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Chapter 1607: The miserable Guo Clan

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Tao Yi Xuan looked over there. It was a simple courtyard and there didn’t seem to be anything special about it.

“Are the people inside there very powerful?” He asked.

“Those people are from the Feng Clan.” The manager replied, “You should know the Feng Clan right?”

By this time, Tao Yi Xuan’s shock had already turned to astonishment. She even had a connection to the Feng Clan?

The Feng Clan. Others might not know, but they from the Lost Place definitely did. They were the sole remaining Divine Clan!

It was said that the Island Master was a descendent of the Divine Clan, but there were very few of the Tuo Clan. By the time they reached here, they were probably just one branch. The others were just supporters of the Divine Clan.

That was why the only true Divine Clan was the Feng Clan.

If the Feng Clan was willing to come here, how could the Tuo Clansmen still have the opportunity to stay as masters of the island!

“What are the Feng Clansmen doing here?”

“It’s like this. Lady You Yue has a good relationship with the Master of the Feng Clan and has acknowledged her as her Aunt. As for Feng Ru Yan, she got them to come and ensure her safety.

Tao Yi Xuan pursed his lips. The Feng Clansmen had come to serve as her guards? He initially thought that she was just an ordinary person from the outside clan. He didn’t think that she would have such a high rank!

The steward spoke endlessly all the way until they had settled down before he left.

Once he was alone, Tao Yi Xuan lay on the bed. He began to evaluate his situation with Sima You Yue.

It seemed like there were some things that would definitely have to change!

However, he couldn’t help but smile. The stronger she was, the better it was for him, wasn’t it?

Sima You Yue didn’t pay attention to what was happening to Tao Yi Xuan inside the little realm. The group of them left Rabbit Ear Mountain and returned to the Guo Clan.

In order to ensure it stayed a secret, Sima You Yue got Guo Yin Da to keep it a secret from everyone, even the others from the Guo Clan. he merely said that they had encountered some spirit beasts inside Rabbit Ear Mountain and Sima You Yue had rescued them in the nick of time.

The Guo Clansmen heard it, she was their benefactor. Hence, she received a very good welcome from the Guo Clan.

It went without saying that every single person from the Guo Clan was an honest person. That this kind of family had not yet been sucked dry was probably as the saying went: Under a big tree, the shade is plentiful!

It was no wonder they were so devoted to the Guo Clan.

After a few days, Sima You Yue followed Guo Yin Da and Guo Xin’s group and headed directly to Phoenix City.

Because this place did not advocate for teleportation arrays, there weren’t many of them. Sima You Yue and the others had to queue for a long time the last time they took a teleportation array.

Furthermore, the people of the island didn’t seem to like the teleportation arrays of others. The Guo Clan would take flying spirit beasts when they went out or clans would make their own teleportation arrays.

Sima You Yue followed Guo Yin Da and Guo Xin as they went on their journey. The others were placed into her spirit pagoda.

Guo Yin Da thought that they had gone into the Little Realm, so he didn’t ask much.

Sima You Yue saw that they wouldn’t take the teleportation array and happily took the slow route with them. It just so happened that she could appreciate the scenery around the island.

“Uncle Guo, if we travel like this, won’t we face any danger? LIke being robbed or killed for our things.” She asked curiously.

It was just the three of them, wouldn’t anyone be tempted when they saw them?

“Hehe, we won’t. This area is under the protection of the Tao Clan. As long as we say that we are there to pay tribute, nobody will dare to touch us. If anyone really wants to kill us, it doesn’t matter whether or not they belong to a branch under the Tao Clan, they will kill them.” Guo Yin Da said, “It’s easy to kill us, but the one they would be offending would be the Tao Clan.”

“So that’s the case.”

The Tao Clan might not usually care about the life or death of those people, but once it was an affront to them, those people would definitely die.

That was why the Tao Clan usually wouldn’t bother with clans trying to kill each other. However, once they were there to pay tribute, it had to do with the Tao Clan.

It’s no wonder they were so daring as to journey this way.

“Then what will you do on the route back?”

“This time when we go to pay tribute, it will take some time. The clansmen will also go after a period of time. We just have to link up when the time comes. If we go together now, accommodation fees will be a huge problem.” Guo Yin Da said a little sheepishly.

Sima You Yue was stunned. She thought that the Guo Clan’s circumstances weren’t bad. She didn’t think that they would actually be poor to this degree. Even accommodation fees were a problem.

However, once Tao Yi Xuan rose again, based on them risking everything for him back at Rabbit Ear Mountain, the lives of the Guo Clan wouldn’t be difficult anymore.

Just as they said, on the way there, as long as there was anyone who plotted against them, Guo Yin Da would say that they were going to the Tao Clan to pay tribute and those people really wouldn’t act against them and allow them to pass smoothly.

After slightly less than half a month had passed, they arrived in Phoenix City. Sima You Yue didn’t think that it was so close by. It was no wonder they didn’t want to take a teleportation array.

Of course, she wouldn’t expose the fact that the reason they didn’t want to use the teleportation array was to save money.

“Although the Lost Place isn’t that big, the relationship between the four large cities isn’t great. In order to prevent the other places from sending men to create trouble, they conduct strict interrogations. However, we won’t get it. Just follow us when the time comes.” Guo Yin Da told Sima You Yue.


When they arrived outside the city, she followed Guo Yin Da closely, but she was still dragged in after all.

“Old Guo, who is this?” The guard had a pretty decent relationship with Guo Yin Da but he still stopped them.

“This is a friend I made outside.” Guo Yin Da said with a smile, “You know this as well, when we went outside, we got to know her. She’s coming in this time because of some things to do.”

“Someone from outside?” The guard furrowed his eyebrows lightly, “Old Guo, do you not know that the situation has been tense recently? Those from the Crimson Pearl Convention are not able to enter Phoenix City.”

“Why?” Guo Yin Da asked curiously.

“I don’t know. Orders from above.” The guard felt it was weird as well, but they wouldn’t probe.

“If it’s about the Crimson Pearl Convention, you don’t have to worry. She’s here to look for me and wants to look at the herbs that we only have here. She’s not here to participate in the Crimson Pearl Convention.” Guo Yin Da explained.

“Really?” The guard didn’t really believe him.

“Really. Big Brother, you’ve never seen someone come to participate in the Crimson Pearl Convention all by themselves, right?” Sima You Yue said with a smile.

The guard thought about it and agreed. Those people usually came in a huge group and there really wasn’t anyone who would participate in the Crimson Pearl Convention on their own.

He waved at them and said, “Old Hao, we can still trust in your Guo Clansmen. You may enter.”

“Alright, thank you for your trust. We won’t be heading back immediately. Let’s go to the wine shop for a drink.” Guo Yin Da said.

“Alright! You’re the one who said it!”

“No problem!”

Just like this, Guo Yin Da smoothly led her through the gates into Phoenix City. As for the huge incident that would happen later on, only then would this guard know how big of a mistake his negligence caused him. It was a good thing that nobody had noticed that he was the one on duty that day.

They entered the city and went to a place they lived before. They saw a very small inn, but it still looked very clean.

The Guo Clan… was really in a miserable state!

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