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Chapter 1624: Crimson Pearl Convention

It was only until half a month past that incident that Tuo Yi Xuan finally managed to drag his weary body to the guest house.

Sima You Yue poured a cup of wine for him and said, “You don’t look too good. Drink some wine to freshen up.”

Tao Yi Xuan didn’t hold back as he finished the tea in one gulp before turning to look at her.

She laughed and poured another cup for him.

“With you acting this way, I would think that after becoming the Patriarch, you don’t even have water to drink.” She teased.

“It’s almost there.” Tao Yi Xuan said, “Wasn’t it because I wanted to hurry up and settle those things so I could come and see you?”

“So you’re saying that you have already started acting?” Sima Yue thought about how those words sounded ambiguous and changed the subject.

There was no way she really thought that Tao Yi Xuan would push himself so hard for her sake.

“Something like that. We already have most things under control.” Tao Yi Xuan said, “You Yue, you should give me some concrete information about the people you’re looking for, right?”


Sima You Yue took out two portraits and said, “This is my master and teacher. They went to the Lost Place a few tens of years ago. In the beginning, they…”

“Not many outsiders come to our island and the time frame of a few tens of years ago is not that long either. We should be able to find them.” Tao Yi Xuan said, “However, we might need a bit of time.”

“When there is any news, just let me know.” Sima You Yue said.


“However, I can’t stay in Phoenix City for too long. If I leave, I believe that you will be able to find me.” Sima You Yue said.

“You want to leave?” Tao Yi Xuan said rather anxiously, “Since your main objective coming here was to look for them, I will dispatch my men to search. You just have to wait for the results.”

“I can’t wait.” Sima You Yue said, “Also, I’ll just be anxious if I remain here. I might as well go out and look for them.”

“You said that they are proficient in alchemy and medical arts?” Tao Yi Xuan asked.

“That’s right, what about it?”

“If that really is the case, they might join the Crimson Pearl Convention.”

“Crimson Pearl Convention? What is that?” Sima You Yue asked.

“That’s a convention that involves doctors and alchemists. Those people on the island are too bored and usually enjoy coming up with fun for themselves as well as satisfying their own vanity along the way, showing that they’re more powerful than outsiders.” Tao Yi Xuan said mockingly.

“You feel like my master and the others will participate in this Crimson Pearl convention?” Sima You Yue guessed.

“Since your master and the others are experts in this area, they might participate or maybe they have participated in it before.”

“Participated in it before?”

“That’s just my guess. If they have participated in it before, there will definitely be traces they left behind. We might even be able to begin our search from there.”

“Then I’ll have to trouble you.” Sima You Yue said, “Where is the Crimson Pearl Convention held this year?”

“The Crimson Pearl Convention is always held in the four large cities this year, it’s White Tiger City’s turn.”

“White Tiger City…” Sima You Yue thought about how it was difficult to enter the city at this time and said, “Is it that you are no longer able to enter White Tiger City by this point in time?”

“You can as long as you have received an invitation.”

“Are you able to help me obtain that invitation?”

“I can.”

For an outsider to get to participate in this, they required the welcome of the clan. No matter whether they were powerful or not, of high rank or not, they were able to invite participants.

As for the Tao Clan, which was one of the top two clans in Vermilion Bird City, it was natural that they had this right.

“Thank you.” Sima You Yue said gratefully.

“This has always been our agreement, there’s no need for thanks.” Tao Yi Xuan said, “I need a bit of time. I’ll give it to you tomorrow. Now, there’s still a bit of time before the Crimson Pearl Convention. We’ll make it in time. Apart from that, I will first send my men to scout for information over there. Since we have this starting point, it will be much easier to check. I’ll let you know the moment we obtain information.”


Tao Yi Xuan left shortly after. At this point in time, he had too many things that he needed to do. He also had to hurry up and get others to check on information regarding Xu Jin and strive to give her information by the time she arrived in White Tiger City.

On the second morning, Tao Yi Xuan did not come over. However, he sent a guard to deliver the invitation.

Sima You Yue saw a vermilion bird drawn on the invitation and thought of Crimson Flame.

If they knew that she had a real vermilion bird with her, what would their reaction be?

“Young Miss You Yue, our Patriarch has instructed us as such. If you encounter any danger it is inconvenient for you to let your people out, please release this signal into the air. Our people will hurry along to save you.” The guard took out a signal flare and handed it to Sima You Yue.

“I got it.” Sima You Yue said as she accepted the signal flare.

“We take our leave.”

Sima You Yue inspected the signal flare in her hands and knew that he was selling her a gift of gratitude. He knew that she had many people with her but would not definitely be able to use them. However, he was giving her a gift of gratitude that was up to her to utilise or not.

Since she already obtained the invitation, there was no need to tarry here. She went to look for Guo Yin Da to say her goodbyes.

The other clans had already taken their leave while it was still busy in the Guo Clan. She was already beginning to see signs of their development.

“Are you guys leaving just like this?” Guo Yin Da didn’t think that they would leave so quickly. He even thought that they would wait here for Tao Yi Xuan’s news.

“Mm, I’m going to participate in the Crimson Pearl Convention.” Sima You Yue said, “Although there’s still some time, I was thinking of heading over to White Tiger City early to take a look.”

“That’s good as well. Then, you guys be careful on the way. If there’s anything you need, just contact me. I hope that we will have an opportunity to meet again.” Gu Yin Da said.

“The heavens are vast and the world is large. We will definitely meet again. Goodbye.”

Guo Yin Da and the others watched as Sima You Yue’s group left. He recalled what happened when he met her and felt moved.

“To be able to live like they do really isn’t bad.” Guo Xin was a little envious.

“With power, you can do whatever you want. At least you know that there are people outside, right? Cultivate hard.” Guo Yin Da urged.

“When did I not work hard? But I feel that I won’t be as confident and carefree as she. Even if she has times she asks for the help of others, she is always able to make things progress smoothly. It’s like no matter how difficult a situation, she will be able to solve it easily.”

“Once things in the clan are more stable, you can also head outside to take a look. The world is vast. If you remain on the island, you will be shackled.”


It was said that the transportation array in White Tiger City had been closed, so Sima You Yue and the others could only wait until they left Vermilion Bird City before calling Halcyon out to fly them to White Tiger City. It was a good thing that Vermilion Bird City was in the South while White Tiger City was west of the island. It wasn’t that far, so they didn’t have to use so much time travelling via flying beasts.

Half the way there, Little Lucky and his ancient spirit beasts returned together.

“Why is it only you? Where’s Little Roar?”

“He left with Big Sister. He said that he would come and look for you later. I missed Yue Yue, so I returned.”

Sima You Yue knew that Little Lucky was very sticky to her while Little Roar loved to mess around, so she didn’t think too much about it as she took her and continued on her journey.

When they arrived in White Tiger City, they saw city gates that reached into the sky.There was a white tiger carved along the wall a fixed distance from one another. There was a very realistic looking white tiger that made it look like there was a white tiger standing on the wall, roaring ferociously towards heaven.

Sima You Yue focused her attention on it as she suddenly thought of something she had never questioned before.

Vermillion Bird was with her, but where were the other three divine beasts?

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