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Chapter 1613: Plotting against Second Master Tao

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Actually, apart from being curious, she was a little worried. What was she going to do if Mi Er killed the guy?

At this time, if Second Master Tao died, it would definitely raise chaos in the family and it wouldn’t be beneficial for them.

It was a good thing that, while Mi Er was arrogant beyond belief, he knew how important this was and didn’t act completely based on his character. He didn’t kick him out directly or kill him.

When Sima You Yue heard this, she calmed down a little. In her heart, she secretly thought that Mi Er was still able to tell when things were serious.

As for the other side, Mi Er was forcing himself not to be rash and stopped himself from tossing the people out immediately.

“I say, little girl, have you thought about it? If you cross the village, you’ll miss the shop. In two days, I’ll use the Silver Water Plant. At that time, you won’t be able to get it even if you wanted it.” Second Master Tao faced the empty bed and spoke very forcefully.

Mi Er sat on a seat by the side and huffed, “I will never promise you. You better release me, my Sima Clan isn’t easy to deal with either.”

“Are you threatening me?” Second master Tao was tickled.

“Hmph! Don’t think that I don’t know this. You never planned to give me the Silver Water plant from the start. Even if I agree, you will still lock me here forever. Even if I die, I will never be with an old pervert like you!” Mi Er cried out.

Second Master Tao entered the illusory array the moment he stepped into the room. That was why the one who was enraged appeared to be sitting on the bed. He watched as ‘she’ furrowed her eyebrows and he felt angered again.

He walked to the bedside and the person on the bed retreated backwards. She was trapped in a narrow space.

“You- what do you want to do?”

“Maybe you don’t know this, but I’ve never forced someone before. Although I admit that your resistance is enticing and has stoked my interest, I prefer obedient little kittens.” Second Master Tao said.

“I won’t agree. You better give up!” Mi Er said.

“Is that so? Could it be that those two guards didn’t tell you that if you don’t agree, the outcome will be even worse?” Second Master Tao left a kiss on her face, oh, it felt so good.

The illusory Sima You Yue was so scared that she turned pale.

“Hahah think it over properly. I don’t have that much patience.” Second Master Tao laughed as he left.

Mi Er heaved a sigh of relief. It was a good thing that this Tao guy didn’t really do anything disgusting. Otherwise, even if the person didn’t exist in the illusion, he wouldn’t have been able to control himself.

Even if it were fake, he couldn’t bear to let him have such filthy thoughts towards Sima You Yue!

Sima You Yue could sense Mi Er’s thoughts and the corner of her mouth hooked into a light smile.

“This guy… It seems like I have to find something for Second Master Tao to do to prevent him from harassing Mi Er often.”

However, she just arrived at this kind of place and had no connections nor a clear understanding of the situation. She only knew that Second Master Tao liked beauties-

… beauties!

It was as if she suddenly thought of something and laughed mischievously. She gave Mi Er some information that would make Second Master Tao rather busy.

When night fell, a portrait was passed around to many people and landed in front of Second Master Tao.

When they saw the portrait that looked so realistic, Second Master Tao felt as if he couldn’t breathe.

“Could this world really have such a beautiful woman?” He asked the guard beside him.

“Second Master, we have already checked. This person does exist. It’s just that…”

“Just what?”

“It’s just that it’s not a human. It’s merely a transformed Spirit Beast.” The guard replied.

“Transformed spirit beast?” Second Master Tao’s voice was obviously more interested than angry.

“That’s right.” The guard knelt down, wondering whether Second Master’s taste would be so heavy.

“A spirit beast eh, I’ve never tasted one before.” Second Master Tao chuckled, “Do you know what this person is? Where is she?”

“She- she’s over at Rabbit Ear Mountain.” The guard replied.

“Rabbit Ear Mountain? Then we shall head to Rabbit Ear Mountain for a spin.”

“Second Master, it will be the clan’s assessment gathering in a few days. If something happens before the gathering… Why don’t we go after the gathering?” The guard steeled his heart and advised.

“Am I the master or are you?” Second Master Tao gave him a kick, “Hurry up and prepare the transportation array!”

There wasn’t much time and they would only be able to rush back in time if they used the transportation array. The guard secretly cried out for his misery as he got up and left.

Sima You Yue obtained the information from her scarlet bees that Second Master Tao went to Rabbit Ear Mountain that very night. Nobody knew whether or not he would return alive.

Since he wasn’t around, Mi Er wanted even more to return. Sima You Yue thought about how the only ones who knew about her situation now were those two guards and nobody else, so she got him to deal with them secretly.

The moment Mi Er heard it, he became happy and, after getting rid of any traces of the bodies, slipped back to Sima You Yue’s side under the cover of the night.

Mi Er just returned to the back of Sima You Yue’s hand when she heard a knock on the door.

“You Yue, I’ve refined the antidote.” Great Master Ji was taking credit for his achievement outside the door.

Sima You Yue opened the door and let him in and he immediately offered her the antidote, saying, “This is the antidote for Young Master’s Hundred Flora Worm poison.”

“Is it the real deal?”

“Of course it is!” Great Master Ji blew on his beard and stared at her. He wanted to get mad, but he dared not get angry in front of her so he said with a chuckle, “Relax, my little life is stil in your hands. I also still need you to teach me!”

“I’ll believe you this time.” Sima You Yue opened her little realm and let Tao Yi Xuan out.

When he saw Tao Yi Xuan, Great Master Ji’s expression changed multiple times, but he remained silent in the end and didn’t do anything either.

Sima You Yue handed the antidote to Tao Yi Xuan, saying, “This is the antidote that Great Master Ji refined personally. If you believe him, eat it.”

Tao Yi Xuan took the antidote and looked at Great Master Ji, who arrogantly tilted his head to the side.

He didn’t refine this item for the Young Master’s sake!

Tao Yi Xuan then turned back to look at Sima You Yue. she had no expression, as if it didn’t matter to her whether or not he decided to eat the antidote.

If it were before, he might have retained a shred of suspicion. However, after walking around inside the little realm, he understood her quite a bit more. Since she didn’t say that the antidote was wrong, it should be fine.

As such, he ate the antidote without hesitation.

After a moment passed, he could feel extreme pain from his body. It was as if every part of him was being cut by a blade. His vital organs were also rolling, and he almost fainted from the pain a few times.

“This, this antidote…” He grabbed a chair and he even dragged down the back of it.

He wanted to say that the antidote was fake, but the pain in his body was so intense that he could speak. He fell to the floor completely.

Sima You Yue walked over to him and squatted down, saying, “This antidote is real. It’s just that the result is a little hard to bear. Since you’re in such pain, I’ll help you again. Once you wake up, the poison should be gone.”

Tao Yi Xuan looked hazily at her. The pain had already turned his mind muddled. He didn’t know what Sima You Yue fed him, but he fainted after that.

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