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Chapter 1649: Untitled

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If she was part of the Feng Clan…

Thinking about this possibility, Hao Zhi subconsciously trembled.

“Impossible, how could she be from the Feng Clan?” Hao Zhi’s mind rejected this terrifying possibility.

“Crimson Flame.” Sima You Yue tossed the PentColoured Stone to Crimson Flame. Crimson Flame crushed it with his hand and the PentColoured Stone turned into rainbow powder.

The suppression they felt on their bodies immediately disappeared.

“How- how could that be!”

How could they have provoked someone like her.

“Hao Zhi, we no longer have any other path we can take. Just what are you doing? If the Feng Clan found out about this, we would be finished!” The ones who came to help the Hao Clan shouted at him.

Hao Zhi came back to his senses. That was right, the arrow was already notched in the bow and there was no turning back. Even if they let Sima You Yue off today, would she just let things go?

Of course not!

That was why his only choice was to keep her here forever!

“Kill! Don’t leave a single one alive!” He ordered.

“Who dares to touch our Young Miss?” More movement came from the air and a portal was split through space. Then, a thousand Feng Clansmen walked out from inside.

This battle force terrified every single person on site.

“Young Miss.” Those people bowed to Sima You Yue.

Sima You Yue saw that Fang Fang and Yuan Yuan were leading the charge and said with a bit of shock, “What are the both of you doing here?”

“His Honor heard that something was happening here and initially wanted to come here personally. However, he was refining a batch of extremely important pills so he got them to come over.” Fang Fang said as he glanced at those people. “They didn’t do anything to you, did they?”

“Apart from trying to kill me, they didn’t do anything.” Sima You Yue stretched forth a hand to pat Fang Fang’s head.

“Hmph, His Honor said that your lives were too smooth in the Lost Place and had already forgotten your roles here. You even dare to act against the Young Miss of our Feng Clan? You really are tired of living!” Yuan Yuan said, “Feng Clan, heed my order. All those who had tried to harm Young Miss are to be killed without pardon!”


The Feng Clansmen surrounded the Hao Clan as well as the ones who came to support them. As they were about to attack them, someone rushed over as well.

“Heyheyhey, don’t be so exaggerated! Kid, didn’t you say you wouldn’t sink my island?”


When Sima You Yue heard that voice, she couldn’t help but purse her lips. She saw Helmsman Tuo and Shrine Maiden, and shrugged helplessly.

Helmsman Tuo only stopped when he was beside Sima You Yue. He said, “Kid, it wasn’t enough that you messed around in Vermilion Bird City, but you had to come and overturn Black Tortoise City as well?”

“When did I!” Sima You Yue rolled her eyes at him, “If they didn’t provoke me, I wouldn’t have done anything. If you want to mediate this dispute without principles, then for all these things that the Hao Clan has done, don’t you think you should give these people a proper account?”

“Who said that I was going to mediate?” Helmsman Tuo smiled, “I’m asking you to hold back a little.”

“The Young Miss of our Feng Clan has no need to hold back!” Fang Fang, who was standing by the side, huffed coldly.

“It’s just a tiny little clan, but it dares to kill our Young Miss. Helmsman Tuo, you should thank your lucky stars that His Honor did not give the orders to sink your island directly!” Yuan Yuan added on.

“Lucky, lucky. I’m very lucky.” Helmsman Tuo said with a smile.

“Island Master Tuo, let’s not waste words. Just why have you come all the way here? If you are here to absolve the Hao Clan of their crimes then forget it. Even if I wanted to let them off, these people who have been locked away for so many years are unwilling. Although we are outsiders, it shouldn’t be wrong for us to take revenge if it is owed.” Sima You Yue said solemnly.

“I can ignore the Hao Clan, but you can leave the rest for me to punish. They were not directly involved in this anyway.” Helmsman Tuo said.

Sima You Yue looked at Xu Jin then looked at the others. She was in a bit of a tough spot.

Actually, she didn’t care much about it. After all, the only ones who had done anything to her were the Hao CLan. However, she didn’t know how the others felt.

Helmsman Tuo was the Island Master after all and had even helped her before. Although it was after she had paid him a large sum of money, she couldn’t ignore that fact.

Those people saw that Sima You Yue was troubled and said, “Lady You Yue, we definitely cannot let the Hao Clan go. However, we don’t care about the others. We believe that the island master will give us a proper account.”

“That’s right, we believe you.”

When the Hao Clansmen heard what they said, they were infuriated while the other clansmen heaved a sigh of relief.

At the very least, their lives would be preserved.

“Attack!” Fang Fang gave the order and the Feng Clansmen attacked every single person who they had surrounded . The Hao Clan was exterminated under the eyes of every single person here.

Up until this point, those people finally understood that there were people in this world that they could not offend. If they were the ones who had offended her, wouldn’t they have died here today?

Throughout this entire ordeal, Helmsman Tuo and Shrine Maiden didn’t make a single move.

When it was over, Sima You Yue still didn’t forget to remind everyone to go to the Hao Clan to find some comfort. As such, after this, the Hao Clan was plundered completely with nothing left behind.

Shortly after, Feng Xiang and the others returned from the sky. The Hao Clansmen had all been killed, but they had also suffered rather serious injuries.

“Young Miss, since the issue has been settled, we shall return as well.” Fang Fang said, “Feng Xiang and the others have been injured, so we will leave some guards with you.”

Sima You Yue wanted to tell them that there was no need, but she saw that they were resolute and couldn’t say anything. In any case, Feng Xiang and the others wanted to remain as well, so a few more could stay as well.

Fang Fang got a few of the stronger ones to remain behind. Then, Yuan Yuan took everyone back. The Feng Clan did not like getting involved in these kinds of things, which was a habit that they had from the past.

Right now, with the identity of the Feng Clan, there was nobody on the island who would dare to touch her. Unless their brains were mush and they wanted to end up like the Hao Clan did.

“Island Master Tuo, didn’t you head out to play? Why did you return?” As the others plundered the Hao Clan, Sima You Yue went to chat with Helmsman Tuo.

“Our boat was already outside when we heard that you went missing. Isn’t that why we rushed back? In the end, who would have expected to see something like this the moment we returned.” Helmsman Tuo felt speechless as well, “I didn’t think that you had this kind of background. It seems like I didn’t see things clearly enough!”

Sima You Yue didn’t think that he initially returned because she had gone missing. It seemed like she wasn’t too close to him right? Why would he protect her so much from the beginning?

“Don’t look at me like that. I’ll think that you are falling for me.” Helmsman Tuo touched his face, incredibly narcissistic.

“…” She kind of wanted to slap him and tell him that his narcissism was an illness and he had to treat it. After thinking about it, she decided to hold it in and asked him what she was thinking.

“Why do I take care of you? Do I?” Helmsman Tuo laughed, “If you feel embarrassed, you can pay me some crystals.”

Sima You Yue: …

Helmsman Tuo laughed as he went to settle the remaining things.

There were some things that he couldn’t say and had no way to say…

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