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Chapter 1652: Returning

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It was still early to go to the Ghost Realm. Although she had external backing now, they would just be too far outstretched if they ventured into the Ghost Realm.

It was useless to be anxious.

However, it was not only, the others were thinking the same too.

“Yue Yue, when I was playing with Little Lucky, I heard your master and father talking about the Ghost Realm. It seems that the two of them are going to secretly go over there without telling you.” Little Roar expressed his loyalty.

Sima You Yue was startled. She hurried to Sima Liu Xuan’s courtyard. She saw two people who were talking stopped when she came in.

“Father, master, are you going to secretly go to the Ghost Realm?” She walked over and directly asked.

Feng Zhi Xing blinked, trying to argue, but was interrupted.

“Little Roar and Little Lucky heard it.”

One sentence cut off Feng Zhi Xing’s words.

“We didn’t say that we are going; we’re just discussing.” Sima Liu Xuan understood her daughter. She must have known to say that.

“Father, master, do you know what Yin Lin said before?” She sat down beside them and stared at them.

“What did he say?”

“He says that only I can save my mother.”

“How could he say such a thing?” This was inconsistent with his identity as a divine stick. He loved to say secrets could not be revealed, so he wouldn’t say such.

Sima You Yue took out the Hundred Ghosts Banner and placed it on the stone table.

“What is this?” Feng Zhi Xing asked.

“Hundred Ghosts Banner.”

Sima You Yue explained the role of the Hundred Ghosts Banner. “Cousin is planning to use this to save mother. Why did Yin Lin say I must have this? In the Human Realm, what is this use for me to possess it? If others could as well, why does it have to be with me?”

The two were made speechless by her. They really didn’t expect Yin Lin to say such a thing.

“So, father, master, you cannot go to the Ghost Realm secretly. When the time comes, I will go to the Ghost Realm to save my mother.” Sima You Yue stated. “If you disagree, I will take extraordinary measures.”

Sima Liu Xuan smiled. “Oh? What extraordinary measures will you take?”

“I will let crimson bees watch you, take you to wash and go to the toilet. If you encounter trouble, I can know. If you lose crimson bees, that means you are doing something bad.” Sima You Yue smiled cunningly.


In order to not let them fall into an uncomfortable situation, the two had to promise her that they would not act rashly. That way she did not release her crimson bees to do bad things.

However, she promised them that if there is any plan, she would have to take them. Only then did the two parties reach an agreement, and no one would do things behind one’s back.

Sima You Yue got a satisfactory answer before leaving and planned to go with Xu Jin and Ge Lang to the sect. So after staying at Sima family’s for more than ten days, they set off again. They traveled through the inner regions before returning to the sect.

She felt a little surprised looking at the familiar scenery while standing at the entrance of the sect again.

It seemed that it had been a long, long time since she left here. The sect life seemed to be so far away.

“You Yue?” A familiar voice came from behind. Sima You Yue turned her head and saw Xue Rong and Ma Bo walking towards the entrance.

The voice was a bit hesitant. But when she turned around, Xue Rong ran over excitedly. “Is it really you? I’m not sure when I saw your behind just now!”

“It’s you!” Sima You Yue looked at the two of them. “You were the first persons I met when I entered the inner sect. You are the first acquaintance I met when I came back.”

“Oh, we are so destined!” Xue Rong smiled. “Did you just come back?”

Sima You Yue nodded. “Master and I came back together. They went back first. When I came back, I met you. Why are you still at the sect?”

According to their age and strength, they should be able to leave the sect?”

“We are no teachers of the outer sect.” Xue Rong replied. “It’s our second year!”

“Ah, congratulations! I have to call you Teacher Xue and Teacher Ma in the future.” Sima You Yue chuckled.

She knew that some students would choose to stay in school after graduation, but it was difficult. She didn’t expect the two to succeed.

“Don’t make fun of us. Both of us have nowhere to go.” Xue Rong said. “Now you’re back, let the people in the academy know, they would probably go crazy.”

“No way, I have been away for a long time.” Sima You Yue did not believe it.

“But your name is still famous in the sect.” Xue Rong explained. “Believe it or not, I yelled your name. Today you don’t want to go into the sect today.”

Those things she did, one after another, had long spread throughout the sect. Whether it was the thing in the dark forest or as the person to turn the tide in Fair Eastern City, they were still talked about. Of course, this was also indispensable for the sect’s reputation to let others know such a person came from the sect! It was simply a living signboard.

“You wouldn’t cheat me like that, right?” Sima You Yue was not worried. Xue Rong and Ma Bo wouldn’t hurt their friends.

“Heh heh, you guessed it.” Xue Rong said. “Let’s go in. Since you haven’t returned for a long time, we could go see the scenery of the sect.”


Sima You Yue and Little Tu followed them into the gate of the sect. The scenery in front of them was still the same, but the students passing by weren’t familiar. The things were still there, but the people changed.

She hadn’t talked to Xue Rong and them for a long time. She and Little Tu entered the teleportation array to go to the inner sect.

The people who guarded the teleportation array widened their eyes when they saw her. They weren’t able to react. After she and Little Tu entered the array, did they stammered, “Was that person just now, Sima You Yue?”

“Yes, that’s her. Why did she come back suddenly? I didn’t even have time to react!”

A few students just came in from outside and asked, “Who are you talking about? Who is back?”

“Sima You Yue.”

“Sima You Yue… what? Sima You Yue?” The students exclaimed. “You said Sima You Yue is back?”

“Why are you so surprised!”

“Oh my god! Our idol is really back! I’m going to inform everyone!” The student ran out and alerting people that Sima You Yue was back as he ran.

Soon, everyone in the outer sect knew of her return. The news quickly spread to the inner sect. Seeing the enthusiastic students, she was scared and hurriedly called Thousand Resonance out to change her appearance in order to avoid those crazy people.

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