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Chapter 1644: They are all Pinnacle Paragons!

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Twins of the same gender didn’t look alike compared to twins of the same gender, many twins of different gender didn’t look alike, it was hard to see one that looked alike like Su Liu Nian and him.

But he didn’t show her for long, he turned over and changed his face back.

“Have you taken a clear look at it?” His voice was still indifferent.

Sima You Yue pursed her lips, “Why are you so different from Aunt He.”

Su Liu Nian looked gentle while Su Yang looked indifferent.

“Are you close with Liu Nian?” Su Yang asked.

“Mm. Aunt He is nice to me. I never really communicated with the Su Clan, oh, I know Su You too.” Sima You Yue said.

“Su You… Is he fine?”

“He’s alright, he has a reputation outside.” Sima You Yue continued, “You and him….”

“He’s my son.”

Sima You Yue had already guessed, so she wasn’t surprised, she shot two glances at him while shaking her head, “You guys are very different even though you’re Father and Son. He looks like Aunt He.”

Seeing his dejected eyes, she didn’t want to aggravate him so she asked, “Speaking of which, I’ve to address you as Uncle Yang. Uncle Yang, how long have you been here?”

“Three hundred years, I guess.”

“Do Aunt He and Su You know about it?”

Su Yang shook his head, “I came in by chance without telling my families.”

Sima You Yue wanted to ask why he helped her when he didn’t even know her, but Tenth Elder’s voice was heard before she could ask.

Sima You Yue passed Su Yang a pill and threw some powder in the air, Su Yang ate the pills when he saw it.

The smell of the powder that Sima You Yue threw was actually very faint, no one could even smell it under the cover of the smell of blood.

“Su Yang, where’s that little tramp?” The Tenth Elder asked once he came in.

Su Yang ignored him after he took a glance at him.

The Tenth Elder wasn’t angry at him, he turned his gaze at Sima You Yue and laughed evilly, “Little tramp, are you that capable? Burn it then! Can you burn it down too?”

As he was in charge of the Treasury Pavillion, he would be punished severely if she burnt it down. That was why he felt like killing her after seeing Sima You Yue. However, he couldn’t go against the Clan’s decision as they wouldn’t allow it.

Didn’t the Clan say as long as she lives? So he could play with her, as long as she still breathed.

“Initially, I wanted to turn you into a human meatball, but I have to keep your limbs, so I can’t. But I thought of something better.” After he spoke, he took out a blood red net, “I’ll let you wear this in a while, it will then cut you into pieces. Every time I cut you in half, I’ll give you pills to eat, you won’t die this way, right? Once I’m done with one side, then I’ll move on to the other so that you’ll feel the pain. Oh, I can get someone to make meatballs out of your flesh, what do you think?”

“Are you sure?” Sima You Yue didn’t show any fear, she glanced at him with interest instead and shook her head after seeing that lean body.

“Hmph, you have guts.”

“It’s not that I have guts, how can I turn down the decision you’ve made for yourself?” Sima You Yue said.

“What did you say….. What did you do?!” The Tenth Elder felt something wasn’t right, he felt exhausted. He knew what happened to him since he had played with poison himself, he wanted to control his spiritual energy so that he would be able to control the poison but the poison flowed faster instead.

The resistance in his body couldn’t take it anymore as he fell to the ground.

Sima You Yue stood firm on the ground and said while looking at him, “Actually, I’ve always liked using poison, it’s convenient and fast that I don’t have to waste so much time.”

She admitted to poisoning him.

“Your Interspatial Ring has been taken away, how do you still have poison with you!” The Tenth Elder was in disbelief of what she said.

“Are you talking about this?” Sima You Yue took out an Interspatial Ring as she put it on her finger.

“It’s impossible…..”

“Nothing is impossible.” Sima You Yue walked over as she gave him a kick and he fell to the ground immediately. “What happened to Xu Jin and Ge Liang was your doing, right?”

“Who are you exactly?” The Tenth Elder realised that something was wrong, how did she know about Xu Jin and Ge Liang?

“Who am I? Xu Jin is my Master, Ge Liang is my Teacher.” Sima You Yue stooped over and took the net from his hand, “What a nice silk from the silkworm that has become red from all the blood, looks like you use this a lot!”

She threw the net to Su Yang in disdain, “I’ll leave this guy to you, leave the ones outside to me.”

Su Yang caught the net and said, “There are many people outside.”

Sima You Yue smiled at him, “I brought many people too.”

She turned around and walked out after she spoke.

Su Yang looked at the net in his hands but he didn’t go out as he remembered how confident she looked, he walked over to Tenth Elder with the net in his hands…….

Sima You Yue went out and called everyone out from Spirit Pagoda, she then opened up the Little Realm as she got Feng Xiang and the rest out.

“Aunt Xiang, I’ll have to trouble you on this.” Sima You Yue told Feng Xiang.

Feng Xiang and the rest were angry as they knew what she had been through in the Hao Clan, “Hao Clan wasn’t like that in the past, now that it has been inherited up to this date, it became such a dirty Clan.”

“Aunt Xiang, Hao Clan has imprisoned many talents and even tortured my Master and teacher for years. I don’t want to let them go just like that.”

“This kind of people can’t be tolerated!” Feng Xiang nodded in agreement to her method.

“But they have a few Pinnacle Paragon experts.”

“Young Miss——” Feng Xiang was speechless as she looked at her, “Don’t you know that we are all Pinnacle Paragon as well?”

“What?” Sima You Yue was flabbergasted, they were all Pinnacle Paragons?

“Feng Clan is a big clan that goes back to the dim and distant past, there are many Pinnacle Paragons. How can we be so weak when we’ve been chosen by the Master to protect you?”

Sima You Yue’s jaw dropped. Although she knew that Feng Xiang’s power was very strong, she didn’t expect that they were the Pinnacles of the Pinnacles. Feng Ru Yan was too nice to her!

She wondered, would the Pinnacle Paragons be unhappy being her bodyguards?

This was such a waste of talent!

“Young Miss, we volunteered.” Feng Xiang smiled as she could see her thoughts.

Regardless if they volunteered, Feng Ru Yan’s order, they had to be willing to!

“Aunt Xiang, let’s settle this jailer first.” Sima You Yue continued, “We’ll go fetch Master and the rest when the torture room is destroyed.”


With Feng Xiang on the move, the people on the island were quickly finished.

Sima You Yue went back to the torture room as it was about time.

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