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Chapter 1676: Investigating what happened that year (1)

However, Sima You Yue didn’t harbour any hope.

If those people really understood her, they would know that she was able to probe. Also, looking at how they had a complete lack of fear, they probably were very sure of themselves. Based on the careful style of those black robed men, they wouldn’t leave a single trace behind.

As it turned out, Sima You Yue found a barrier around their sea of consciousness. The moment she tried to forcefully break it, their minds would definitely shatter.

This was not the only thing. As long as they wanted to confess, they would die. There was no way to dispel it.

That was why, despite their efforts, they didn’t manage to glean a single bit of information.

“Actually, it’s not like we didn’t reap any benefits.” Sima He Shun saw that Sima Zhi Yuan was rather peeved and said.

“Old man, what are you thinking?” Sima Zhi Yuan asked.

“We know how powerful the Sixteenth State clans are, while those black robed men are definitely within them. To be able to bring out so many advanced ranked Divine Paragons means that their powers are beyond average. To be able to make use of them means that they are far stronger than the usual clan. I’m guessing that, apart from the hidden families, nobody has that kind of ability.” Sima He Shun speculated.

“Great Grandfather, do you feel this is something that was done by the Northern Du Clan?” Sima You Yue asked.

“It’s possible that the Yu Clan was strung along by the Northern Du Clan, but it’s not so for the Black Robed men.” Sima He Shun said, “These black robed men intended to cause chaos amongst the bird clans, so I’m afraid that their backers have motives beyond what we know.”

“How about the Eastern Lai Clan? I have some grudges with the Eastern Lai Clan. They can kill two birds with one stone this way.”

“It’s possible that it’s the Eastern Lai Clan as well, but it’s also possible for it to be any one of the other hidden families.” Sima He Shun said, “However, now that they know you are under the protection of the Feng Clan, they won’t be able to move against you so easily.”

“I am hoping that they will come. This way, we will be able to find a little bit of clues at the very least.” Sima You Yue sighed, “Oh right, I have a feeling that something’s happened with the hidden family.”

“Why so?”

Sima You Yue told them about what she discovered about the irregularities of the hidden families back when she was at Lost Island. Then, she told them her conjecture, “Eastern Lai Li hates Northern Du Hao, but they got married shortly after. Furthermore, they were very high profile during the crimson pearl convention. That’s why I’m guessing that there’s some motive. It’s just that I destroyed it.”

“It should be. If that were really the case, then they will definitely think of you as their arch nemesis.” Sima He Shun gave her a rare tease.

“Isn’t your relationship with the Young Master of the Xuan Qiu Clan pretty good? Why don’t you ask him?” Sima Zhi Yuan asked.

“The last time I was at the Xuan Qiu Clan, quite a big incident happened. Right now, I’m not sure if he’s willing to meet me or not. Furthermore, about the issue with the black robed men, I would never have suspected the Xuan Qiu Clan before, but based on what happened last time, the Xuan Qiu Clan is not necessarily unrelated to it. If I were to look for them, I might end up alerting them.” Sima You Yue’s mood was a little complicated when she thought of Xuan Qiu He.

“Leave the investigation of this issue to me.” Sima Zhi Yuan said.

“Mm, I’m going out for a spin. I’ll see if I can obtain any news.”

“If you want to head out for a spin, then l’ll leave this for you to handle.” Sima Zhi Yuan said as he handed her an invitation.

Sima You Yue opened it and looked inside. It was the invitation from the Fifth State’s Yuan Clan, inviting the geniuses of various experts to gather and exchange pointers.

This kind of gathering happened often in the continent. However, most of them invited the people they were close to or those who were extremely outstanding in terms of their talent. In the past, they never invited the Sima Clan. However, who knew that the status of the Sima Clan would rise at this point in time and even have a talent like Sima You Yue. Hence, they sent them an invitation as well.

“Fifth State’s Yuan Clan?” Sima You Yue looked at the inscription, her gaze deep.

“What? Is there something wrong with the Yuan Clan?” Sima He Shun asked.

“Take a look at this.” Sima You Yue took out some information and gave it to them, “This is some information I previously obtained at the Xuan Yuan Pavilion.”

“The Yuan Clansmen were one of the people who poisoned your mother?” Sima Zhi Yuan looked around at the others and was incredibly surprised.

She actually got others to investigate this piece of information. Did she plan to take revenge on her mother’s behalf?

“If I didn’t know about what happened back then then forget it. Whoever treats my mother well, I will properly repay. In the same way, whoever poisoned my mother will never get away.” Sima You Yue said lightly.

Sima Zhi Yuan handed her the piece of information and said, “Just do what you want to do. In any case, you don’t have to plan that much right now.”

She was going to take revenge on her mother’s behalf, so they had no reason to stop her.

Also, she had the qualifications to do so as well.

“Do you want your father to go with you?” Sima He Shun asked.

“No. I will go on my own.” Sima You Yue shook her head, “Those people know my father, and some have grudges against him and things like that, it wouldn’t be good if he went. If anything happened and he cared about what happened back then, it would be hard for me to act.”

Did this brat plan to destroy their nest?

“Cough cough, there are some things where it’s enough to deal with the people involved. There’s no need to punish the whole clan.” Sima He Shun reminded her.

“I know.” Sima You Yue said, “if the clan didn’t participate in this, I naturally will not pursue it for nothing. I am not someone who wantonly kills others.”

“You Yue has always been just when it comes to dealing with things. You, old man, just love to nag.” Sima Zhi Yuan huffed, “Although you have the Feng Clan by your side, it will still be better to take a few guards with you. Go and have fun. We’ll take charge of the other things here. We’ll let you know if we obtain any information.”

Sima You Yue could feel Sima Zhi Yuan’s protectiveness as her lips curled into a smile. She replied, “Okay.”

Leaving the interrogation area, she went to look for Sima Liu Xuan to tell him that she was leaving.

“I’ll go with you.” Sima Liu Xuan requested without even thinking.

“Father, Great Grandfather said that he wants you to investigate what’s happening with the undead and the black robed men.” Sima You Yue said, “Those people want to kill me, so if this situation isn’t settled, I’ll be stared at no matter where I go. When I think about how someone always wants to kill me, I feel…”

“Alright. I’ll investigate. However, you have to promise me that if you go to the ghost realm, you definitely have to take me with you.” Sima Liu Xuan patted her hair.

“Alright! Relax, the one that Mother wants to see the most is definitely you. I can’t possibly go without you, right?” Sima You Yue smiled as she ran off.

“This brat…” Sima Liu Xuan smiled lightly, ‘If you want to do it then go ahead.”

“Young Master, what does Youngest Young Miss want to do?” The little servant behind Sima Liu Xuan asked.

“Didn’t you say that the ones who had given us the invitation before were the Yuan Clan? I suspect that the Yuan Clan’s Young Miss is the one who poisoned Ke Luo. If she were just to go like that, I wouldn’t think too much about it. However, now that she doesn’t let me go with her, I’m afraid that this brat…” Sima Lu Xuan’s eyes filled with tenderness, “However, no matter what she wants to do, she can go ahead and do it. Get some men to keep an eye on things. If anything happens, send word immediately. As long as it doesn’t endanger her life, let her play.”

It went without saying that nobody understood a child more than its parents!

“Yes, Young Master.” The servant standing behind him replied.

“She’s right. If the situation involving the undead and the black robed men remains unresolved, she will always be in danger. Go and get your things done. I’m going to discuss some things with Feng Zhi Xing.” Sima Liu Xuan said as he disappeared.

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