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Chapter 1675: Day of the great celebration (5)

The onlookers thought that there were really more of those black robed men who appeared and turned their heads to look, only to find that those who came were all transformed spirit beasts.

“Young Miss, here we are!” An old man ran to Sima You Yue with a grin and bowed respectfully.

“Why did you all come out?” Sima You Yue looked at these people, oh no, the bird clan and asked.

The agreement between them seems to be not to come out without her order, right?

“These scoundrels are too burdensome. They keep coming out one after another. We are worried about your safety and decided to put an end to it and simply destroy them all.” The old man said with a harmless smile.

“Destroy them all? Have you seen their strength clearly?” Sima You Yue asked in an amused tone.

The old man was startled. They did not pay attention to the strength of the people who had just appeared. They just ran over when they saw group after group of people coming, worried about Sima You Yue’s safety.

He wasn’t too concerned before but after he glanced at them, he was startled.

“Why are there so many Pinnacle Paragons?” This old man was also at this rank, but the others weren’t. All in all, there were only a handful in the bird clan that were of this level.

They didn’t expect that the other party would send so many people to deal with Sima You Yue.

“People of the bird clan, you better not interfere with today’s affairs. Although your bird clan is powerful, but distant water won’t quench your immediate thirst, you should just be good and stay by the side!”

“Hmph, to actually dare to do something to our Young Miss, that’s some courage you’ve got! Are you not afraid of the revenge of my bird’s clan?” The old man shouted back.

“Will your bird clan still stay united after she dies today? Besides, you can’t find out who we are, who are you going to seek revenge from?” The man smiled, “Your bird clan is amazing, but the difference is that you did not call your clan elders along today.”

“Even so, you don’t even dream of touching a strand of our Young Miss’ hair!” The old man no longer had a carefree smile but stood solemnly in front of Sima You Yue.

“Oh… I didn’t expect that there would be a day where Crimson Flame would be the reason why you killed me. You want the bird clan to be in turmoil, so as to cause chaos, don’t you? Let me think about who is behind you? Northern Du’s Clan? Or is it the Ouyang Clan? Well, it shouldn’t be the Xuan Qiu Clan now, would it?”

“Hmph, you can’t guess our identity. If you go to hell, you might be blessed with an epiphany and get your guess right.”

Sima You Yue sighed again and said, “It seems that I can’t ask questions today. Aunt Xiang, I’ll have to trouble you again.”

After she spoke, the Little Realm’s door opened and Feng Xiang appeared along with the others.

“People of the Feng Clan!” In a glance, he recognized Feng Xiang and the others.

“Why do you look so surprised? Don’t you know what happened in the Lost Lands? You don’t know that our family’s You Yue is the young lady of the Feng Clan?” Sima Liu Feng sighed twice, “Just like that, you dare to come and seek your own death. So bold!”

“Aunt Xiang, I’ll have to trouble you to clean these people up.” Sima You Yue said to Feng Xiang, “Today is the day of my Great Grandfather’s birthday. Aunt Xiang, can you wrap things up here quickly? We can’t let our guests watch any jokes.”

“Yes, Young Miss.” Two members of the Feng Clan stayed by Sima You Yue’s side, and the others all attacked the men in black.

Those pitiful black robed men, they just arrived and before they could even show off their prestige, they were swept into the air by the Feng Clan.

The remaining people were handed over to the Cloud Guards.

Sima You Yue pulled Little Lucky down from her head and stood beside Sima Liu Xuan, watching the fight.

Soon, those people were subdued and they were all detained, and those who had been swept away by the Feng Clan left their lives behind.

From beginning to the end, only the generation of Sima Liu Xuan and Sima You Yue appeared, and these people weren’t worthy of letting someone higher in the family come out.

When the battle was over, the banquet was almost at its end and very soon, the guests started to leave. The events that entailed in the Sima Clan that very day soon started to spread like a wildfire. There were news that besides the Ancient Spirit Beasts in the Sima Clan, they had many strange pills. They had swept away the top spots for alchemy competitions and it was also said that they had recently found a mineral vein.

After a while, the Sima Clan’s actions became more high-profile, and gradually they performed well in alchemy, arrays and spirit seeking. At this time, everyone discovered that the Sima Clan had risen silently.

“I didn’t expect the Sima Clan to hide the news so tightly before. It has only been a few years since their strength has grown so much, and I don’t know how powerful they will be in the future!” He Zhen Zhang was deeply moved when he heard the news after returning.

“When the incident happened with the Jiang Clan back then, the Sima Clan was just a humble family. How many years has passed since then? I didn’t expect that they would be so powerful.” Su Liu Nian was also deeply moved.

“Have you noticed? The Sima Clan has not risen for a long time, so their strength has not increased much overall. They are gaining momentum now, and they are all built up by external conditions.” He Zhen Zhang said.

“You are right, but with these external conditions added together, their comprehensive strength will be stronger. With time, their internal strength will increase, and they will be a famous sect in a while.” Su Liu Nian should Said, “And all of this was brought by You Yue. If only we had such a powerful junior.”

“Sister, do you think Sima You Yue brought about the changes in the Sima’s family?” When Su Yang talked to his sister, his hostility was much less.

“Yes.” Su Liu Nian said about the situation of Sima’s family back then. Although Sima’s family was very low-key over the years, there were some changes. He’s family was close and he paid more attention to Sima’s family, so these small changes are still known.

They knew that the Sima Clan was getting stronger, but they didn’t expect that they would be so shocked when they showed their cards.

“This Sima You Yue is so lucky.” Su You’s faint words were still a little envious.

“Oh, this is not a good thing.” Su Yang said.

“Oh…” He Zhen Zhang and Su Liu Nian both sighed, but Su You didn’t know why the three of them all suddenly frowned.

In addition to them, others are also talking about the Sima Clan, talking about their Ancient Spirit Beasts, their ancient elixirs and so on. For a while, Sima’s name could be heard on the streets and alleys.

As for the Sima Clan, after the birthday banquet of Sima Zhi Yuan, those guests who came to join the celebration had left one after another, and the family had returned to its previous appearance. However, it seems to be a little different. In Sima You Yue’s words, these guys were now smiling and looking up.

After sending the guests away, Sima Zhi Yuan took Sima You Yue to interrogate those who were arrested that day.

Originally, Sima You Yue didn’t have to go, but Sima Zhi Yuan still called her. Afterall, it would be more effective than any other method to use divine sense to seek their answers!

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