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Chapter 1622: Things happen

Vow? Did she dare?

The answer was obvious. She dared not at all!

“My Lord…”

“Make the vow! Vow that the child in your womb is mine! Vow that you didn’t do anything that disappointed me at all!” Patriarch Tao roared.

“I- I… can’t… I can’t…” Matriarch shook her head and walked backwards.

When they saw her acting this way, who didn’t understand? The Matriarch had really let the Patriarch put on a bright green hat!

“Who is the adulterer?”

“I- I can’t say!” Matriarch was flustered as she continued to retreat backwards. She was unstable and directly fell on the ground.

“You can’t say? Could it be that you still want me to guess?” Patriarch Tao’s expression was even fiercer. He stepped forwards and grabbed her neck, lifting her up directly.

“Let- let go!” The Matriarch grabbed his arms with both hands, but she couldn’t move them at all.

“I treated you with such sincerity, snubbed my son for a few hundreds of years. The moment you said you didn’t want to see him, I sent him to the most dangerous place to cultivate and disallowed himi from taking a single step into our courtyard. You sent men to poison him and when I knew that he didn’t die, I directly went to obtain the antidote for you and destroyed it! You betrayed the clan and I grabbed the position of Patriarch in order to protect you. But you cheated on me! Tell me, what should I do to you now?”

“Don’t- don’t. I- I- I was… wrong. Cough cough-”

“Wrong? Can a single word make it up to me? We were childhood sweethearts who journeyed together until now. Where did I not satisfy you that you went to flirt around outside? You shameless slut!”

Sima You Yue smiled bitterly when she heard what Tao Yi Xuan’s father said, “I’ve seen a shameless person before, but not one as shameless as you. A failure of a man will always push his faults onto someone else. Even his disgusting deeds can sound righteous from his mouth.”

“Eh? Junior Sister, what do you mean?” Han Miao Shuang asked.

“Although Tao Yi Xuan’s father did not want to kill Tao Yi Xuan in the beginning, when he knew that Tao Yi Xuan had escaped after being poisoned, not only did he not send people to rescue him, but he went to Old Ji to take the antidote. Then, he even sent men to kill him. That was because he felt threatened by Tao Yi Xuan. Now, he makes it sound so nice, that he did it all for the sake of his woman. It’s just an excuse! Now that I see it, he doesn’t really like his wife all that much.” Sima You Yue’s expression was mocking.

“These types of mind should be pulled down to the depths of hell! Han Miao Shaung spat hatefully.

“Indeed. There’s no meaning anymore. If you guys want to stay here then continue watching. I’m going back to the inn.” Sima You Yue had no interest in whatever was happening and left cleanly.

Sima Liu Xuan and the others never had an interest in this. They had only come to accompany her. Now, she wanted to leave so there was no they naturally left as well.

Han Miao Shuang and the others all left because the exciting part of the show had already passed. There was nothing nice to watch at the back, so he left as well.

However, Sima You Yue said that this place was still the Tao Clan after all, so she couldn’t show off too much. After keeping everyone away into the Spirit Pagoda, she exited. Then, she went to a place where nobody was before releasing them.

Because of the Tao Clan’s great assembly, there were relatively more people in the city. Hence, it was rather difficult to find an inn. It was a good thing that Guo Yin Da and the others had already found a good room in an inn for them to stay in when she came.

It was already almost night by the time Guo Yin Da and the others returned. They saw the people sitting in the hall and were momentarily stunned.

“You Yue, you have returned.” He walked over and greeted her.

“That’s right. Guo Yin Da, why have you returned so late?” Sima You Yue stood up and told them to sit down.

“Isn’t it because of those things.” Guo Yin Da said as she sighed, “I really didn’t think that things would twist and turn to this state.”

“Uncle Guo, I heard that the others have all returned to the clan quite early. Why have you returned so late?” Han Miao Shuang asked.

“They left earlier, but Patriarch kept us behind. That is, our previous Young Master.” Guo Yin Da replied. His voice was happy so it seemed like it was a good thing that Tao Yi Xuan had kept them behind.

Sima You Yue was not surprised. Tao Yi Xuan was currently in need of people, and his relationship with the Guo Clan was pretty good. With what happened back at Rabbit Ear Mountain, he also knew that the Guo Clan was on his side. How could he not use them?

“Then I have to congratulate you all. In the future, the Guo Clan’s situation will get better and better.” Sima You Yue said with a smile.

“Hehe.” Guo Yin Da chuckled sheepishly.

“Uncle Guo, what happened after that? We saw the previous Patriarch getting cheated on. Then? Did they catch them?” Hao Miao Shuang gossipped.

“That…” Guo Yin Da looked around before ascertaining that there was nobody there before saying, “They did catch him. Of course they did. Not only him, but they also caught the currently unconscious Second Master Tao.”

“Second Master Tao? Why did they catch him?”

“Of course… that, you guys know it.”

Sima You Yue blinked, suddenly understanding.

“You’re saying that Second Master Tao and his mother, the two of them…” Han Miao Shuang cried out with shock. Her hands flew to cover her mouth.

“It’s enough that you know it, why did you have to say it out loud?” Guo Yin Da was awkward.

Sima You Yue smiled, “I really didn’t think that someone would actually be willing to have an affair with someone like Second Master Tao. I wonder what expression Tao Yi Xuan’s father would have had if he heard it. However, isn’t Second Master Tao still unconscious? They caught him and locked him away?”

“They didn’t. They just directly told Great Master Ji that there was no need to treat him. They would let him sleep for all eternity.”

“Since Tao Yi Xuan became the Patriarch, did those people reject?”

“With Ancestor around, who would dare to say anything?” Guo Yin Da recalled how the ancestor levelled an entire area with a single wave of his hand and his eyes shone with reverence!

“Even if that’s the case, it won’t be easy if he wants to take control of the entire clan. I wonder if he will still be able to fulfill his side of the deal when the time comes.” Han Miao Shuang asked.

It was hard for Sima You Yue to guess. She didn’t know when Tao Yi Xuan would be able to control the Tao Clan and when he would have the ability to fulfill his end of the bargain. With the Ancestor around, it probably wouldn’t take that long.

Also, he was so brilliant and his schemes ran deep. If those people really wanted to battle him, it was unknown who would win in the end.

“Let’s just wait. In any case, the name jades of Master and the others are still pretty well. We can still afford to wait a few days.” She said.

They continued chatting for a while, then everyone returned. Quite a few Guo Clansmen had come. Apart from the few rooms that Sima You Yue and the others had, they took up the rest of the rooms.

Before Guo Yin Da left, he said that he would go and prepare for the later part of the Tao Clan’s grand assembly. He said that the assembly had to go on. However, what was different was that they clan could send men to attend as well. As long as they had the talent for it, they could also receive nurturing from the clan.

Sima You Yue secretly thought that this guy really knew how to build up his reputation. To do this at this point in time would be extremely beneficial in pulling people over to his side.

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