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Chapter 1647: Who has the bigger army?

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After being locked away for so many years and exploited for such a long time, the torture they faced on their bodies and minds were not something that two or three sentences could extinguish.

Deep in their hearts, the pain, the hatred, all the years that they had wasted, they definitely had to collect this debt from the Hao Clan and make them pay with their blood!

“However, this place isn’t easy to go to.” Someone said, “There are many ferocious sea beasts in the waters. If we want to leave this place, we will still have to depend on you for help.”

Earlier on, they had seen Feng Xiang and the others battle with the elders of the Hao Clan. If Feng Xiang and the others were willing to get involved and help them, they would definitely be able to leave this place smoothly.

“Since I’ve rescued you guys, I will naturally not leave you here. Furthermore, the Hao Clan is a large one. We will need everyone to work hard together to defeat them.” Sima You Yue said to everyone.

“Dare we ask, Honorable Young MIss, for your name? In the future, we will be able to repay you.”

“I am called Sima You Yue. However, I merely exerted a bit of effort, and it is not worth your repayment. However, if you meet the Sima Clan from the Sixty Fourth State and those from Heartbreak Valley, if there is anything that they do wrong, I’ll beseech your magnanimity.” Sima You Yue bowed towards them, “It is getting late, shall we make our move? Do you have flying beasts?”

Some of them had them, some did not. However, everyone managed to get on a flying beast after some grouping.

Sima You Yue did not ask Feng Xiang and the others to return. Instead, she got them to walk with her at the front. There were too many sea beasts in the waters below. With them leading the way, the beasts would still hesitate somewhat.

Of course, they also encountered those who were undisciplined and out of control. This time, the main group of sea beasts were those that went in groups and depended on the strength of their numbers. They wanted to shoot those people out of the sky, but were unexpectedly blown into the sky by the little drops of the Thunderbolt Bullets. Those who managed to survive quickly escaped. With what happened these few times, the rest of the sea beasts dared not attack wantonly. As such, they felt like their domain had been provoked but had no choice but to watch them leave with one eye closed.

After travelling continuously for a few days, they finally saw the Lost Place.

Sima You Yue led them directly to the Hao Clan. It was all thanks to Helmsman Tuo’s map and she didn’t lead them in the wrong direction. When they saw the Hao Clan’s residence, everyone felt their rage bubble up again. They couldn’t hold themselves back from wanting to exterminate them all.

“Don’t be rash!” Sima You Yue called them to a stop and handed them some Thunderbolt Bulleters, “There are many of them, so let’s just use this first to deal with the main group. We’ll slowly attack the remaining ones.”

“Many thanks.”

After everyone had received their Thunderbolt Bullets, they flew into the sky and tossed some down towards the Hao Clan’s residence. During the explosions, half the residence had been destroyed.

The higher ranks of the Hao Clan had already received information that something was happening here. However, they didn’t expect that they would be able to come here so quickly so they were caught unprepared.

As for the younger generation who were not informed of the situation and were unprepared, many of them had died in the calamity.

By the time the Hao Clan managed to react and they flew up into the sky to face them directly, their might had already been cut by half.

The clans that managed to react quickly hurriedly set up protection arrays. If they were not in the heart of the battle, the arrays were sufficient to protect them.

“Go and see what’s happening!” Many people flew to the top of their houses, determined not to leave the safety of their protection arrays.

“How did the Hao Clan end up fighting with the outsiders? When did so many outsiders appear on our island?”

The people of Black Tortoise CIty were incredibly surprised, but some had secretly guessed what happened.

They had long since heard of what the Hao Clan had been doing to outsiders. It turns out that this was true.

Based on the Hao Clan’s abilities, those people had been locked away and should not have been able to escape. Otherwise, this would not have been able to go on for a few hundreds of years. When they saw the army of them, they guessed that the people who had been locked away had managed to escape.

Suddenly, everyone realised that within that group, there were a few relatively familiar faces. The ones who they had the deepest impressions of were Sima You Yue, Xu Jin and Ge Lang.

Su Jin and Ge Lang had not participated in the Crimson Pearl Convention too long ago. Because it was the first time that outsiders had won against the people on the island, everyone had a deep impression of them. As for Sima You Yue, it went without saying that the competition had only ended a few days ago!

Patriarch Wu saw that Sima You Yue was with Ge Lang and thought to himself that she actually managed to find the person she was looking for. She just wondered how they had managed to escape.

It seemed as if all the Hao Clansmen had been activated. Those old coots had been held up by Feng Xiang and the others, but there were still many of the others.

“You Yue, if this goes on, everyone will lose! Hurry and take those three guys with you and run away!” Xu Jin called out to Sima You Yue.

Sima You Yue thought about it, then retreated to the side to open her little realm. She called out the stronger ones from Blood Fiend City to come and help.

“Damn, how did more people appear!” When they saw the people who had suddenly appeared, the Hao Clansmen couldn’t help but curse.

With the addition of the people from Blood Fiend City, the pressure on the outsiders had lessened considerably and they finally had the chance to catch their breath. However, before they had the opportunity to celebrate, there was a sudden movement in the air and a group of people came out from the spatial tunnel, going over to help the Hao Clan directly.

Sima You Yue had no idea which city and power the other party was from, but they had actually come over at this point in time to help the Hao Clan, which meant that they were not any decent power. Hence, she didn’t hold back when she dealt with them.

In the beginning, both sides were still able to fight each other into a stalemate. However, once the other clan came over to help, the situation changed with the addition of the few Pinnacle Paragon experts.

They were probably the people who had received the Hao Clan’s cry for help and knew that Sima You Yue had many experts with her, so they directly brought all their experts as well.

As such, the experts from the other party managed to suppress Feng Xiang and the others.

Just as the outsiders were being pushed back, someone thought of using the opportunity to push Sima You Yue back, only to be burnt into a pile of ashes by the flames that suddenly poured out of her.


After a long screech, the Divine Vermilion Bird appeared in front of Sima You Yue. it circled around Sima You Yue, burning all the people around her into ashes.

“Di- Divine Vermilion Bird?!”

Those who were watching the show did not simply just watch anymore. As areas that focused heavily on the divine clans, as long as they were from the four main cities, they would know how important of a position the Vermilion Bird, Azure Dragon, White Tiger and Black Tortoise held. They had always thought that the four great divine beasts had already disappeared, but they didn’t expect that there would be a day where they would be able to see them with their own eyes.

Especially the power that had come to help. When they saw the Vermilion Bird, they were immediately stunned.

“This Vermilion Bird isn’t that powerful, everyone, there’s no need to be afraid. One group, hold the Vermilion Bird back. The two of you, go and attack that child. As long as she dies, the Vermilion Bird will die as well.”

The way things had unfolded today meant that there was no way they could turn back. They had no choice but to keep moving forward and get rid of every single person who stood in their way.

When those two Pinnacle Paragon Experts received the instruction, they immediately attacked Sima You Yue. Although she had grown quite a bit, she was still relatively weak. The attacks of two Pinnacle Paragon experts were not something she could withstand.

Their spirit attacks landed in front of her in the blink of an eye…


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