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Chapter 1608: Getting hooked

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After getting into Phoenix City, Sima You Yue started according to their plan.

On the second morning, she and Guo Yin Da went to a spectacular establishment. Once they got in, they realised it wasn’t a shop. Although there were little things on display, there was only one shopkeeper with no guests at all.

When the person saw Guo Yin Da, he faintly said, “I thought the Guo Clan wouldn’t show up this year!”

“Why wouldn’t we! We will offer the Clan’s offering on time.” Guo Yin Da smiled and took out two different medicinal ingredients, “This is our offering this year.”

Nobody would have thought that Guo Yin Da would actually be able to take something out. He asked curiously when he opened the box to see two medicinal ingredients that were over a thousand years old, “Didn’t you tell us that you didn’t get anything good this year? How did you get this?”

“We went to Rabbit Ear Mountain previously and went deep into the mountain. Lady luck was on our side and we got these two. But we lost a few people as well. Sigh.” Guo Yin Da heaved a long sigh.

He wasn’t lying, a few of them were actually dead, but they didn’t die while looking for medicinal ingredients. They died because the Tang Clan killed them.

The steward didn’t ask any further and proceeded to register their items in the book and took it as a successful payment of their offerings.

“Alright, you guys can leave now. Don’t forget to attend the Clan Convention in ten days time.” The steward shooed them away while waving his hands at them as he didn’t want to waste anymore time.

Guo Yin Da cupped his hand in greeting to him and left with Sima You Yue.

Just as they were leaving, the steward spoke suddenly. “Oh right, I heard Tang Fei had brought his men to Rabbit Ear Mountain, did you see them?”

“Tang Fei went too? We didn’t see him.” Guo Yin Da said with surprise.

The steward took a glance at him and lowered his head without saying anything else, they then left the place.

They went to the streets and it was already after noon. Guo Yin Da told Guo Xin, “It’s You Yue’s first time here, show her around and bring her to the medicine shop to see if she needs any medicinal ingredients then go back straight. I’m going to drink and catch up with them.”


Guo Yin Da left, then Sima You Yue smiled at Guo Xin and said, “Big Brother Guo, sorry for the trouble.”

“It’s nothing. Let’s go, I’ll bring you to the medicine shop.” Guo Xin said.


Sima You Yue followed Guo Xin as they turned two corners of the street and arrived at a medicinal shop.

She mentioned something that was named as the Silver Water Plant. She specially asked Guo Yin Da as this was something that only the Lost Place had and it was something very rare. She asked for one that was more than two hundred years old, which made it rarer.

The steward told him there wasn’t any and told them to look elsewhere. Hence, they could only go to other medicine shops.

After that, even though they had a Silver Water Plant, it wasn’t of the age that she wanted, so they shopped for the whole afternoon without getting anything.

After going back to the inn, Guo Xin told Sima You Yue, “We were followed when we were shopping.”

“It’s just that we don’t know if it’s the person that we want.” Sima You Yue could also feel that she was being watched the whole afternoon.

“What will we do if it isn’t?”

“If it’s not, then we shouldn’t go!” Sima You Yue laughed, “I won’t follow anyone except that person.”

“Alright. Take a good rest, we’ll continue shopping tomorrow. There’s still a lot more medicine shops in Phoenix City.” Guo Xin said.

“The ones that we went today were the usual shops, we’ll go to the ones below Tao Clan’s tomorrow.” Sima You Yue said.

They would catch the bait quicker by doing that.

That night, Guo Yin Da didn’t come back. Guo Xin said that he was always like that, so no one would care about him. The next morning, they continued going to medicine shops and asked about medicinal ingredients.

They went to the biggest medicine shop. Although it was still early, there were a lot of people there.

Sima You Yue sensed someone watching her from the upper floor the moment she stepped in. However, she didn’t pay it any heed as she went to the counter and asked one of the shopkeepers, “Do you have any Silver Water Plant that is over two hundred years old?”

“Silver Water Plant above two hundred years? I think we do.” Shopkeeper said.

“Really?” Sima You Yue became excited, “I’m buying it.”

“Don’t get too excited, the medicinal ingredient you asked for is rare, I’ll have to check the inventory.” The shopkeeper said.


“Please wait here.” The shopkeeper took out an inventory book to check after he spoke.

The shopkeeper came over after they waited for a while, “Guests, you’re lucky, we have one last one here. Let me tell you, if we don’t have it here, no where else will have it. So, this might be the last Silver Water Plant that is over two hundred years old.”

“Seems like luck is on my side.” Sima You Yue smiled.

“As this is over two hundred years old, the price will be on the higher side.”

“The price isn’t a problem as long as I get that medicinal ingredient.” Sima You Yue said boldly.

“Please wait, all the important medicinal ingredients are placed in the back, I’ll retrieve it for you.”

“Sure. Sorry for the trouble.”

As the shopkeeper went to the back, he was stopped by someone.

“Second Master asked for you.” The person said.

The shopkeeper was shocked as he followed and went to a room on the second floor.

“Greetings to the Second Master.” He knelt down and paid his salutations.

“The girl you served, what did she ask for?” Second Master asked.

“In reply to the Second Master, she’s asking for a Silver Water Plant that is two hundred years old.” The shopkeeper replied.

“Do we have it in the shop?”

“We have the last one.”

“Mm, get someone to bring it to me.” The Second Master ordered.

“That’s….” The shopkeeper was shocked and didn’t know how to react to that, recalling that Second Master was lecherous, he looked down and replied, “I know what to do.”

Sima You Yue waited for a while in the shop before seeing the guilty looking shopkeeper.

“I’m so sorry, I went to the back to check, the last Silver Water Plant was transferred to the Clan this morning.”

“You’re saying that there is no more?”

“Yes. You might be able to get it if you came yesterday, but for now, there is no more. I’m so sorry.” The shopkeeper apologised.

Her excited face fell. Seeing how apologetic the shopkeeper was, she waved her hands at him and said, “It’s not your fault. I’ll go look elsewhere since you don’t have it here.”

“Silver Water Plant is very rare. I told you just now, if we don’t have it here, other medicine shops wouldn’t have it.” The shopkeeper said.

“I know, but I want to give it a try.” She turned around and left with a disappointed face after she spoke.

As they walked to the street, she told Guo Xin, “Big Brother Guo, I know you’re worried about Uncle Guo, go and look for him. I will look around by myself.”

“This….” Guo Xin was indeed worried about Guo Yin Da, so he didn’t decline and left on his own.

Sima You Yue was walking alone on the street and she smiled when she sensed someone following her.

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