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Chapter 1673: Day of the great celebration (3)

As soon as Jiang Kun’s words were spoken, everyone present started to panic.

Those guests were worried that they had really been poisoned, and they carried out probes via their divine senses one after another. The Sima Clan also worried that the guests might have been involved by them so they hurriedly asked the various doctors present to investigate.

“Who asked you to do this?!” Not only the people here, but those from the Yu Clan were also surprised.

“Hmph, I have my own arrangements. It doesn’t matter what the process is, as long as the result is the same.” Jiang Kun laughed, “Master Yu, our purpose is the same.”

“Do you know how many people you would offend by doing such a thing?!” The Yu Clan recognized that many people here were equal to them, and even stronger than them. If they were to offend them all, everyone would jointly deal with them. If that was the case, then his Yu Clan would have the same ending like the Yang Clan.

Sima Liu Xuan looked at Jiang Kun first before shifting his attention to the Yu Clan, and he had some guesses in his heart.

It seems that the things directed at the guests had nothing to do with the Yu Clan. The people who were intercepted and killed on their way here as well as those who had been poisoned by Kun was not them, but someone else.

“Sima Liu Yun, have you thought about it? As long as your Sima Clan surrenders, we will immediately give them the antidote.” Jiang Kun said, “There is no antidote for this poison except us.”

“Let us surrender without putting up a fight? Don’t even think about it!” Sima Liu Yun snorted coldly.

“Why, don’t tell me that you do not care about the life and death of these guests? Ha ha ha, everyone, have you heard? The Sima Clan obviously do not care about your life and death, do you still want to celebrate their Patriarch’s birthday?”

Some guests’ faces changed, but no one said anything. They were waiting for Sima’s decision.

Maybe some of them wanted to do something, but seeing that most of them didn’t move, it was hard for them to jump out alone and blame the Sima Clan. And seeing that the expressions of the Sima Clan have not changed, all of them became more confident, thinking that there shouldn’t be any problems.

“The person who administered the poison wouldn’t be that man, would it?” Sima Liu Yun glanced down, and immediately someone brought a man who was dressed like one of the Sima Clan who was tied up.

Seeing the person who was brought forward, Jiang Kun’s expression changed.

“None of you have been poisoned at all?!” He exclaimed.

“With just such a person, you want to poison my Sima Clan? You look down on us too much!” Sima Liu Feng said triumphantly, “Let’s talk about it, what else do you have? Hurry up and use it. Otherwise, if you miss this opportunity, I’m afraid that you don’t even have the chance to speak anymore.”

What else? They had already nipped their grand plan at the bud, what other moves did he have?

“How is it possible? He obviously sent a message back saying that he was successful, how could it be that he had been arrested?” He kept shaking his head with disbelief.

“Don’t you know that there are methods such as intimidation and bribery?” Sima You Yue glanced at him like she was looking at an idiot, “However, this person is not from your Green Spirit Sect! Apart from the Yu Clan, there are others behind you.”

“What?!” The person who was most surprised was not the Green Spirit Sect who was exposed, but the Yu Clan.

“Ha ha ha! You all with the surname Yu, you have been taken advantage of!” Sima Liu Feng clutched his stomach and laughed.

“Jiang Kun, is what they say true?”

“Elder Yu, is there anyone behind us? It has nothing to do with our cooperation. Our purpose is to kill Sima’s family and Sima You Yue. As for the others, why bother to investigate so much?” Jiang Kun said with a sneer.

“Hmph!” The Yu Clan snorted, but said nothing.

“Sima Liu Yun, even if no one has been poisoned, you will not escape death today. Elder Yu, you can no longer be kind to them today, so you should do it resolutely and solve things early.” Jiang Kun said.

The Yu Clan also knew that they could no longer hold back today, and they have no plans to be kind anymore. He waved his hand, and the people who had come out earlier began to attack the guards of the Sima Clan.

And those guards of the Sima Clan were not weak, they greeted their ill intentioned guests head on and the group of people fought directly over the Sima Residence.

Fortunately, their guards were on high alert and when they encountered an attack, they didn’t allow any weaknesses for them to exploit to destroy the Sima Residence.

“Patriarch, the spirit skills displayed outside are quite beautiful. This spectacular scene can also be seen as a fireworks display for your birthday.” Sima Qi Qi said with a smile.

“Hmm, you’re right.” Sima Zhi Yuan liked these words very much. These people dared to trouble their Sima family, and of all days, they had to choose it on his birthday, which was really annoying!

Those guests were a little shocked when they saw them jesting and laughing amidst such a scene. This Sima Clan was just a small force. Why were they so calm when facing those from the Sixteenth State?

“Brother Zhi Yuan, if there is anything in need, we can also lend a helping hand.” He Zhen Zhang said.

“Ha ha ha, you are all guests of my Sima Clan, how can we let our guests do anything? The Yu Clan only sent some people over, not the entire clan. My Sima Clan can still deal with it. Come, everyone, eat and drink as much as you want. Enjoy the feast!” Sima Zhi Yuan greeted everyone with a smile.

The guests looked at each other, however, all the expressions in each other’s eyes all held the same glint. When did the Sima Clan become so audaciously strong? Even if they had a few geniuses in the younger generation, they still couldn’t challenge such a big family clan, right?

But looking at the appearance of the people in the Sima Clan, it seems that they really haven’t paid attention to the disturbance caused by the Yu Clan at all. Since the host wasn’t bothered, as their guests, what could they say? So, they all started to wine and dine.

This time, they had specially invited the chefs from Memory Restaurant. After opening its branches here in the mainland, the people liked to frequent Memory Restaurant, so everyone enjoyed the banquet today.

There was delicious food to eat and there was a good show when one looked up. This birthday banquet was truly a memorable one.

Sima You Yue stood to watch everything in mid air but didn’t make a move. After she called Little Seven and the others, she locked herself within a space barrier, so the spirit skills that were thrown all around her couldn’t hurt her at all.

The Yu Clan thought that these guards should be easy to deal with, but they didn’t expect them to be so difficult! They couldn’t contend against the Sima Clan at all!

“I have long heard that the Sima Clan has a spirit skill that can garner a contracted beast and it’s contracted person to integrate and greatly improve their strength. Seeing it today with my own eyes, it really deserves its reputation.” The guest below said enviously.

They all could see that the Sima Clan’s strength was worse than the Yu Clan’s initially, but after they called the contract beast out and integrated, their strength soared, and the Yu Clan couldn’t deal with them at all. Instead, more than half of their people were killed.

Sima You Yue looked at Jiang Kun who was stubbornly resisting, “Are you not planning to contact the people behind you now?”

Jiang Kun looked at the one-sided situation, and did not dare to count on the Yu Clan anymore. He took out a piece of jade and crushed it, and then pulled his wife back and stopped participating in the battle.

At this time, there was an abnormal movement in space. Sima You Yue looked up and saw a door opened in the air, and a group of people wrapped in black appeared in front of everyone.

Sima You Yue narrowed her eyes when she saw these people. These people in black look like those who are making trouble back in the central regions!

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