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Chapter 1636: Untitled

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Hao Zhi wasn’t angry with what she said, he even had warmth and smiles on his face.

“Actually, we wanted to serve you well, we had no choice but to do this as you didn’t reply to us even after we sent you three invitations.”

Sima You Yue didn’t want to deal with him and said, “Fine, there’s nothing much to say. What’s your motive for bringing me here? You guys didn’t come here just to congratulate me. Be straightforward, I don’t like to make guesses.”

“I didn’t expect Young Lady You Yue to be such a frank and straightforward person.” Hao Zhi continued, “I don’t have to beat around the bush then. We invited you here today to ask you to join the Hao Clan.”

He paused to see Sima You Yue’s reaction, but she didn’t even have any reaction.

“As long as you join the Hao clan, I’ll let you be the Guest of Elder, you won’t be lack of worship and presents and you’ll be able to be in a high position in Hao Clan.” Hao Zhi said.

Sima You Yue remained aloof.

“Since you’re in the Lost Place, you must have known about the descendants of the Divine Clan.”

Sima You Yue lifted her eyes to look at him and said, “I know.”

Hao Zhi knew she was interested in the topic of Divine Clan when he saw her response. He continued, “Since you know about the Divine Clan, then you should know about the descendants of the Divine Clan.”

“So what?” Her voice was still indifferent, she didn’t show any responses just because she heard descendants of the Divine Clan.

Not only did she know about the descendants of the Divine Clan and seen it before, she even had connections with them.

“Do you know, Hao Clan is the only descendant of the Divine Clan?” Hao Zhi shamelessly fabricated it.

Sima You Yue finally moved her eyes, but it wasn’t because she was hooked like what he thought, it was because she was shocked by his shamelessness.

They were the descendants of the Divine Clan? How did he have the cheek to say that? They could survive till this date not because they were the descendants of the Divine Clan, but because they were ruthless and sinister and imprisoned so many people.

“As long as you join the Hao Clan, we can give you the secret way to change your blood ties to the Divine Clan, you will be able to cultivate at a tremendous pace in Lost Place.”

He thought Sima You Yue’s facial expression would change if he said that, but little did he expect that she lowered her eyes without intention of looking at him again.

At this point, Hao Zhi became angered but he had to suppress it as he remembered she had the skills of silver needle.

“Young Miss You Yue, will you?”

Sima You Yue didn’t want to pay attention to him but he kept forcing her, she couldn’t help but said, “Descendants of the Divine Clan….” She dragged as Hao Zhi’s eyes became brighter, she switched her voice and said, “Not interested.”

Hao Zhi would be wasting thousands of years of his life if he didn’t realise that Sima You Yue was toying with him. He couldn’t suppress his anger any longer and shouted, “Sima You Yue, don’t take my words for granted!”

“Don’t you already know that I’ll take it for granted if you used this kind of method to get me here?” Sima You Yue mocked.

“Hmph, inviting you to join the clan is honoring you. We still have other ways to make you compromise if you are not willing to.” Hao Zhi threatened.

“I will never join you guys.” Sima You Yue said firmly.

“I heard that you came here with your Father and the others. Aren’t you worried that they might be in danger when they’re out?” Hao Zhi didn’t sound confident when he said that.

That was also the reason why he didn’t appear right away when they caught Sima You Yue. He could see that she didn’t want to be involved with them from the way that she didn’t accept their invitation. So they sent others to catch her accomplice as a back up plan.

But in the end, they were notified that they didn’t see any of them. They disappeared like steam.

Sima You Yue faintly said impossible and closed her eyes as she ignored him when she heard that he was going to use her family members to threaten her.

She made herself clear. No matter what you said, I would never agree to it. I don’t want to see you right now!

Hao Zhi had his own pride since he had been the Patriarch for so many years. He tried to persuade her earlier on just because she was gifted and had the skills of silver needle. Now that it had turned sour, he said with gritted teeth, “Aren’t you afraid that you’ll die because of this?!”

Sima You Yue ignored him.

“Hmph, I’ll give you two days to consider.”

Hao Zhi ran out of patience and left after saying that.

After making sure that he left, Sima You Yue used her hand to pick on her ears. It was hard on her having to hear his nonsense.

“Is it going to work if you infuriate him like that?” Mi Er sat on her shoulder.

“People like him who don’t have power, hate it the most when others look down on him. He will waste more time on me if I don’t do that. And I——don’t want to waste time.” Sima You Yue said.

“Hmph——” Mi Er humphed softly.

Sima You Yue patted his hair after seeing how uncomfortable he was and said, “I know you don’t like to be imprisoned here, but bear with it for the sake of Master and Teacher.”

Mi Er didn’t speak and didn’t make it difficult for her anymore.

Like she predicted, the Hao Clan members came after two days. But this time, an old man with a white beard came.

“Young Miss You Yue, have you thought about it?” He asked.

“There’s nothing to think about, I won’t join the Hao Clan. You guys better let me go, if not, my Grandfather will never let you get away with it!” Sima You Yue said angrily as if she was restless from being imprisoned.

The old man didn’t continue further but sighed, “Since that’s the case, Young Miss You Yue will have to put up with it then.”

He took out a pill and fed it to Sima You Yue after he spoke, she felt giddy and fell into a coma not long after.

At the moment when she lost consciousness, she heard an Elder sigh and lamented : “Ah, what a pity…..”

When Sima You Yue became conscious, she was in a house but this house was cruder than the room.

When she woke up, she realised she wasn’t drugged with the pill previously as she didn’t feel sick. She got up and went out, she noticed that the courtyard was very small. Other than two houses, the yard was only as big as three rooms. With the high walls surrounding it, she felt like she was being watched while she was in the prison of previous life.

The door of the courtyard was definitely locked.

“Where are we?” The place was too small and there was nothing to see, so she leaned against the door and asked Mi Er while looking at the sky.

If Master and Teacher were trapped here for ten over years…. Just thinking of it makes her heart ache.

“On an island.” Mi Er appeared beside her, “There are a few Elite Paragon men on this island.”

Sima You Yue was dazed for a moment. Elite Paragons? Weren’t they half a step away from an Emperor?


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