiful. I still wanted to find a chance to pick you, I didn’t expect to meet you so soon .”


The tea cup in Sima You Yue’s hand directly greeted his face, Liang Chu Xing could not dodge, was hit on the forehead, and the tea spilled over his face.


He spat out a piece of tea leaf, reached out his hand to wipe the tea on his face, and said innocently, “There’s no need to be so exaggerated, is there?”

“I can be even more exaggerated, do you want to try?” Sima You Yue sneered, took out a knife, and flicked it twice.

“Ahem, don’t…don’t.” Liang Chu Xing waved his hand quickly, “Hey, I just think about it, and I don’t really dare to do anything. Don’t be angry, don’t be angry, hey…”

“Actually, you can try. Do you want to try to see if you can pick me first, or I castrate you first. How about we try?”

The glint on the blade reflected made Liang Chu Xing feel that her smile became even colder.

“What is all this talk about trying? I didn’t say anything just now, and I don’t have any thoughts.” He pretended to be a fool, and then quickly changed the subject and asked, “When shall we find Yun Lan’s corpse?”

“Do you know where the mass grave is?”

“West of the city.”

“Why is this mass grave not outside the city, but inside the city?”

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