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Chapter 1596: So it’s actually a fake Helmsman

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He was either powerful or had high status. Regardless of which, he made all the Spirit Beasts in the Ocean Boundary retreat.


Helmsman Tuo was very accurate in estimating the time. The boat reached Lost Place, an island that was comparable to the Primordial Lands, in the evening of the second day, when he said it would reach in a day or two.

“We’re here, give me the booklet.” Helmsman Tuo extended his hand before Sima You Yue.

Sima You Yue already memorized the whole map and passed the booklet to him when she saw that he wanted it. She also gifted him a few jars of wine.

“I heard that Helmsman Tuo knows how to drink. I brewed these, take it as a gift of thanks.”

Helmsman Tuo carried one of the jars and drank it after unsealing it. A rush of the wine’s fragrance spread throughout. He took a big sip and the refreshing sensation flowed through his body.

“This wine is not bad, it’s strong enough!” Helmsman Tuo kept all the wine into his own interspatial ring and said to Sima You Yue, “Little girl, I don’t want to take advantage of you either, there’s an old monster in Rabbit Ear Mountain. You have to be careful when you go there. You can mention my name, Helmsman Tuo if you can’t handle it.”

They mentioned Rabbit Ear Mountain when they were on the boat, so it was normal that he knew where they were headed to.

Sima You Yue grinned, “Uncle Tuo, you’re really honest, I’ll mention your name if I get into danger later!”

“You’ll have to prepare more of these wines if we meet again.” Helmsman Tuo requested.

“No problem!” There was lots of it in the Spirit Pagoda, but it wouldn’t be attractive if she took out so many at once. She would give them to him the next time she met him.

With the map in her head, they didn’t head to Rabbit Ear Mountain immediately. Instead, they went to the nearest transportation array and went to the nearest city to look for an inn to rest in.

What You Yue didn’t know was that after they left, a group of people came to the coast with their eyes twitching when they saw Helmsman Tuo dressed as a helmsman. They came up to him and kneeled down before him.

“Master, you’re back.”

“Why, you guys missed me just after one trip?” Helmsman Tuo changed his aura from a crafty helmsman into a Rich Young Master.

“Master, a few Patriarchs came to look for you a few times already. They might start kicking up a fuss if you don’t appear.” The head explained.

“Those old guys have nothing better to do, I must make them my boatmen one day!” Helmsman Tuo said.

The group of people on the floor flowered their heads, hoping that their Master wouldn’t make them his boatmen. It was too… degrading!


“Let’s go back, I want to see how much of a fuss they made.” He came down from the boat and took a few steps as he said to the last person kneeling down, “Send someone to keep a close eye on the guests I fetched earlier on.”

“Master, are they suspicious?”

“I feel that Lost Palace will be lively when they are here. Why would I miss a good show?” Helmsman Tuo said as he left smilingly.

His instincts were usually accurate, this girl would definitely surprise him.

“Master, who should we send to fetch those people if the helmsman for this boat is gone? We heard that Northern Du Clan, Eastern Lai Clan and Ouyang Clan are already rushing here.”

“What’s the rush? That old man drank my Thousand Years Drunk and he’s probably deep asleep. He will come and take over the boat when he’s awake.”

“Those Hidden Families…..”

“Just wait.”

Master, could you not be stubborn!

But no one dared to say that. Who knew what kind of method the Master would use to punish them.

The group of people left the coast with Helmsman Tuo. Those who he had chosen left the group and gave chase in the direction that Sima You Yue left in.

Sima You Yue went to the inn to reorganise before lying down on the bed and started recalling the information that she got.

There were thousands of villages in Lost Place with hundreds of cities surrounding the four main big cities : Phoenix City, White Tiger City, Azure Dragon City and Black Tortoise City. These four main cities surrounded a city in the middle —— Void City.

It was said that Void City was like its name. There weren’t even any city walls or any protective measures like a protective barrier, but no one dared to kick up a fuss there because the Island Master of Lost Place resided there.

There was only one consequence if anyone dared to kick up a fuss there —— to disappear.

They might be driven out or killed. Regardless which one it was, those who had kicked up a fuss had never appeared on the island again.

It was reported that the Island Master was from a Divine Clan and had the highest status and the most rights on this Island.

Sima You Yue was unsure if there was any Divine Clan apart from the Feng Clan, but it was true that the Island Master had rights and forces.

For those who claimed that they had something with the Divine Clan, they resided in the four big cities while those without talents or clans would live in the small cities and villages.

She thought of asking Feng Xiang later.

She magnified the map in her head and started looking for the location of Rabbit Ear Mountain. Fortunately, her mind was strong enough to look for Rabbit Ear Mountain in all the dense terrains. However, she was speechless after seeing that distance.

She thought that the mountain wouldn’t be far from them as Yin Lin asked them to go to Rabbit Ear Mountain after getting on the island. Who knew it was ten of thousands kilometres away.

She sighed and rested with her eyes closed. She could only get to Rabbit Ear Mountain to look for the opportunity after she had rested well enough.

She couldn’t guess what this opportunity was about. At this point of time, she felt like ridiculing those who held a divine stick and said that Heaven’s secrets must not be revealed. She felt bad to be kept in suspense.

After resting in this small city for two days, they started their journey towards Rabbit Ear Mountain. They changed transportation arrays a few times, flew on a flying beast for a few days and changed transportation arrays a few more times again before getting near Rabbit Ear Mountain.

“Grandfather, Grandmother, I heard that Rabbit Ear Mountain is very dangerous. Since the day is already coming to an end, let’s look for a place to rest and we will go to the Mountain tomorrow.”


Everyone felt exhausted since they had been rushing for days. She had the strongest mental strength, so she looked the most energetic among everyone.

While everyone was resting, she took the chance to take a walk outside and realised that the people on this island were quite arrogant. They looked down upon foreigners, but she didn’t respond to it as she wasn’t the only foreigner.

Despite that, she heard that many foreigners came because something happened on the island.

She was unsure of what happened. Many foreigners came to this island that was disconnected from the outside world.

She walked around and heard something about Rabbit Ear Mountain, but no one cared about her seeing that she was a foreigner. They gave her some insignificant information for the sake of money, and that information was about which place was more dangerous and where to get certain medication and things like that.

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