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Chapter 1674: Day of the great celebration (4)

Sima Liu Xuan estimated that there were hundreds of black robed men that poured out and each of them were strong.

If it was the former strength of the Sima Clan, they wouldn’t end well if they met these people. Although they had more people on their side, such numbers were not important in front of the real masters.

But now, these hundreds of people couldn’t affect them much.

“My Lord.” Jiang Kun immediately bowed and greeted the man who led this group of black robed men.

“A bunch of rubbish!” The black robed man glared at Jiang Kun contemptuously. Such a little thing couldn’t even be done well, if it weren’t for the fact that there was a grudge between him and the Sima Clan, he would have immediately swiped his neck!

Although Jiang Kun was scolded, he did not dare to refute and only nodded his head like a pecking chicken. On the contrary, the Green Spirit Sect Sect master was very angry, and wanted to come forward to reason it out, but she was in turn held back by Jiang Kun.

Jiang Kun shook his head at her. Although the Sect Master was angry, she quietened down as well.

Sima You Yue was watching with interest, this Sect Master really had some feelings for Jiang Kun!

“Who are you?” Sima Liu Feng asked.

“The one who will take your life.” The black robed man in the lead snorted coldly, “Go, no one from the Sima Clan to be left alive!”

“Just you?! Cloud Guards, come!” Sima Liu Yun waved his hand, and the previous guards all retreated, and the Cloud Guards flew up from below to fight with the men in black.

This was the first time Sima You Yue had seen a member of the Cloud Guards at work. Their strength were much stronger than that of ordinary guards, and the contracted spirit beasts were also stronger, so the strength after fusion was even stronger. Fighting with those black robed men was not going to be a disadvantage either.

“Father, Uncle Yun, today is Great Grandfather’s birthday. It’s not good to let the guests watch any jokes.” Sima You Yue said.

“Mm, got it. Make it a quick battle!” Sima Liu Yun ordered.

When those members of the Cloud Guard heard this, they immediately retreated and called out their contracted Ancient Spirit Beasts.

The appearance of so many Ancient Spirit Beasts shocked all those present. Hundreds of Ancient Spirit Beasts, this itself was something that even the Yin Clan couldn’t come up with!

The Cloud Guards regrouped and everyone exuded an ancient aura and their combat prowess grew even stronger.

“You guys, go up as well and settle the matter earlier.” Sima Liu Xuan said to the guards which had retreated from the previous battle.

Those guards also showed their Ancient Spirit Beasts, and attacked again after they called out their contracted Ancient Spirit Beasts.

While the shocking scene from before with the emergence of so many Ancient Spirit Beasts was still quaking in their minds, when the guards revealed their Ancient Spirit Beasts this time round, everyone looked at the scene before them incredulously.

“Patriarch Sima, you actually have so many Ancient Spirit Beasts!” Someone said enviously.

“Ha ha ha,these are all brought back by You Yue when she went to the ancient mines. At that time, it was just some blocks of ore. I didn’t expect so many Ancient Spirit Beasts to emerge after opening them. We were also very surprised at that time!” Sima Zhi Yuan chortled.

“She brought them back?” Everyone’s gazes changed when they looked at Sima You Yue again.

“That’s right! You Yue inherited her father’s talent, and she is very talented in spirit seeking.” Sima Zhi Yuan said triumphantly.

“Isn’t she an Array Master and an Alchemist? I didn’t expect her to be a Seeker Spirit Master as well!” Someone gasped and said in a low voice.

“Yes, I always admonish her, telling her that she can’t be too greedy, she can just study and focus on one thing. But her talent is really great and she learns everything well so I eventually just let her be.”

When everyone heard this, they rolled their eyes in his heart and said yeah right.

“However, I heard that those from the ancient mines are looking for the Ancient Spirit Beasts everywhere. If you let them know that you have contracted so many Ancient Spirit Beasts, will they be in trouble?” He Zhen Zhang was also shocked, but this concern is also sincere.

“Don’t worry about it, Supreme Fifth Spirit knows that we have so many Ancient Spirit Beasts.”

“Do they know?”

“Yes!” Sima Zhi Yuan nodded.

Little Lucky has been following Sima You Yue, and Supreme Fifth Spirit had naturally been paying attention to their situation. He knew about Sima Clan Contract Ancient Spirit Beasts, but he didn’t say anything.

“I heard that for the Valley Master’s wedding, the Ancient Spirit Beasts had presented quite a bit of gifts, saying that they were for Young Miss You Yue. Does she have a good relationship with the Ancient Spirit Beasts?” Someone asked.

“You Yue has nothing to do with Supreme Fifth Spirit, but his son likes her very much and often stays by her side.” Sima Zhi Yuan said.

Everyone looked up, just in time to see Little Lucky coming out of the Spirit Pagoda and lying on Sima You Yue’s head to watch the excitement.

Some of the people present had met Supreme Fifth Spirit before and now they saw the smaller version of Supreme Fifth Spirit, they were very surprised.

However, they didn’t feel the power of contract at all.

“It didn’t make a contract with Young Miss You Yue, right?”

“No, he is the only son of the Supreme Fifth Spirit. How dare we make a contract with him? It’s just that he prefers You Yue, so he sticks to her.”

Hearing this, everyone had different thoughts, but their understanding of Sima You Yue improved a step further.

There were so many Ancient Spirit Beasts who have contracted with yet they did not pursue it. There was no one who could have such a good relationship with Ancient Spirit Beasts!

How come they themselves didn’t have such relationships?!

The news of the Ancient Spirit Beast in the Sima Clan had never been made public, so no one knew. With this sudden revelation, the black robed men were not prepared at all.

The battle was almost one-sided. The black robed men, the Yu Clan and the Green Spirit Sect Had joined forces, yet they could not do anything to Sima Clan. Instead, they themselves were almost destroyed by the Sima Clan.

“Don’t think that you can escape this catastrophe if you have these!” The man in black took out a signal, and sneered: “No matter what, you can’t escape today.”

When he spoke, his eyes were staring at Sima You Yue, with a strong murderous intent in his eyes, as if he had a deep hatred for her.

Sima You Yue wasn’t frightened by the look of his eyes, but it piqued her curiosity.

These people were obviously coming for her! She was wondering who was it this time?

Damn it! She had so many enemies unknowingly!

Not long after the person’s signal was sent, there was another movement in space. This time there were not many people coming out, only a dozen, but all the people present changed their expressions.

These people turned out to be powerful experts of the Pinnacle Paragon!

Now, even Sima Liu Yun frowned.

Sima Zhi Yuan wanted to step forward but Sima You Yue turned around and smiled at him: “Great Grandfather, today is your birthday banquet, how can you leave the guests alone? Just leave these people to us to deal with it! There’s no need for you to come forward!”

Sima Zhi Yuan knew Sima You Yue’s trump card. After thinking about it, he didn’t move. He greeted the guests: “Come on, everyone keep eating.”

Seeing them so calm, the guests responded with a smile and continued to eat and drink.

After Sima You Yue finished speaking, she went to Sima Liu Xuan and looked at the black robed men who came out. She said impatiently, “Do you have any others still hiding behind? If you have any, let’s call them all out together. Even if you don’t find it troublesome, we do! Let’s get this over and done with!”

“Who dares to be disrespectful to my Master?!” As soon as she finished speaking, a group of people rushed over from all directions.

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