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Chapter 1640: Untitled

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When they woke up, their wounds were already seventy to eighty percent healed.

When he thought of what happened before they fainted, they immediately woke up and sat up from the bed. He even woke up Ge Lang who was sleeping beside him.

“Old Xu, we’re not dreaming, are we?” Ge Lang asked.

“Seeing how I am now, I know It’s not a dream.” Xu JIn said as he hopped off the bed. He went out to the courtyard to find that there was nobody there at all.

Ge Lang came out as well and looked at the empty courtyard, “Is You Yue and the others really here?”

“I hope that we’re just in an illusion.” Xu Jin closed his eyes. The days they had spent here were so torturous and they had already comprehended it fully. They didn’t want their students to be trapped in here with them, with the possibility that they would never be able to escape.”

“You have to believe in them.” Ge Lang said, “You Yue, that child, never does anything she is not certain about. That she dares to come here means that she has a way to escape. She has come to rescue us!”

At this time, a guard walked in from outside. The barrier was completely useless against her.

When she saw Xu Jin and Ge Lang standing by the room door, she said excitedly, “Master, Teacher, you are awake?”

“You Yue?” Ge Lang saw another unfamiliar face and cried out tentatively.

Sima You Yue nodded and returned to her original appearance. She said with a smile, “It’s me.”

“What are you doing here?” Xu Jin stared at her.

“I participated in the Crimson Pearl Convention then intentionally let the Hao Clan capture me.”

The moment Xu Jin heard it, he was infuriated as he chastised her, “Do you know what place this is? Do you know how many people are unable to leave after coming here? How could you be so careless?”

In the face of his scoldings, Sima You Yue walked over and said, “It’s precisely because I know what kind of a place this is that I had even more reason to come. Master, relax. I will bring you out of here.”


“Master, you were trapped in here for many years because of me. How could I ignore that?” Sima You Yue interrupted him, “if I had known earlier that you were living this kind of life in here, I would have come even earlier.”

Sima You Yue looked at them tearfully before swallowing the rest of her words.

“Alright, Ol Xu, things have already progressed to this stage and it’s useless to continue scolding her. You don’t have to pull such a long face either. Isn’t it just that your student saw you at your most wretched state? There’s nothing to be embarrassed about.” Ge Lang teased him without hesitation.

Xu Jin pursed his lips and glared at him. Then he turned around and returned to the house.

One did not have to fear a powerful enemy, but a pig-headed comrade. Ge Lang was obviously dragging him down.

Sima You Yue had called Jiang Jun Xian and the others out before she entered the house. Looking at the people who appeared from nowhere, Xu Jin and Ge Lang were a little puzzled but they didn’t ask anything.

“Master, Teacher, let me examine you.” Sima You Yue walked over and took their pulse.

“How long were we unconscious?” Xu Jin asked.

“Ten days.”

“Did those people not come?” Ge Lang asked, puzzled.

Sima You Yue naturally knew who they were talking about, saying, “they don’t have the ability to care about this place.”

“What did you do?” Xu Jin asked.

“It’s nothing much. I just made them busier so they wouldn’t have the spare time to focus on this place.” Sima You Yue said, “Master, you’ve healed rather well, but you have been wounded a lot these few years, and you merely relied on yourself to recover, so there will be some aftereffects. I’ll help you recuperate once we’re back.”

After saying this, she took Ge Lang’s pulse and with her anxious look, she did not plan to tell them what she was going to do.

Xu Jin wanted to say something but Jiang Jun Xian cut in, “Master, with your current condition, you should focus completely on recovering.”

Sima You Yue looked at him with an encouraging gaze. Senior was still good at understanding others.

Xu Jin: …

Ge Lang remained silent by the side because Sima You Yue’s expression wasn’t too good.

“I know the condition of my own body. Although it looks pretty serious, it will be fine with a bit of care.” He withered under the look Sima You Yue gave him and his voice got softer towards the end.

However, Sima You Yue didn’t attack him with any words. She merely started to plan how to help him recover.

Once she had finished inspecting the both of them, they asked You Yue and the others how they thought of coming to look for them.

Senior Brother and Sister have always been worried for you, but I have been rather busy these few years and did not have the ability in the beginning, either, so I kept delaying before I was able to come.” Sima You Yue was guilty as she thought about it. Master and Teacher had come here for her sake and suffered so much, but she had only come here now.

“Hmph, you dare to run over here because you have the ability?” Xu Jin looked at Jiang Jun Xian, “Especially you. As the Eldest Senior, you did not take good care of your Juniors and even came here to cause a ruckus with them!”

“Master, coming to look for you is not causing a ruckus.” Han Miao Shuang explained in a small voice.

“Then what is it?” Xu Jin glared at her too, ” Do you all have such little faith that your Master is unable to return on his own?”

Han Miao Shuang and Su Xiao Xiao lowered their eyes, covering up their emotions.

It wasn’t that they were looking down on him. The truth was that, without the people backing Sima You Yue, it would have been impossible for them to have escaped on their own if they relied solely on their own abilities.

“Master, what were you guys doing on the island?” Sima You Yue asked.

“They got us to refine multiple types of pills and so on. Then, they even wanted us to teach them our methods.” Xu Jin said, “Those who were ground down for so long, eventually lost their resolve and obediently handed them over. As for us, although we were punished quite a bit, our minds hadn’t crumbled yet.”

“Master, we saw some people use your methods to refine pills when we were at the Crimson Pearl Convention. Did you…” Han Miao Shaung pursed her lips and she didn’t finish her sentence.

“I didn’t. However, we were always brought to a specific place to refine pills, so they may have been copied.” Xu Jin said.

“But that was an outsider.”

“There were many who could not handle the tortures here and eventually compromised.” Ge Lang said.

“Master, Teacher, you used their torture as motivation not to give in, didn’t you?” Sima You Yue said confidently.

Xu Jin smiled and didn’t refute her words.

“You Yue, now can you tell us what you’ve done these few days?” Xu Jin leaned on the chair.

“Alright. I didn’t actually do anything, I just changed all the books in their treasure pavilion before setting the whole building on fire.” Sima You Yue laughed happily, “So they’re investigating the perpetrator right now and have no time to bother with us.”


“You burnt their treasury?” Ge Lang and Xu Jin looked at her with shock.

“That’s right. Who asked them to treat you that way? The treasury is just the first step.” Sima You Yue huffed coldly.

Hao Clan, prepare to receive her rage!


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