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Chapter 1572: The seal with a time limit

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Sima You Yue turned back, lowered her head and looked at him, asking, “What’s wrong?”

It was only then that Xuan Qiu He realised that he had gone a bit overboard. He relaxed his hand and said rather sheepishly, “That… will I really be able to see?”

Sima You Yue initially thought that something had happened. She didn’t think that he was just worried about this.

Afraid of hoping only to be dissapointed.

“Realx, you will.” She said confidently, “Believe me.”

“Mm.” Xuan Qiu He heard how confident she was and didn’t say anything more. He closed his eyes and rested.

Earlier on, even though Sima You Yue had exerted herself, he didn’t feel well either and was rather tired.

Sima You Yue opened the door and went out. She saw Sun Yu Wei with another man that she had never seen before, staying outside.

These two days, Sun Yu Wei had remained outside without moving an inch. Thinking about how Sima You Yue had said that she only needed a day but it had been from the morning of yesterday to today, it was almost two days. Could it be that something unexpected had occurred?

It was only when Sima You Yue opened the door and she saw the smile on her face that she managed to calm down.

“Child, how is He’er?”

“Aunt, relax. It went smoothly.” Sima You Yue took out a jade bottle and placed it in Sun Yu Wei’s hand, “The seal no longer presses on his nerves. However, if he wants to see and walk, his nerves need to recover. He has to take one pill a day. Even after he can see, he has to finish the dosage.”

Sun Yu Wei finally relaxed when she heard that everything had gone smoothly. She took the pill, “I will get him to eat this daily.”

“Then i’m going back to rest. In two days, I will come and check on his condition.” Sima You Yue bowed to the both of them, then walked past them and into her courtyard.

“Go in and take a look.” Xuan Qiu Fu Xi entered the room with large strides and saw Xuan Qiu He lying on the table. His expression was rather complex.

“Father, Mother.” Xuan Qiu He’s voice was weak. Ever since he had grown up, this was the first time that Xuan Qiu Fu Xi actually decided to swallow his chiding words.

“Let me examine you.” Xuan Qiu Fu Xi walked to the bedside and said.

He said that he was examining him, but he was merely ascertaining the condition of the seal. He saw that the seal was intact and there were no traces of removal before he retreated.

“How about it? I told you that there would be no issues with the seal, right?” Sun Yu Wei pulled him up and sat beside the bed herself. She held onto Xuan Qu He’s hand, asking, “How are you?”

“Mother, I’m fine. I’m just a little tired.” Xuan Qiu He replied.

“Then you should rest well. I will get people to guard outside.”


Xuan Qiu He fell into a deep sleep after speaking.

Once he had fallen asleep, the two of them went out. They instructed the servant girls to guard the outside and told them to pay attention to the Young Master’s condition before leaving.

Sima You Yue returned to the courtyard. Jiang Jun Xian and the rest wanted to leave the room when they saw that her complexion wasn’t too good, so they went up to support her.

“I’m alright. I just used a bit too much mental energy. I’m a lot better after eating pills.” Sima You Yue saw Han Miao Shuang’s dark expression and hurriedly explained.

Han Miao Shuang and the others knew that Xuan Qiu He’s condition was not easy to treat, and were not surprised that she was like this.

“You couldn’t have come back after resting first?”

Sima You Yue shook her head, “When I emerged, I saw male. He should have been Xuan Qiu He’s father. He made me feel a little uncomfortable, so I came back”

“Then you should rest in the house.” They didn ‘t ask her how it went. Her complexion didn’t look good, but she wasn’t worried or upset, which meant that it should have succeeded.

“Mm.” Sima You Yue began to sleep when she reached her room. By the time she woke up, it was already the second day.

She did not head over to see Xuan Qiu He immediately. His condition had already stabilised and only had to eat pills, so there would be no issues there.

It was only on the fifth day that she decided to head over to Xuan Qiu He’s courtyard.

Xuan Qiu He had also awoken on the second day. He asked around and heard that Sima You Yue had not come by, so he continued to sleep.

On the third day, she had not come over either and he felt a little disappointed.

By the fifth day, he finally sensed her aura.

“How do you feel?” Sima You Yue asked as she took his pulse.

“Nothing much. I just felt a little uncomfortable lying on the bed.” Xuan Qiu He said with a light smile.

“The meridian channels on your leg are recovering, the bends are not too good. You should be able to go down in two days.” Sima You Yue said.

“So this means that I’ll be able to see soon?” Xuan Qiu He’s voice was a little emotional.

“Mm Hmm. Your nerves have recovered pretty well. I predict that you’ll only need another two to three days. However, You have to continue eating the pills.” Sima You Yue said.


“Then I’ll come again in two days.”

“I’ll have to trouble you.”

“What trouble is that?” Sima You Yue smiled, “You are my patient. When we met in Cloud Sea City, I always wanted to cure your legs and eyes. Now, I’m finally about to succeed. It’s also like an exchange for myself.”

“You already wanted to heal me since back then?”

“That’s right. At that time when I examined you, I realised that I was still powerless and wanted to improve my medical skills.”

“Why?” Why did she care so much about him?

Sima You Yue thought about it and said, “I have this feeling that, for someone as good as you are, you should be someone who is completely well. The most important reason was that you are my friend, not my enemy.”

Back then, she felt like he was an immortal-like person and her heart ached that he had eyes that did not let him see.

“Thank you.” Xuan Qiu He’s smile deepened.

Thinking about her motive this time, she hesitated before she said, “Big Brother He, I’m going to enter your sea of consciousness again and take a look to confirm the condition of your seal. Can I?”

Xuan Qiu He nodded. When Sima You Yue inserted her consciousness in, he did not resist.

This time, when Sima You Yue entered Xuan Qiu He’s sea of consciousness, the seal remained peacefully inside. When it saw Sima You Yue enter, it moved.

Sima You Yue came beside it and carefully observed the seal. She saw that the seal was a little dull and heaved a soft sigh.

When she emerged, Xuan Qiu He opened his eyes and asked, “Why did you sigh?”

Her consciousness was inside him, so he naturally heard it.

“Who made the seal for you?” Sima You Yue asked.

“My father and the clansmen. Why?

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