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Chapter 1661: Something happened

The guests waited and waited, but they didn’t see the bride appear. They first saw the bridegroom dressed in an azure blue robes.

The bridegroom wasn’t in red. Oh, they wondered what the bride would look like.

At this time, Old Man Devil came to the stone table and announced, “Guests, I have been entrusted by my previous disciple to host this wedding or something like that. After living for such a long time, I have never done something like this before! To be honest, this is also the first time I have seen a wedding like this, and it’s rather interesting so I have come to join in the fun as well. Hey hey hey, don’t laugh!”

However, everyone was roaring with laughter.

“Hmph, I know. You’re only laughing because you’re jealous.” Old Man Devil rolled his eyes at them before continuing, “Alright, let’s not waste anymore words. The focus of today is on Jiang Jun Xian and Han Miao Shuang. As you have already seen, the wedding today is very special and I am especially excited to see what comes next. And so, let us now welcome the bride!”

The music changed at this point, and they were playing the wedding march of the past. This was the first time that everyone had heard it, and they felt that it was rather refreshing.

Jiang Jun Xian came to the stage and nodded his head lightly at the people below.

“Oh, Jun Xian, you are the senior brother of my disciple, so I can be considered as your senior, right?” Old Man Devil beamed at the bridegroom.

Jiang Jun Xian nodded. Seeing the smile on Old Man Devil’s face, he wondered why he had a bad feeling.

“That’s good.” Old Man Devil said, “Then, right now, I am going to represent everyone as I ask you a few questions. You have to answer them well!”

“… alright.”

“When did you fall for Han Miao Shuang? Or should we ask, when did you realise this?”


He was supposed to say it in front of everyone? Jiang Jun Xian was frustrated, he just knew that the fact that Sima You Yue had asked Old Man Devil to come meant that nothing good was going to happen!

He didn’t want to say it, but since so many pairs of eyes were on him, it seemed like he had no choice but to say it.

Old Man Devil could see through him as he threatened, “You Yue said that if you don’t answer my questions properly tonight, you won’t get to meet your bride.”

Junior Sister was… fierce enough!

“I have known Han Miao Shuang for many years. As to when I realised I fell for her, this…:

As Bei Gong Tang led Han Miao Shuang in, she heard an explosive laughter from the scene along with Jian Jun Xian’s cries for mercy.

“Really, this question can be considered to be answered.”

His voice was a lot more candid than before, not as reserved as when it began.

“Hahaha, although this answer has not been very satisfactory, taking into account the fact that you are the bridegroom today, we will let you off for the time being.” Old Man Devil saw that Sima You Yue had already appeared behind the group and stopped making it difficult for her. “Our bride has already appeared, so I invite her Master to lead her through the arch.”

Han Miao Shuang was rather nervous as Xu Jin walked beside her. She held onto his hand, her body a little stiff.

“You look beautiful today, don’t’ be nervous. They’re all people you know.” Xu Jin patted her hand and it was rare for him to be so gentle.

“Thank you, Master.” Han Miao Shaung smiled at him, the nervousness in her heart fading.

They walked under the arch and waited. When everyone turned around, they finally saw Han Miao Shuang clearly.

It was such a strange dress, but it looked so much better than the average phoenix designs!

Jiang Jun Xian’s breath hitched when he saw her violet silhouette, and his smile deepened subconsciously.

Old Man Devil let Jiang Jun Xian walk forward to receive his bride. He took her hand from Xu Jin’s and led her to the stage.

Following which, Old Man Devil got the both to make their vows and went in accordance with the modern wedding programme flow that Sima You Yue wanted.

Bei Gong Tang and Sima You Yue were standing at the back and Bei Gong Tang asked, “How did you think of this type of wedding ceremony?”

It was hard for Sima You Yue to say that it was common in her past life, so she just replied, “This is pretty romantic.”

What filled her with regret was that some things couldn’t be too modern. Otherwise, if she could put Jiang Jun Xian in a swallow-tailed suit, that would be even more eye-catching!

The front of the wedding procession went by very well, but when it was time to kill the bride, the bride and bridegroom went stiff. Finally, as everyone was heckling them, Jiang Jun Xian refused to compromise as he took Han Miao Shuang and fled the wedding scene directly. As to where they went or what they did, nobody knew.

“Senior Brother has actually always been the shy type. It’s already pretty good for him to have made it as far as he did today. You should have seen how red his face was. Tsk tsk, after knowing him for such a long time, this was still the first time I saw him that way!” Sima You Yue laughed shamelessly.

“You look like you did it on purpose?” Bei Gong Tang understood her too well.

“How well a man can treat a woman depends on how far he can go for this. I already picked and chose only some parts of it for him. If I let him go through the whole thing, he would probably chase me down and beat me up later.” Sima You Yue said.

“What do you mean when you say the whole thing?”

“The whole thing? Well, from the moment he goes to receive the bride…” Sima You Yue told her about the whole thing, starting from the gate crash all the way to the consummation, causing Bei Gong Tang to smile awkwardly by the end.

When Sima You Yue finished speaking, she even added on, “Mm, we’ll go through the whole thing once you and Ouyang Fei get married.”

“What are you saying!” Bei Gong Tang immediately blushed and glared at her in a huff.

“Hehe, what is there that’s impossible?” Sima You Yue siad, “Relax, when the time comes, I’ll give you an even grander wedding.”

“If you keep talking about this, I won’t speak to you anymore!” Bei Gong Tang looked away and happened to see a familiar silhouette.

“You Yue, isn’t that Wang Si Miao?”

Sima You Yue looked over and really did see a guard walking in with Wang Si Miao.

“Isn’t he in the academy? What’s he doing here? Could he be looking for Directory Mao and the others? Let’s go over and take a look.”

Her first thought was that he had discovered something, however, it didn’t really seem to be the case when she thought harder about it. The Yang and Northern Du Clan were not any small powers. It wasn’t too possible for them to have found out something during such a short period of time. However, since he had come over during this period of time, it probably wasn’t a small issue.

However, she was pretty certain that it had something to do with the undead.

The guard led Wang Si Miao in. When he saw Sima You Yue, he bowed in greeting, saying, “Deputy Valley Master, this Lord came to our teleportation array and said that he is from the Heavenly Sect. He is looking for you and Director Mao.”

“I got it, you can head down.” Sima You Yue nodded to the guard and he left immediately with a turn.

Wang Si Mia looked at the romantically decorated valley and said, “I shouldn’t be interrupting some joyous occasion of yours, right?”

“It’s my Senior’s wedding. It’s already over. Director Mao and the others are up ahead, let me take you there.” Sima You Yue led him towards the location of the wedding and asked, “What did you find out?”

Wang Si Miao nodded his head before shaking it. He answered solemnly, “Something’s happened.”

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