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Chapter 1598: Entering Rabbit Ear Mountain

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Wasn’t it just ten thousand crystal stones? She didn’t care much for them. It was fine as long as those items were useful.

When she thought to this point, she immediately felt like she was some kind of rich and extravagant person.

“You Yue, the fact that you are able to take out so many crystal stones shows that you don’t lack these things at all. Since this is the case, it would be better for you not to go and look for him. To be able to hang out with Boatman and even control his boats means that it’s definitely not anything average.” Guo Yin Da said sincerely.

Sima You Yue understood that he was afraid that she would look for Helmsman Tuo and argue with him and end up offending such a powerful person, ending up on the losing end.

“Uncle Guo, I understand.” She smiled at Guo Yin Da and smiled. She thought about how she was still rather good at reading people and the people she journeyed with weren’t bad at all.

Following which, SIma You Yue asked him a few more questions about Rabbit Ear Mountain. She asked him things like which areas contained more herbs and things like that. His reply was similar to what she had heard before.

When she mentioned this, Guo Yin Da couldn’t help but sigh.

“Uncle Guo, did you encounter some kinds of difficulties?” Sima You Yue asked. She saw that the Guo clansmen were all looking at her warily as she scratched her ear, saying, “Earlier on, I saw that you guys had worry written all over your faces and you sighed the moment I talked about the northern mountains so I just wanted to ask. If it’s not convenient to talk about it, it’s fine as well.”

In any case, this had nothing to do with her. It wouldn’t affect her whether or not they told her. She merely saw that they were pretty decent and thought to ask.

That’s not right. Once they told her about it, she might even soften and help them out.

When she thought about this, she suddenly hoped that they wouldn’t tell her.

“Sigh…” Guo Yin Da sighed again, “it’s not that we are unwilling to tell you guys. It’s just that there’s no point in telling you. It might even bring you trouble. Once we arrive at Rabbit Ear Mountain, we will go our separate ways and this troublesome matter will naturally not follow you.”

When he said this, it ended up causing Han Miao Shuang and the others to empathise with them instead.

“I heard you guys talk about something to do with the extermination of some clan, is it that serious?”

At this moment, the Guo clansmen fell solemn. Han Miao Shuang knew that she had asked them something that she shouldn’t have, and felt a little sheepish.

The initially harmonious atmosphere turned a little awkward.

“It’s nothing much, actually. It has to do with our clan. It will bring you trouble if we tell you.” Guo Yin Da laughed, “However, this might end up being an opportunity for us, so it may not be as serious.”

“That would be good.” Sima You Yue casually asked a few other questions and the situation passed just like that.

Halcyon was extremely speedy if not because Sima You Yue wanted him to be steady, causing him to slow down a bit, they would probably have reached Rabbit Ear Mountain in just one day.

Even if that was the case, the Guo clansmen were extremely shocked at Halcyon’s speed.

Sima You Yue didn’t explain too much either. When they arrived at Rabbit Ear Mountain, the Guo clansmen said a few words before departing.

“These people really aren’t bad. They’re leaving so quickly because they’re afraid of bringing trouble upon us.” Huang Ying YIng said a little emotionally.

They could all tell. The Guo clansmen were probably not some huge clan, they were probably just a small clan living on the edge of the little island. Based on the news that Sima You Yue had seen before, clans like theirs were probably attached to other more powerful clans.

When she thought about this, she sighed. All the places where people inhabited had rivers and lakes. They weren’t even able to escape a place like The Lost Place!

“They really aren’t bad. I got the scarlet bees to follow them. If it’s something small, we should be able to help them out. If it impacts our mission…” Sima You Yue didn’t finish her sentence but everyone understood.

They came here in order to look for her master and teacher. She would not allow anything to interfere with her mission.

“Great Master Yin Lin merely let us come to Rabbit Ear Mountain to look for an opportunity. However, he didn’t say what it was. What are we supposed to do?” Su Xiao Xiao looked at Sima You Yue. She had the most interaction with Yin Lin, so she might be able to understand what he meant.

Sima You Yue thought about the last time she had gone to Ghost City where Little Helper’s so-called opportunity was Mu Si. Did that mean that they were supposed to look for someone this time as well?

She shook her head, indicating that she didn’t know either.

“Since we don’t know, we can just walk around. In any case, Master Yin Lin said that this is the place, so I’m guessing that we will bump into him.” Sima Liu Xuan said.

“Didn’t they say that there were many herbs here? It’s actually The Lost Place. This place should have different types of herbs from the outside. In any case, it’s fine as well, we might as well look around outside.” Feng Zhi Xing said.


Nobody was familiar with this place, so the group of them were blindly wandering around. Occasionally, she would bump into some people who were here just for the experience or to look for treasure. However, she never found the Guo clansmen.

It was probably because everyone was quite focused on the Guo Clansmen, so they never strayed too far from the Guo Clansmen. However, they imperceptibly went deeper into Rabbit Ear Mountain.

Sima You Yue saw that the vegetation was getting increasingly lush. The age of the spirit herbs was also increasing. Sima You Yue knew that they were now in the depths of the mountain range now.

They thought about the old creep that Helmsman Tuo had told them about and she lightly furrowed her eyebrows.

Perhaps it was because everyone else knew about this as well, so there weren’t so many people who came here. As such, they left these spirit herbs alone.

As for the Guo Clansmen, they were always ahead of them, proving that they had already gone deeper than she did.

Just what did they want to obtain, and why did they come to a place as dangerous as this?

Suddenly, she stopped walking and her eyebrows were furrowed tightly.

“You Yue, did something happen to the Guo Clansmen?” Huang Ying Ying asked.

Sima You Yue nodded and said, “The Guo Clansmen are fighting with someone. It seems like it’s for the sake of rescuing a youth. The other party is stronger than they are.”

These two short sentences clearly depicted the entirety of the situation,

The Guo Clansmen weren’t considered weak when compared to those outside, but they weren’t powerful enough in this continent.

“How are they compared to us?”

“If we call on others, we won’t have a problem.” Sima You Yue said.


“Didn’t Little Lucky’s father send a few people over to us? I’ve brought them with us. Mm, in order to protect Little Lucky.” She smiled innocently.

When Little Spirit heard what she said from inside the Spirit Pagoda, he rolled his eyes at her. This brat was obviously abusing her power for personal gain. She didn’t even play with him anymore and just tossed him inside her spirit pagoda.

It was a good thing that he was already close to the other spirit beasts and was not as clingy to her as before. When she needed him to return, he could find fun things to do inside the Spirit Pagoda as well.

The most important point was that he was able to play with Little Roar inside the Spirit Pagoda until the Spirit Pagoda was turned upside down. If not because Crimson Flame and the others were taking care of the Spirit Pagoda, who knows what the Spirit Pagoda would have turned into.

The first time she saw what they did to it, she couldn’t help but hold her forehead in frustration. The truth was… she didn’t have the heart to hit Little Lucky. The most important point was that she was unable to. What was she supposed to do if his dad came to take revenge after finding out about it? As such, she beat Little Roar up a few times, making him feel like it was really unfair.

It was obviously the both of them who had wrecked things, but he was the only one who was punished. It was so unfair, sob sob sob.

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