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Chapter 1606: Can’t scare you to death

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Sima You Yue lifted him by his tail, turned him upside down and looked him in the eye.

“You look so unwilling. Why don’t you continue to stay here? We’ll be leaving first.” She huffed.

Little Lucky immediately got rid of the reluctance in his eyes and looked at her fawningly as he beamed, “Yue Yue, what are you saying? Of course I want to follow you . If I were to separate from you, I would really be reluctant then.”

It was a good thing that such a long time had passed but he finally stopped calling her ‘Mother’.

Sima You Yue saw him trying to butter her up and couldn’t help but press her hand to her forehead. How much of an influence did Little Roar have on him? Why did he influence each and every single one of them?

When he saw that she didn’t say anything, Little Lucky swung his tail and hugged her hand. He stroked her and even blinked his large round eyes.

Sima You Yue gritted her teeth and ground out a single sentence, “Shamelessly acting cute!”


Little Lucky didn’t care whether or not he was shameless as long as Yue Yue was not angry anymore, it was better than anything.

Sima You Yue wasn’t really angry to begin with, and when she saw him acting this way, she stretched forth a hand and poked his forehead, saying, “Don’t hang out with Little Roar so much so you stop learning his bad ways!”

That was right, wasn’t Little Roar the one who taught him this?

Actually, what she didn’t know was that Little Roar would teach this trick to every single person who came in. The words he used were, “Yue Yue, this lady, will be incredibly scary when she’s angry. But if you learn this skill, you’ll succeed a hundred times out of hundred! Who asked her to be such a little child!”

If she knew about this, she would definitely stuff him into the ground and find something to suppress him for a hundred years before letting him out.

“Hehe-” It was rare to see Sima You Yue acting like a little child, and the others would always laugh in their heart.

“Cough cough.” Sima You Yue reacted and tossed Little Lucky to her shoulder. She said to everyone, “Now that Little Lucky has returned, let’s depart.”

At this time, Guo Yin Da walked out and cupped his fists towards her, saying, “Lady You Yue, we are very grateful that you are willing to help Young Master, and are willing to become your strength. However, we are unable to return right now. You see, could you guys depart first and then we will come and look for you later?”

“Do you still have something you need to do?”

Guo Yin Da smiled bitterly, saying, “To tell you the truth, we came here this time to look for two herbs that are more than a thousand years old.”

“What herbs are you looking for?”

“There are no specifics as long as we are able to obtain two herbs that are more than a thousand years old. It’s only because of this that we dared to enter this deep into the mountains.” Guo Yin Da said.

Sima You Yue lifted her head and looked at Tao Yi Xuan. he nodded. The taxes this year were really this.

“If we do not pay up, I’m afraid that the Guo Clan will… That is why no matter what, we have to obtain these two herbs before we can return.” Guo Yin Da said.

“You guys haven’t even found a single one until now?” Sima You Yue asked. When she saw the reaction of the Guo Clansmen, she knew that she had hit the nail on the head.

However, she couldn’t leave them here because the other half of her plan could only be complete with the help of the Guo Clan!

How about taking out two herbs that were more than a thousand years old and giving it to them and saying that she picked it up along the way?

However, these guys were experts. If they were just dug up, they would definitely be able to tell.

Just as she was troubling over this, Little Lucky stretched a hand under his belly and before Sima You Yue had seen where he had stored it, he took out two herbs and tossed them to Guo Yin Da.

“A thousand year old herb!” The Guo Clansmen could recognise it at a glance.

“Little Lucky, where did you get this?” Sima You Yue asked.

“I took it from where Aunt was! Many of these things grow around her cave and I plucked a few to play with.” Little Lucky replied before turning to say to Guo Yin Da and the others, “I’ll give these two to you. Hurry up and follow us out!”

“Thank you, thank you!” The Guo clansmen cupped their fists at them in gratitude.

If they had to remain in the mountain to continue searching for it, they might encounter some kind of danger.

“Since the problem has already been settled, let’s leave the mountains.” Sima You Yue said.

“Let’s go.” Tao Yi Xuan spoke as well.

“If we just go with you guys trailing behind us, isn’t that going to blatantly tell everyone that we have a relationship with you guys?” Sima You Yue said.

“But to allow Young Master to remain in the deep mountains alone wouldn’t be too good, right?” Guo Yin Da said with some difficulty.

Sima You Yue took out her little door and opened her little realm, saying, “Although my little realm is small, you should still be able to survive inside for a period of time. Once things have been settled, I’ll let you out.”

Although little realms were not commonly seen on the island, they were not too surprised. At most, they didn’t expect that a person like her would possess this.

Tao Yi Xuan understood what she was thinking and nodded, entering the little realm. He initially thought that the little realm was really as small as Sima You Yue had said, so he didn’t expect it to be boundless. Furthermore, inside the little realm, there was actually a city.

He was rather shocked.

At this time, someone had come over and bowed in greeting to him, saying that he was the steward of Blood Fiend City and had obtained Sima You Yue’s instruction to take care of him for a while.

“Blood Fiend City?”

“That’s right, this place is Blood Fiend City.” The steward took him inside the city. Because there were no things like inns, he brought him to his own courtyard. As they walked, he explained about the situation in here.

“Tell me, did all the people in here used to be from Blood Fiend City?” Tao Yi Xuan asked with surprise.

News about what happened to Blood Fiend City had also spread to the island. After all, it was a special existence which had disappeared just like this. It was very surprising.

He didn’t think that she would be the cause of this and that she would have brought those from Blood Fiend City here.

The steward saw that he was interested, so he told him about what happened back at Blood Fiend City. This steward was good with his words and brought the story to life as he spoke about it. Even Tao Yi Xuan felt like he was right there in the dangerous situation where Sima You Yue had brought over the Calamity Cloud to the scene.

At this moment, what surprised him was that Sima You Yue was actually able to evoke the heavenly tribulation. If she was able to evoke the heavenly tribulation during her battle with others, wouldn’t the other party be dragged into it as well?

As such, the steward told him again about what happened back in the dark forest, giving Tao Yi Xuan an even greater shock.

She was actually able to kill a few hundreds of monarch ranked experts as a divine rank. This was no longer simply a battle of using a few to kill many or skipping ranks.

“Hey, don’t look down on Lady You Yue for being young. Her abilities are powerful. Since she said that she would help you snatch the position of Young Master, there won’t be any issues at all. Mm, after so many years, I’ve never seen her fail at anything!” The steward chuckled as he said, “It’s also because she’s kind that she left you here. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to have such peaceful days.”

When they arrived at the steward’s courtyard, he pointed at a courtyard by the side and said, “If there’s no reason, you DEFINITELY cannot go to that side, understand? It would be bad if you disturbed the ones inside there.”

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