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Chapter 1616: No antidote

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Patriarch Tao stopped Sima You Yue with his hand, blocking Sima You Yue from Great Master Ji. This way, Great Master Ji could get in the door but she was stopped outside.

“Patriarch, this servant is….”

“I brought her back previously seeing that she was knowledgeable in poison, so I brought her back to run errands.” Great Master Ji said.

“So it turns out to be a disciple of Great Master Ji. Please.” Patriarch Tao moved away, allowing Sima You Yue to enter.

Sima You Yue bowed and followed Great Master Ji as they entered.

“Close the door.” Great Master Ji said after she stepped through the door. Sima You Yue turned around and glanced at the people outside. Seeing that they didn’t show any signs, she obediently closed the door.

Great Master Ji’s status was very high in the Tao Clan! She said it in her mind.

“This is the way I do things.” Great Master Ji said as he fixed up a Spirit Barrier.

He didn’t like people looking at him while he was treating others. It felt like they were looking at a monkey.

Sima You Yue laughed and said, “Who describes themselves like that.”

But with that, she could be at ease.

Great Master Ji walked over and took a look at Second Master Tao, “He is indeed poisoned. This kind of poison is very strange.”

Sima You Yue became interested, “How is it strange?”

“It looks like he’s poisoned and also looks like he’s just sleeping. Come and take a look.” Great Master Ji stood up and let her take a look at Second Master Tao.

Sima You Yue read Second Master Tao’s pulse, she showed a surprised expression and said, “This is indeed very strange.”

“Yes, I was right, wasn’t I?” Great Master Ji continued, “It seems like he was poisoned accidentally.”

“I think being poisoned is one thing, something else has been done to his body.” Sima You Yue said.

“Do you have something against this guy?” Great Master Ji asked.

“You can say that.”

“I was wondering why you would string me here.” Great Master Ji continued, “But I can’t do anything with this poison at this moment, so I can’t do anything even if you asked me to.”

“Don’t do anything if you can’t, let him lie down like this, it’s not bad too.” Sima You Yue said.

“If I go out like that, Patriarch will go crazy since he dotes on the Second Master.” Great Master Ji said.

“You don’t care about that, do you?” Sima You Yue laughed, “Also, it’s not like I’m asking you to leave it as it is. You’ll need a few days in order to research to get the results, don’t you? You just have to delay things a little.”

“Delay them for how long?” Great Master Ji didn’t even blink. It was just a bit of effort and he would be able to help her. He liked her more than him anyway!

“You don’t need to delay for long, just as long as he can’t attend the convention.” Sima You Yue said.

“No problem. I’m guessing that I can only get a rough idea by then anyway.”

“Old Ji, you’re so nice!” Sima You Yue said gratefully.

“Sure sure sure, you’re the first to say I’m nice.” Old Ji said.

Others would say that he was vicious and merciless or eccentric, no one ever said that he was nice before.

“That’s because they couldn’t see the good in you.” Sima You Yue continued, “They’re fearful, afraid, respectful and in reverent awe of you, of course they can’t see the good in you.”

“You’re good at talking.” Great Master Ji took out a jade bowl as he released Second Master Tao’s fresh blood into it and kept the Spirit Barrier, “Let’s go and report to them.”

“Sure.” Sima You Yue took a step back allowing him to walk in front, when she turned around, she quickly fed him a pill.

Everyone was waiting outside anxiously, they quickly gathered around seeing the two of them coming out.

“Great Master Ji, how is it? Is he poisoned?” Patriarch Tao asked.

“In reply to the Patriarch, the Second Master is indeed poisoned. But this poison is very strange, I’ve never seen this kind of poison before, so I’ll have to do research on it.” Great Master Ji continued, “But don’t worry Patriarch, Second Master is out of danger.”

Patriarch Tao’s heart loosened in relief after hearing that Second Master Tao wasn’t in danger.

“Sorry to trouble Great Master Ji.” He said.

“It’s what I should do.” Great Master Ji continued, “But this poison is really strange, I can make sure Second Master recovers fully. But I won’t know if there will be any after effects, I can’t give you an answer right now.”

“It’s fine as long as Great Master Ji does your best.” Patriarch Tao said.

All the Physicians, Alchemists and Poison Masters in the clan were helpless, he was powerful enough to be able to get Second Master Tao conscious.

“Patriarch, I heard that the Second Master is in this state because of the Old… in Rabbit Ear Mountain, you might be able to get the antidote if you look for her.” Great Master Ji gave his honest opinion.

“This…. I’ll consider it. But I’ll pin my hopes on Great Master Ji. As long as Second Little Brother becomes conscious, the clan will definitely reward you.” Patriarch Tao said.

“I’ll do my best even if you don’t ask me to. Such interesting poison is worth delving into. Patriarch, I’ll take my leave then.” Great Master Ji left after he spoke.

Sima You Yue followed behind him, and she bumped into one of the girl’s shoulders as she was leaving the courtyard.

“Why did you come? Didn’t I ask you to rest in the courtyard? You can’t walk around casually since you’re pregnant now.”

“I heard that Second Little Brother is in a critical state, so I came to take a look as I’m worried about you.” That girl said gently.

“Second Little Brother hasn’t come around yet, but Great Master Ji said…”

Sima You Yue couldn’t hear what was said behind as she was too far away. However, there was no need to guess the lady’s identity, she must be the wife of the Patriarch, Yin Yi Lian.

She was really gentle and pitiful looking! It was no wonder Patriarch could be so captivated by her to the extent that he didn’t want his son!

She was pregnant? Didn’t they say Patriarch Tao couldn’t procreate anymore? How did she become pregnant?

She asked Great Master Ji.

“Pfft——they said they found a Divine Physician and cured the Patriarch’s health. Then said he could reproduce again. Then the Patriarch’s wife got pregnant in less than two months.” Great Master Ji’s tone was disdainful while speaking of the Divine Physician.

“Since there’s a Divine Physician, why didn’t they get him here to treat him?”

“He left long ago. Nobody knows if he’s dead or alive.” Great Master Ji said while walking.

Sima You Yue guessed that he should have been eliminated already. Those people wouldn’t be as thorough as Great Master Ji!

Both of them came back to the courtyard while chatting. The child opened the door for them and said, “Master, no one came in before.”

“Well done. I’ll teach you how to distinguish between poisons tonight.”

“Alright!” The child ran away smiling.

Great Master Ji then looked for a vessel to keep Second Master Tao’s blood in and asked, “Little girl, what poison did you give Second Master Tao?”

“Eh, you saw it!” Sima You Yue wasn’t embarrassed about being caught, she laughed openly, “Nothing much, it’s just to let his little brother rest eternally.”

Let his little brother rest eternally? Did that mean that he couldn’t be a man anymore?

She added before he could speak, “Mm hmm, there’s no antidote.”

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