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Chapter 1663: Impossible

An Lei looked at those people and subconsciously stood in front of Sima You Yue, “Young Miss, they are actually here.”

Sima You Yue lightly pushed An Lei away, “Don’t be anxious, you’ll make me anxious too.”

“Young Miss, they definitely came headed straight for you this time. There’s only the two of us now. What if…” An Lei stopped talking when she mentioned this, recalling how there was more than just the two of them.

They stopped where they were and the other party flew towards them, surrounding them.

“Yang Clansmen?” Sima You Yue looked at them confidently.

“Sima You Yue, you killed our Young Miss, so today is the day you die!” The male at the front huffed icily.

“Just based on you guys? Or the undead in your hands?” Sima You Yue stood on Halcyon’s back, looking at those below disdainfully.

“No matter which method we use, we just have to kill you.” The male said.

“Is that so?” Sima You Yue waved her hands and many undead appeared by her side.

Those people looked at those corpses and said, “How can this be! How could you…”

“How could I not?” Sima You Yue saw the shock on his face and was very satisfied, “Could it be that you guys are the only ones who are allowed to have undead while others can’t?”

“Impossible! We are the only ones who know of this method, how could you have known it!”

“Hehe, you’re right. I don’t know the method to create them. So where did the undead in my hands come from?” Sima You Yue beamed at them.

“Could it be…” Those people reacted quickly, “You were the one who stole our undead?!”

The Yang Clan had lost so many undead that time and the issue couldn’t be kept a secret at all. As long as anyone knew about the undead, they would definitely know about this.

If not because of these things, why would they have been so harshly reprimanded by their superiors? How could they not hurry things up because of that and end up attracting the attention of others?

It turned out that everything was because of her!

“So what if you’ve stolen so many undead? You won’t be able to use them anyway!” the other party yelled.

“Is that so?” Sima You Yue waved her hands and the two undead in front of her attacked them.

Two people from their side immediately went to intercept the attack, and the expressions on the faces of the others turned from shock to horror.

“How- how could this be! You don’t know how to control them, so how can you use those undead?!”

“I don’t know how to create undead, but something simple like controlling them is a walk in the park.” Sima You Yue sneered.

“How can it be like this?!”

“What is impossible?”

“There’s no way you know the method to control them!”

“I don’t know what method you guys are using, but I have my own methods. I don’t use that item not because I don’t know how, but because I don’t need it. However, you guys? I think that this method is the best for you.” Sima You Yue siad, “Didn’t you want to use your undead to kill me? Didn’t you want to kill me before continuing on with your massacre of the city? Come on, let me see how powerful you are. It seems like today won’t be the day of my death anniversary.”

After saying this, the undead all started to move and attacked them. These people knew how powerful the undead were and dared not take them lightly. They called out their own undead and got them to meet the undead in battle.

However, those previously awe-inspiring and powerful dead bodies were game over. They were slow and could not use any spirit skills, they were like meat on a chopping board in front of the undead that Sima You Yue controlled!

“What did you do?” Those people felt like something was off and the gaze with which they used to look at Sima You Yue changed.

She was able to control the undead, so she might have been able to affect their undead as well.

“What could I have done?” Sima You Yue shrugged, “I just made it impossible for them to move, that’s all!”


“What is impossible?”

This reply again! The other party looked at Sima You Yue, incredibly speechless.

Sima You Yue gave a thought and pulled the entire area into her domain. By the time the other party realised it, they were already inside her domain.

“A domain!”

“How could you have a domain?!”

Sima You Yue flew off Halcyon’s back and stopped in midair to look at them. Her mouth hooked into an icy smile as she slowly released her ghost aura.

These people had no domains and had no way to contend against her domain, neither could they escape. When they saw her release her ghost aura, their faces drained of color.

Sima You Yue didn’t want to waste anymore time on these people. The ghost area circled around her body before flowing outwards into the pattern of a black lotus flower.She formed a hand seal and the lotus flower blossomed, pressing down on the undead. When the undead were faced with the lotus petals, it was as if they had encountered something terrifying as they were horrified and obediently let themselves get surrounded by the petals. In the end, they turned into little specks of light along with the petals.

The Yang Clansmen could tell that Sima You Yue was absolutely the antithesis of the undead. The first male said to the one beside him, ‘Kill Sima You Yue. otherwise, all our undead will be wasted here!”


This was her domain, and they were completely suppressed. Right now, her power filled them with apprehension. That was why they had no choice but to take advantage of the situation. A few tens of them attacked Sima You Yue.

However, before they could even come close to Sima You Yue, suddenly, they were blocked by appearing spirit beasts.

“Flowey, it’s been a while since you ate meat, right? You can just eat these people.” Sima You Yue smiled.

“Alrighty! Nobody snatch them from me!” Flowey waved her vines excitedly. The flowers on the ground had already opened their bloody mouths, revealing sharp teeth.

“Who would snatch it from you?” Little Seven huffed icily and ran over with a clenched fist. She downed one with each punch, sending them flying into Flowey’s buds.

Mi Er pursed his lips. He initially wanted to deal them the final blow, but tossed them into Flowey’s buds instead.

Thousand Resonance and Little Roc saw them doing this and followed suit.

Flowey was ecstatic. She didn’t have to do anything in order to eat the human meat, it really wasn’t bad.

Those people knew that Sima You Yue had many spirit beasts, but they didn’t think that every single one of them would be so powerful. Especially that one. She killed one with every punch. They had many spirit beasts as well but they were exterminated quickly.

Flowey ate her fill and was in a good mood.

Sima You Yue kept the remaining undead into her spirit pagoda. Then, she released her domain and as she did so, many people had already started to gather due to the noise.

As for Qin Mo, he looked at her with a dark expression.

“Qin Mo…” When she saw Qin Mo’s dark expression, she felt a little guilty as she greeted him in a small voice.

“You didn’t tell me about something as important as this!”

Qin Mo’s expression was dark and he looked extremely angry. Especially since he had already heard the news that there were people plotting to kill her, he had been so scared that his heart almost leapt out of his throat. He immediately led his men over only to sense her aura.

Because Sima You Yue had set up her domain, the people outside could not clearly see what was happening and he was incredibly anxious. Although he saw that she was now safe and sound, he couldn’t help the anger that arose.

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