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Chapter 1660: Prepared a dream wedding for you

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There were still a few more days before they were going to get married and Han Miao Shuang suddenly felt a little anxious. However, Sima You Yue wouldn’t tell her anything, not even those from Paramount Valley. She felt rather anxious from waiting.

Sima You Yue told her that they were just pre-wedding jitters, and she would be fine once she found something to do, like giving Jiang Jun Xian something to do personally, or making something for the newly-weds to wear.

As such, she, who had never picked up a needle in her life, ran over to the tailor to learn how to make clothes.

Third Aunt Du had always been the one in charge at the tailor, so when she knew that she wanted to learn how to sew, Third Aunt Du found a seamstress to teach her. This helped her calm her fuddled mind somewhat.

As for Sima You Yue’s side, she carried on like wildfire. She decorated the wedding location and bought all the necessary things. Sima You Yue even pulled Fatty Qu along to refine a tool that would allow her to make a multi-layered cake.

It was a good thing that they had bought a lot of things for Ximen Feng’s wedding and there was still a lot remaining. Sima You Yue used all of those things and set up the decorations in a modern style. Then, she took Han Miao Shuang’s measurements and made a set of wedding clothes for her.

She had personally designed the wedding dress and it was very different from the phoenix designs of this era. It was a good thing that these seamstresses were good at their work and quickly understood what she wanted. They began to work according to her requests.

Fatty Qu and the others were fine and wanted to help, but Sima You Yue chased them away saying that they would only get in the way. They watched as she, Bei Gong Tang and the others ran around and were curious as to how a wedding was planned. However, this time, she rejected the help of every single male and would not tell them whenever she needed help.

The only male who was in the know was Jiang Jun Xian, but he wouldn’t reveal a single word about the wedding. He would only tell them vague things like how they would find out when the time came.

It was because of this that everyone became even more curious. All the way to the end, every single disciple of Paramount Valley became expectant.

It was rare for their Vice Valley Master to get involved in things, but whatever she did would definitely not be substandard.

As everyone held their various expectations, the day of the wedding finally came.

Sima You Yue had already told the members of the valley one day before, that they would go to the sides of the valley to watch, but they could not mess around. The important members of the valley received invitations and they had assigned seats.

As such, on the morning of the wedding, those from Paramount Valley crowded around the two sides of the valley and looked at the scene which resembled a sea of flowers. Everyone even thought that they had entered an illusion.

As for the two sides of the canyon, she had set up many purple veils. There were those that were casually tossed onto the trees and some that hung between two walls. As the wind blew, the sky turned into a purple ocean.

In the middle of the sea of flowers, there was an empty plot of land. Within the empty space were a hundred white colored chairs. In its centre was a wide walkway, paved with flower petals of a myriad of colours.

On the end of the walkway was a floral arch, while the other end had a little platform. There was a simple stone table placed on that platform, and behind it they placed an oil painting of the sea. There was even the silhouette of a couple holding hands on the beach.

“Heavens be damned, this is too dreamy!” The disciples from the valley were all shocked by this scene.

If this scene took place in the modern times, it would look like any other ordinary wedding. However, in this place, it was the one and only.

“I didn’t know that the bride would be this type of person. I’m guessing she’s different from all the other brides.”

“You know she’s different based on this set up alone! The moment that Vice Valley Master gets involved, we should know!”

“Let’s wait then, the bride should be coming soon.”

When the appointed time came, those who had received invitations started to stream in. They took their seats based on what was written on their invitations.

It was at this moment that music started to play. This music was different from before. It brought a sense of joy to those who listened to it, and only then did everyone finally notice the ladies standing at the periphery of the compound in long lavender skirts.

Every one of those ladies held a sound stone in their hand and were inserting spirit energy into it at the same time. The music played at the same time, and played loud and clearly in this manner.

Everyone was incredibly curious when they saw this unique scene.

“Feng’er, just what is your older sister doing?” Liang Wu Ming and Ximen Feng sat together and inclined their heads to the side as they asked.

“I don’t have a clue either.” Ximen Feng was also extremely curious.

“Oh? She’s your sister and even Xiang Yi went to help her. Didn’t they tell you anything?” Liang Wu Ming was puzzled.

“Not a thing. She said that she wanted to keep it a secret and wouldn’t tell even me.” Ximen Feng was helpless as well, so there was no need to talk about anyone else. Even his closest person wouldn’t tell him.

“Your sister has a lot of weird ideas in her head.” Liang Wu Ming laughed, “This is the first time I’ve ever seen this kind of wedding. Now I’m rather curious towards the couple.”

“Me too.” Ximen Feng laughed in reply.

As for the bride that everyone was excitedly waiting for, she was currently looking at the wedding dress before her with an awkward smile.

“Junior Sister, are you certain that this is the wedding garment you have prepared for me?” She held the cloth in her hands. It really was…. Extremely embarrassing!

“Senior Sister, I designed this personally for you and got the seamstresses to sew this wedding dress for you over many days.” Sima You Yue packed both hands on her ways, looking as if she was going to start fighting if she didn’t start putting it on.

“But isn’t it too revealing?” Han Miao Shuang still didn’t want to do it.

“It’s not, it’s not. This is the most convervative one I designed. You’re not showing much skin.” Sima You Yue said, “Once you put it on, you’ll know the result.”

Bei Gong Tang was standing by the side as she explained with a laugh, “Sister Miao Shuang, we’ve seen the dress before. It’s not too revealing, you can relax.”

Compared to Sima You Yue, Han Miao Shuang clearly trusted Bei Gong Tang’s words a lot more. Only after hearing her speak thus did she unwillingly change into her wedding dress. After she put it on, Sima You Yue pulled her in front of the mirror and even she was stunned.

She saw the long violet dress clinging tightly to her body, curving around her right hip before falling around her legs in layers. It made her look enchanting as well as magically princess-like. Little bits of diamonds were embedded in the skirt, and they sparkled as the sun shone down on them.


Everyone’s breathing slowed, afraid to ruin the beautiful scene.

“I initially wanted to use white, because my favourite wedding dresses are white. However, I finally chose your favourite colour, violet.” Sima You Yue said from the side, “How is it, my design isn’t bad, is it?”

“Beautiful.” Han Miao Shuang smiled as she nodded, “It’s just that this arm isn’t covered by a sleeve, so it feels strange.”

“There’s this!”

Sima You Yue went to a corner and took a laced glove for her to put on. Only a little bit below her shoulder remained.

“And this.” Sima You Yue waved the wedding veil in her hand, “You can only put this on once you’re done with your hair. I’ll help you do your hair now.”

She quickly helped Han Miao Shuang to put her hair in a bridal hairstyle before placing her wedding veil on. The front of it fell nicely at her chest while the back of it dragged along the floor behind her, along with the back of her wedding dress.

“This really doesn’t look revealing anymore. Alright, the bride is ready and we can go get you married!” Sima You Yue looked happily at the stunning bride and felt like she had done a pretty good job.

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