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Chapter 1654: Returning to the Valley

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Wang Si Miao accepted the order. Sima You Yue waited for him to leave before asking Mao San Quan, “Has Wang Si Miao graduated?”

His performance just now was not the performance of an average student.

“The people in that group have all graduated, and most of them left. He stayed and served as my deputy.” Mao San Quan answered. “He has strong ability in managing and staying in the sect is good development.”

“I didn’t expect them to all graduate.” Sima You Yue was nostalgic. “I always feel that it hasn’t been long since we met.”

“When you came to the sect, they had already reached the standard for graduation. Before, they had thought of staying in the sect for a while, but later they were motivated by your deeds. So they all graduated and went out.” Mao San Quan was emotional.

Sima You Yue did not stay at the sect for long, but the impact she made on the sect was huge, especially for the students. They cultivated with motivation. When asked why, the boys say that they couldn’t be too incompetent compared to their goddess and the girls say since they are all girls, being too worst would lose face. There were various reasons, but one thing in common was that they admired her endlessly.

Sima You Yue laughed. She never thought she would become such an existence so soon. Obviously she didn’t do anything for the sect, yet she became the target of others’ pursuit.

One thing she didn’t expect was for some, her existence was an inspiration for them.

“Now let’s resume the topic. You Yue, who do you plan to go with you?” Xu Jin asked.

Sima You Yue got up and saluted to everyone. “You decide that amongst yourselves. I’m going back to rest. I won’t be back in Heartbreak Valley for several days. You still have a lot of time to discuss.”

Before they could say anything, she left ahead. Who were they kidding, she wouldn’t take on this hot potato!

In fact, the results were predictable. Mao San Quan and them couldn’t argue over Xu Jin. As for Ge Lang, he was stuck in the island for so long, how could he be willing to stay to work in the sect?

But she wouldn’t say much, otherwise Instructor Mao and them would be angry.

She returned to the Parting Garden with Little Tu. It didn’t take long for Han Miao Shuang’s group to come back. Su Xiao Xiao got into his business and started to clean up the garden. Jiang Jun Xian went back to his room to sleep. And Han Miao Shuang pulled her along to make food. Little Seven took Qing Yi to tour the sect. After all, she lived here for so many years, and she wanted to show Qing Yi the place she lived.

Sima You Yue, Little Tu, and Han Miao Shuang grouped together to eat. She especially made Little Roar and Little Lucky favorite barbecue as a reward for them to accompany the Shrine Maiden last time.

Su Xiao Xiao finished cleaning the entire courtyard before joining them. He picked up the barbecue and started eating.

Eating delicious food and chatting, this was too comfortable.

Hua Bin did not have a heavy appetite. But this time he also ate more and offered a good compliment.

“Yue Yue’s food is delicious.” Little Lucky was small but he ate fast.

“Little Tu, when shall we go back?” Hua Bin asked.

“At least after Paramount Valley. Clan leader did not set a specific time to go back. We are not in a hurry.” Little Tu answered. “Besides, If Clan Leader is angry, we can say Little Lucky asked for us to accompany him here. Isn’t it Little Lucky?”

Little Lucky rolled his eyes. He nodded. “What you said is correct. You are here to protect me, so you cannot leave.”

Little Tu smiled. Hua Bin was depressed.

Wasn’t this a blatant lie?

But Little Lucky’s identity was special. As long as he asked, it was hard to decline.

Sima You Yue smiled and patted Little Lucky’s head. Little Lucky smiled at her.

She liked it, so he helped her have Little Tu stay behind.

After ten days of peace, when she was about to leave, Xu Jin and Mao San Quan had not decided who to go. Sima You Yue did not say anything and left behind a bunch of detoxification pills. She took Little Tu and Little Seven and them along.

The news of her going back had long passed all over in order to let Ximen Feng set the wedding date earlier and prepare the betrothal gifts. Unexpectedly, Ximen Feng sent a message to ask her to hurry back and discuss it together. She had to give up on travelling back and choose a teleportation array. Soon she was in Paramount Valley.

The disciples all over the valley were excited learning she came back. Everyone became enthusiastic about working.

Sima You Yue didn’t evade everyone like in the sect. She walked out of the teleportation array and was immediately surrounded by excited disciples. They squeezed her, Little Tu, Little Seven and them together.

Sima You Yue smiled and greeted everyone. She was stuck in the place and couldn’t move. In the end, it was Ximen Feng who came out to help her.

Since the Valley Master had spoken, who dared to surround her. They reluctantly moved and followed her at a distance. XImen Feng looked at these disciples helplessly. He didn’t scold them and took Sima You Yue away.

“These guys are in need of a beating! Afterwards, have them go to the training hall and stay there for a while.” Ximen Feng’s voice wasn’t loud, but the disciples’s joyful faces turned bitter.

“These disciples have become more lively.” Sima You Yue was not angry. “I saw some of them come from Blood Fiend City. In the past, they weren’t like that.”

“After merging with Divine Devil Valley, they are better, at the least, they don’t look sullen.” Ximen Feng commented.

Back when Heartbreak Valley was established, the disciples in the valley were from Blood Fiend City besides the rest from Ximen family. The entire valley contained restrained anger. He took a lot of time to restrain them back.

The disciples from Divine Devil Valley were more joyful. After merging, the people from the Blood Fiend City gradually changed.

Sima You Yue nodded happily. “This is good.”

Ximen Feng took her to her courtyard. She changed her clothes. “Shall we go and greet the masters and martial uncles?”

“They are all waiting in your courtyard now. We can go straight over.” Ximen Feng said.

Sima You Yue opened her mouth in surprise. “How embarrassing it is. I should be the one to visit them when I return.”

“Who told you to go away for so many years. They want to see you soon. Don’t let them wait too long.” Ximen Feng was somewhat helpless about it. Who let them spoil her!

When she got outside, she saw a group of people waiting for her in the courtyard. In addition to Liang Wu Ming and Old Man Devil, there was Feng Kai, Ni An Yi, and others. Of course, Bei Gong Tang and Fatty Qu’s group were indispensible.

Seeing each other again after so many years, her eyes reddened when she saw these familiar smiling faces.

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