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Chapter 1639: Untitled

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She told Little Spirit about the things that she needed to use, and Little Spirit immediately prepared those things for her.

He didn’t leave while Sima You Yue examined those things. When he saw that powder that she had taken out, he asked, “This powder can be used to open a barrier?”

“Those people dust this powder on them when they enter. I’m guessing that this is the key to opening the barrier.” Sima You Yue said, “At that time, the Yang Clan used Death Aura as the way to open it. These people use powder, so it should be correct. I just need to examine what it’s made off, then Master and the others will be able to exit the barrier.”

Little Spirit didn’t speak anymore and accompanied her in the refining room for a few tens of days. Once she came out, she had already produced a lot more of the powder.

When she left the Spirit Pagoda, she fused with Mi Er and, with a shake of her body, returned to the image of the person who came in. Even her aura was exactly the same.

She told Thousand Resonance to stay here, if needed, he could rely on the link between their contract to return to her side. Then, she took out the powder and scattered some on her body as she headed towards the barrier.

As she passed the barrier, she felt a weak resistance, but she managed to exit smoothly.

It seemed like her guess was right. This powder was the key to leaving.

Based on this person’s memories, those old coots would not pay too much attention to this place whenever they were cultivating. Unless some big situation happened, they wouldn’t emerge. Furthermore, night just fell and there were a few more hours before those people started patrolling.

As such, when she emerged, she didn’t take the route that she usually did. Instead, she went the other way to head towards Xu Jin’s house.

Xu Jin and Ge Lang’s courtyards were linked together. It was just that, every time they had finished getting tortured, they would be taken back to Xu JIn’s courtyard first. They said that it was to appreciate each other’s injuries and let them remember the lesson. Only when their wounds had healed would they be able to leave.

When she arrived at Xu Jin’s courtyard, the both had yet to return. The courtyard was pitch black, and she entered without a hitch.

She examined Xu Jin’s courtyard. It was made in the exact same way as her own, but it had a light smell of blood.

Her heart fell. Could it be that they were injured often?

Without giving her much time to think, sounds of footsteps started to sound from the outside. She immediately calmed herself and hid herself into the darkness.

She was obviously still in the courtyard, but one wouldn’t be able to notice her if they didn’t specially look for her.

The both of them wore clothes that looked similar to her own as they walked in from outside, each supporting the other. The both of them were no longer able to move, and were dragged in all the way. They casually tossed them and they landed on the ground.

Even though it was dark, she could clearly see how they looked and sensed their aura.

Although the both of them hadn’t fainted, they were depressed and there wasn’t a single inch of unmarked skin.

Both of them were initially highly regarded, but had fallen to this state. Her tears started to fall and her rage was almost uncontrollable. Her chilling aura flooded the entire house and caused the winds to blow, attracting the attention of the people in the courtyard.

“Who’s there?” The two guards shouted in Sima You Yue’s direction.

Sima You Yue came out from within the shadows and looked at them with a murderous gaze. That dense killing intent caused Xu Jin and Ge Lang to look over subconsciously.

A crying guard? What was he doing? He didn’t seem like someone they knew.

“Are you under Hong Lai?” The two guards recognised her identity when they saw her uniform. “What are you doing here?”

“Those who hurt them must die!” Sima You Yue icily said as she disappeared and, when she reappeared, she directly grabbed the person by his neck and broke it with a snap. His head spun one hundred and eighty degrees backwards.

The other guard reacted and wanted to attack her but he wasn’t fast enough. Before he even managed to produce his spirit energy, a knife was buried deep into his heart.

It took less than a breath’s worth of time to kill the both of them. This happened quickly and her actions were clean. It directly stunned the both of them on the ground.

The most important thing was that this turn of events caught them unprepared.

Weren’t these people on the same side? Why would he suddenly kill them both?

After Sima You Yue killed them, she dug into their minds. She raised her head and saw their dull state. They were close to each other now and she could see them clearly. Not a single bit of area on their faces or bodies were well. Many places had only bone remaining. Her tears flowed even harder.

She knelt before the both of them and kowtowed, scaring them. Their eyes suffused with confusion.

This person wasn’t crazy, was he?

“Master, Teacher, I’m so sorry. I dragged you both down.” She said reproachfully.

“You, you are…” The confusion in their eyes turned to shock as they struggled to get up.

Sima You Yue hurriedly got off the ground and went over to support them.

“Your wounds are too severe. Don’t move.”

“You are… You Yue?” Ge Lang’s voice trembled somewhat. It had never even done that when they were being tortured.

Sima You Yue nodded. She released her fusion with Mi Er and returned to her original appearance.

“It really is you? What are you doing here?!” Xu Jin’s voice was a little angry.

“I”m not the only one. Seniors are here too.” With a thought, Jiang Jun Xian and the others appeared in the courtyard.

When Han Miao Shuang saw the condition that Xu Jin and Ge Lang were in, her tears immediately poured forth. Even Jiang Jun Xian and Su Xiao Xiao’s eyes turned red, their expression murderous.

“Senior Brother and Sister, Master and Teacher have been injured, so let’s bring them in first.” Sima You Yue took out two stretchers and carefully placed them on the stretchers. Then she sent them inside the house.”

“Eldest Senior Brother, Third Senior Brother, you guys clean up their injuries.” Sima You Yue placed some equipment for cleaning wounds on the table. She saw that the two injured people were still in a daze and said, “master, Teacher, let’s talk again if you’re still confused. It will be a little painful to clean up your wounds, so I will need you to be unconscious first.”

As she said this, she took out a pill bottle and placed it under their noses. They fainted before they could say anything.

“I’ll leave the things here to you.” She stood up and said to Jiang Jun Xian and Su Xiao Xiao.

Both of them nodded as she and Han Miao Shuang went outside to wait.

After an hour passed, Su Xiao Xiao finally opened the door and let the both of them in.

When they saw the two people lying unconscious on the bed, the four of them clenched their fists tightly.

“Let’s destroy this place.” Han Miao Shuang said.

“We definitely have to! We will make them pay in blood for the wounds they have caused to Master and Teacher.” Su Xiao Xiao revealed a murderous expression for the first time.

“What use is there just to break this place?” Sima You Yue looked at the two who were wrapped up like mummies, “This debt will be paid for by the entire Hao Clan!”

The three of them were stunned as they nodded. As long as she said it, the Hao Clan would definitely have no chance of escape!

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