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Chapter 1563: Heading to the cemetery

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The next day.

Jiang Jun Xian, who had rested for the entire night, opened his eyes. He had slept for so many years, but this was the first time that he had truly felt so comfortable.

“Eldest Senior Brother, you’re awake.” Sima You Yue was currently looking at Jiang Jun Xian. the moment he woke up, she saw it.

“Mm.” Jiang Jun Xian sat up from the bed and realised that his clothes were different. “What’s up with me?”

“You’re sick. I performed acupuncture on you. How was your sleep last night?” Sima You Yue walked over and helped to take his pulse, “Your situation is still alright, Senior Sister didn’t spend the night refining pills for you for nothing.”

“So Junior Sister has helped take a look at me. It’s no wonder I slept so well last night. Where’s Miao Shuang?” Jiang Jun Xian asked.

“After sending you the pills yesterday, I saw that she was too tired so I got her to go back and rest.” Sima You Yue said.

Initially, she planned to head to the cemetery after Jiang Jun Xian had awakened. However, seeing how things were now, they probably had to push it half a day back.

“Senior Brother, you should go back and rest for a bit.” Sima You Yue said to Su Xiao Xiao.

They had chatted the whole night last night. Although Spirit Masters didn’t need to sleep, since they couldn’t go anywhere today anyway, he might as well rest before they set off.

Su Xiao Xiao glanced at Jiang Jun Xian, nodded his head and left.

Sima You Yue told Jiang Jun Xian about his situation and also told him about her plans to treat him. He didn’t have much of an opinion towards his own condition, and it wasn’t a big deal for him to follow her.

When he knew that she wanted to go to the Xuan Qiu clan, his thoughts resonated with Su Xiao Xiao and the others. Since it was something that was going to be dangerous, he naturally wanted to accompany her.

Sima You Yue knew that when she said these words, Jiang Jun Xian would pay Han Miao Shuang a visit. So she went to visit the Sima Clan on her own.

Huang Ying Ying and the others knew that she was in the house treating Jiang Jun Xian, so they didn’t disturb her. They didn’t expect her to visit them.

“Grandfather, Grandmother, I’m going to the cemetery.” Sima You Yue said her motive directly.

“What are you going to the cemetery for? Although there’s quite a bit of treasure there, it’s too dangerous.” Huang Ying Ying thought about her previous experience and felt a bit of trepidation.

“Grandmother, didn’t I say before that the Qi Spirits were different from the ones in the past? I’m going to the cemetery to see just what the difference is.” Sima You Yue siad, “Reason tells me that the weaknesses of the Qi Spirits are the same, but those Qi Spirits actually cannot be eliminated using lightning spirit energy. There must be a reason.”

“That’s still too dangerous.” As long as the person had gone through it before, they would know how terrifying the cemetery was.

“Grandmother, you can relax. Those Qi Spirits are helpless against me.” Sima You Yue held onto Huang Ying Ying’s hand, “I have Top Grade Purple Lightning as well as LIttle Birdie. They can’t do anything to me. Look, didn’t I kill all of those Qi Spirits yesterday? They’re not afraid of the average lightning, but they’re afraid of my Top Grade Purple Lightning.”

“Be careful. If you can find out the reason, it would be the best. However, if you cannot, you do not have to pursue it. You just have to stay safe.” Sima Xiu Qi nagged.

“I understand.” Sima You Yue smiled at Sima Xiu Qi. Grandfather was quite a bit more straightforward than Grandmother.

“How is your Senior Brother doing?”

“It’s a little troublesome. He will need a long time before he can be treated. That’s why they will have to follow me for a period of time.” Sima You Yue siad.

“But don’t you have to go to the Xuan Qiu Clan?”

“That’s right. When they heard that I wanted to go over, they said that they definitely had to come with me. I’m thinking that, since I have Aunt Feng’s people with me, there shouldn’t be any problems. So, I’ll just take them with me and I’ll be able to treat Senior Brother in the meantime.” Sima You Yue said, “Oh right, Grandfather, I heard Ancestor tell me that Master had brought you here. Why don’t I see Master and the others?”

“Although we came here together, we split up once we arrived. That’s why we didn’t see them the whole time.” Sima Xiu Qi explained, “However, I’m thinking that they should be fine. I saw that they had people who possessed Deviant Fire amongst them.”

When Sima You Yue heard that they possessed Deviant fire, she relaxed quite a bit. However, she still had to ascertain that they were safe.

After leaving Sima Xiu Qi’s room, she sent out a large wave of scarlet bees. She hoped to be able to find Feng Zhi Xing’s location during this period of time.

A sleepless night passed.

The scarlet bees were truly adept at scouting for information. When daylight arrived, they brought news of Feng Zhi Xing. However, it wasn’t good news.

When she finished listening to the scarlet bees report, Sima You Yue sighed and knocked on Han Miao Shuang’s door.

After half an hour had passed, Sima You Yue and the other three left the city gates and headed over to the cemetery.

“Junior Sister, you said that your Master and the others all headed to the cemetery? Is this piece of information reliable?” Han Miao Shuang was worried that someone had set up a trap. After all, this situation was even more dangerous than the last time.

“It’s information that I got from my scarlet bees, so it should be reliable.” Sima You Yue understood what she meant. However, she was just a little Spirit Master. Why would those people waste energy on dealing with her? To even set up such a big trap and get her scarlet bees to inform her.

That would be too inconceivable.

After all, those people wouldn’t think of where the scarlet bees would go to obtain the information.

“Regardless of whether or not it is a trap, we just have to be careful. I’m guessing that the time back in the outer regions, we accidentally foiled their plans. That’s why those people weren’t in time to manipulate the situation. Those people controlling things behind the scenes are probably not simple.” Su Xiao Xiao suggested.

“If they want to form these Qi SPirits, they need not only a huge and auspicious area, but a very long time. That was why most powers would be eliminated outside. I’m guessing that there’s a high chance it’s the workings of the secret clans.” Jiang Jun Xian was leaning on Han Miao Shuang’s shoulder, saying with sleepy eyes.

Sima You Yue felt the same way. Other powers didn’t have this inside information.

“Then what do you think about the issue with the undead?” They knew about the issue with the undead as well, so they probably had their own thoughts.

“The undead? The Yang Clan has yet to have such ambition and ability.” Jiang Jun Xian sat up, “The people behind this are definitely working together with someone.”

“I feel like this issue probably has an inextricable link with the ghost clan. The way to create undead probably came from the ghost realm.” Su Xiao Xiao postulated.

“Sigh, I hope that the ones behind the undead and the ones behind the Qi Spirits are not the same group of people.” Han Miao Shuang sighed.

“I feel like it’s not too likely that they will be the same group of people. However, they’re both difficult to deal with.” Jiang Jun Xian massaged his temples. This world was really getting chaotic!

Sima You Yue was still a little worried. In this kind of chaotic world, she had no choice but to become stronger.

“Junior Sister, since the scarlet bees have found that your Master and the others are in the cemetery, have they managed to pinpoint their location?”

Sima You Yue shook her head, “Those people only managed to bump into Master and the others when they returned to the city. They don’t know where they are.”

“This cemetery is so big. If we don’t know where they are exactly, it won’t be easy to find them.”

“Let’s see when we’re there.” Sima You Yue replied.

When they arrived at the cemetery, her eyebrows subconsciously knitted together.

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