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Chapter 1579: Returning home, considering what to do next

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Sima You Yue was the contracted master of the Divine Vermilion Bird, and she had the right to order about a hundred birds, and that was without talking about the various powers backing her.

If Xuan Qiu Fu Xi was truly thinking for the sake of the clan, he would not have offended her!

In the past, it was not like these kinds of things had never happened before, but the other party was just anybody that they could suppress. If they reneged, then so be it. However, was Sima You Yue someone like that? He was obviously not using his brain!


And right now, it was useless no matter what they said!

As for what would happen to the Xuan Qiu Clan in the future, Sima You Yue did not care for it at all. She was afraid that she would never interact with the Xuan Qiu Clan ever again.

After leaving the Xuan Qiu Clan, Sima You Yue got Feng Xiang to stop.

“Aunt Xiang, let’s just stop here.” Sima You Yue looked at Feng Xiang, “I really have to thank you for today.”

“Young Miss’ issues are our issues, there is no need for thanks.” Feng Xiang said with a smile. She really liked Sima You Yue’s personality. She was not as petty as those other Young Misses. She had already received the honorable master’s recognition, but she was as mild as before.

“Now that I have already obtained the Divine Medicine, I believe that the Xuan Qiu clansmen will no longer chase after me. I know that you, Aunt Feng, are usually very busy. I’m already fine here, if you want to return to the Feng Clan…”

“Young Miss, before we left the Feng Clan, the Honorable Master told us that we are to follow you from now on.” Feng Xiang said with a smile.

“Follow me from now on? Not just this time?” Sima You Yue’s mouth fell open in shock.

“That’s right. Honorable Master said that we are constantly on the move outside and are more acquainted with the people here. This face of mine is also the identity of the Feng Clan, so people will recognise me when I go out. This will avoid situations where the blind will not be able to recognise Young Miss, and we will also be able to protect you in the meantime.”

“But I’m not that used to having many people with me.” Sima You Yue said, “There are so many of you. If you follow me, wouldn’t I have a whole group of people by my side all the time?”

“That’s no problem. The environment in your little realm is pretty good, and very suitable for cultivating. We usually have our own things that we need to do, and have not really had the opportunity to rest and cultivate. We can use this opportunity to do so.” Feng Xiang and the others were rather fond of the environment in her little realm.

“Alright then. You guys can cultivate inside. If anything happens, I will notify you all.” Sima You Yue opened her little realm and let them enter. Then, she took a look around her. Nobody was around, so she entered her Spirit Pagoda with a flash.

Little Seven, Crimson Flame and the others did not remain beside the soul pond. Little Spirit had shifted Sima Liu Xuan into the house. After a lot of time had passed, his situation had already stabilised.

When Sima You Yue entered the house, he opened his eyes to take a look before closing them again. The extreme pain made him feel as if even staying conscious was a luxury.

“Father, let me take your pulse.” She walked over and took his hand. The scorching temperature was as if he was roasting his hand in the middle of a fire.

She acutely sensed the condition of his body. It was just as Little Spirit had said. The medicinal effects of the Soul Fluid combined with the Fire Rebirth and Phoenix Nirvana along with Little Seven and Qing Yi’s combined strength as protection, was rebuilding every single inch of his medians and expanding it. It probably wouldn’t affect his body.

His meridians were not completely reconstructed yet. However, he had already controlled the medicinal effects of the divine medicine. He was recovering bit by bit. Once he had finished recovering, he would have recovered all his strength.

Sima You Yue reached into his sea of consciousness. It was not dull and wilted like it used to be. The entire place was filled with colour, and his parched dantian was finally moving.

Although there were a few parts that she couldn’t check, she almost couldn’t stop her tears from flowing.

“Father, you are recovering well. Eat these pills, it will ease some of your pain.” She took out some pills and fed them pill by pill to Sima Liu Xuan.

It was a good thing that the pills dissolved in his mouth. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have had the energy to swallow them.

Hearing the movement outside the door, she rose up and went out. She saw Su Xiao Xiao and the others waiting outside.

“Junior Sister, is your father fine?” Han Miao Shuang asked.

“He’s in the midst of recovery. Every single part of his meridians need to be remade. This process will take a long time, and it is rather painful as well. It’s a good thing that the divine medicine is not only able to reform the meridians but is also able to make him stronger. Adding on to that, the essences of Little Seven and the others, Father should be able to recover his strength without problems. He might even be stronger than before.” Sima You Yue smiled.

“That’s good.” Han Miao Shuang was happy for her. She finally settled another big issue that was weighing on her heart.

In the past, when she heard of what she wanted to do, she felt tired just listening to her. Now that it was a piece of cake, she could relax a bit.

“Junior Sister, what do you plan to do with the Xuan Qiu Clan?” Jiang Jun Xian asked.

Back in the storehouse, just as those people were forcing Xuan Qiu He to open the barrier, Sima You Yue had come out from the Spirit Pagoda. She not only kept Thousand Resonance in her spirit pagoda, but kept the three of them as well.

In order to avoid disturbing Crimson Flame and the others, Little Spirit stopped the transmission of what was happening outside. That was why Jiang Jun Xian and the others were not clear about how she managed to leave the Xuan Qiu Clan.

Sima You Yue told them what happened and also told them about the Feng Clan. When they heard it, the three of them were absolutely stunned.

“I didn’t think that there would be the Divine Clan above the Secret Clans. If we knew about their identities from the start, we wouldn’t have needed to worry for you.” Han Miao Shuang forcefully patted Sima You Yue’s shoulders, expressing how she felt.

“Hehe…” Sima You Yue accepted those two slaps. In any case, her body was fine and this didn’t hurt.

“Since we have already left the Xuan Qiu Clan, let’s go out. I have yet to take a good look at the inner regions!” Su Xiao Xiao said, “Right, Junior Sister, are you going to look for Master next?”

She had initially said that, once she obtained the Divine Medicine and treated Sima Liu Xuan’s injuries, they would look for Xu Jin. That was why they asked.

“Mm. We’re going to look for Master. However, I have to head back to the clan first. The issue with the Qi Spirits worries me a little. I wonder if Great Grandfather and the others went back obediently.” Sima You Yue siad, “Also, if we want to look for Master and the rest, we can’t do it blindly.”

“Then let’s return first.”

Han Miao Shuang initially thought that Sima You Yue would wait for Sima Liu Xuan to recover completely before moving. She didn’t think that she would immediately take them all out of the Spirit Pagoda and look for a city with a spatial ship and take it back to the Sima Clan.

Three months later, Sima You Yue’s group returned to the Sima Clan. By this time, Sima Liu Xuan’s body had already recovered completely. Before she arrived back at the clan, she took him out. Everyone who was there could see that he was no longer the same.

Initially, although he looked calm, his eyes always contained traces of pain and hurt. Right now, he was like a rusted blade that had recovered the sharpness of the past. He even made them feel like he was superior.

Haung Ying Ying saw their son who had recovered to his prior state and their eyes were wet with tears. They patted his back and were so excited that they couldn’t speak.

“I just knew that You Yue would definitely be able to cure you. Now we can see that she definitely didn’t disappoint.” Sima Liu Feng walked two rounds around Sima Liu Xuan and said while beaming, “No, you are actually even stronger than you were before. Or should I say, that you even advanced in rank?”

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