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Chapter 1637: Untitled

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Other than Feng Ru Yan, no one else in the world could advance into Monarch Rank. It wasn’t because they didn’t cultivate or not talented enough, they couldn’t advance because Heaven didn’t allow it.

And for some like Feng Ru Yan who took an alternative route to advance, she might not be the only one, but she hadn’t come across any or heard anyone who did it. So those Pinnacle Paragon experts could walk freely around the Continent.

But it got harder to cultivate towards the end, especially when it came to the Paragon rank and onwards. It would be harder to advance, so it wasn’t easy for these Pinnacle Paragon experts to reach there.

As the most important clan in the Lost Place, having a lot of Pinnacle Paragon experts in the Hao Clan was normal. Getting these Pinnacle Paragon experts on the island to watch these people was such a waste, making little use of great talents.

Moreover, there were a few of them, it was too unbelievable.

But she wouldn’t doubt Mi Er’s power, It was just that she was curious what the motive of the Hao Clan was by doing this.

They definitely wouldn’t send so many people just to watch these imprisoned people. She had to be clear of their motive if she wanted to leave.

In this period of time, she had to be clear on one thing, whether Master and Teacher were on this island!

She decided to go outside for a walk since the gate wasn’t locked, to see if she could get a grip on anything at all.

She walked out of the courtyard and saw many courtyards that were similar to hers. There were many rows of it and she wondered how many people lived there.

She wanted to walk further down but she noticed that each of the courtyard was covered by a Spirit Barrier. The furthest she could go was 1 metre away from the gate as it was impossible to get out.

“Why put up a wall when there’s a Spirit Barrier?” She muttered as she turned around while heading back to her courtyard.

She could go out of the Spirit Barrier but she didn’t. She just got here and wasn’t familiar with anything at all. If she acted hastily, not only would she not be able to check if Master and Teacher were here, she would also alert the enemies.

She tried releasing her divine sense but realised that her divine sense was of no use here.

“I wonder where this is.” With the Spirit Barrier imprisoning her and her divine sense restrained, she didn’t know what was outside other than the courtyard she was in.

“Why don’t you let me out to take a look?” Mi Er proposed.

Sima You Yue knew Mi Er’s capabilities, those people outside wouldn’t notice any trace of him if he went out. But she rejected it after giving it a thought.

“There’s no need for now, let’s wait and see what they intend to do.”

For the next two days, she felt like she was being forgotten, no one came here for her. No interrogation, no compulsion. She didn’t even see anyone at all.

She stared at the gate for a while and walked out all of a sudden. When she was blocked by the Spirit Barrier, she attacked the Spirit Barrier in a flustered and chaotic manner.

The noise quickly attracted attention and a few people from the courtyard by the side came out to watch.

“Young Lady, don’t waste your energy, you can’t break the Spirit Barrier here.” A fat uncle warned her.

“Impossible! I must tear this down today, I want to get out!” She shouted at the fat uncle.

“Eh, Young Lady, Fatty wasn’t lying to you, this Spirit Barrier is really unbreakable.” An Elder from the other side persuaded.


They shook their heads helplessly without stating the reason.

Sima You Yue was restless, “Do I have to spend the rest of my life here? I don’t want to!”

“Young Lady, accept it since you’re here!” One of them persuaded, “We have never seen anyone escape successfully after being here for so long, but we’ve seen many dead ones.”

“Grandpa, have you guys been here for very long?” Sima You Yue asked.

“Yes, so long that I almost forgot who I am.” There was sorrow in the old man’s tears.

“Grandpa, can you tell me about this place?” Sima You Yue asked.

“Sure! Since we’re free for a chat, the two courtyards at the sides have been empty recently. Other than that Fatty, no one is alive. But he is a mysterious person and doesn’t like to talk. It’s been a long time since this little old man has chatted with anyone.”

After he spoke, he took out a table, chair, a teapot and started to pour himself a cup of tea.

Sima You Yue knew it was modified when she saw his table because the size of it fitted the space just right.

That Elder smiled and said when he saw Sima You Yue staring at his table, “Young girl, don’t mind me drinking alone, it’s too boring here and I can’t send the tea over to you.”

Sima You Yue stayed silent and followed him by taking out a chair out her front door and listened to that old man nagging about the dark life here.

She slowly learnt about the place here from that elder’s speech. At least it was where she pictured in the map and knew where they were in the Lost Place.

The island here didn’t have a name in the map and no one in the island knew what this place was as well, but Sima You Yue determined that this was a small island up in the north of Lost Place.

It was simple. It was reported that only the north side of the sea had hundreds of jellyfish. And the hundreds of jellyfish would usually gather around the small island.

It was impossible to escape because this place was surrounded by ruthless Sea Beasts. Some of them were even land, sea and air beasts.

Not knowing what Hao Clan did to the surrounding of this small island that would gather so many Sea Beasts, those who wanted to escape could only escape via air, but they set up a spatial confinement.

If anybody wanted to break the spatial confinement, it would attract those guys’ attention. Once they were found out, it would be impossible to escape.

For those that were lucky enough to escape from here, they would face thousands of Sea Beasts and would lose the confidence of escaping.

Someone once made use of the chance to escape the small island while others were kicking up a fuss, but before he could fly out of everyone’s sight, he was swallowed by the Sea Beasts that flew out from the sea.

No one dared to escape after that incident.

Sima You Yue heaved a sigh after hearing these things. It was no wonder no one could escape from here, it was really hard to break through this place.

How despairing would it be for Master if he was trapped here?

“Grandpa, so we can only stay in our courtyard?” Sima You Yue looked desperate.

“It’s not only that, we can go out of the courtyard once in a few days to go out for a walk in batches.”

People would become crazy if they were trapped in the house everyday, so Hao Clan arranged for them to unwind once in a while.

“Do you know anyone else here?” Sima You Yue asked.

“On this island, there’s no difference in knowing them or not.” Not knowing what the old man was thinking, he sighed with regrets.

“On this island, is there anyone who is reputable?”

“There is! I heard that these two people are always thinking of escaping and even fought with some of the people on this island. I think their names are Xu Jin and Ge Lang.”


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