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Chapter 1562: Different Qi Spirits

Su Xiao Xiao and Han Miao Shuang were shocked when they heard her say that it would be dangerous.

“Junior Sister, what are you going to do?” Su Xiao Xiao asked with a serious expression.

Initially, he didn’t hear that she was going to do anything dangerous. If not for this, was she not planning to tell them?

Sima You Yue hesitated, but ended up telling them about how she was going to the Xuan Qiu Clan to obtain a divine medicine.

“The Xuan Qiu Clan is a secret clan. It won’t be easy if you want to obtain the divine medicine from them. We’ll have to see whether Xuan Qiu He can obtain the divine medicine and whether or not he keeps his word.” Su Xiao Xiao said.

“I believe that he will keep his promise. But I’m not sure whether or not he will be able to obtain the divine medicine.” Sima You Yue still believed in Xuan Qiu He’s character, “However, whether or not the Xuan Qiu Clan gives me the divine medicine, I must have it.”

“Then that’s even more reason for us to go with you.” Han Miao Shuang said, “If anything happens to you, how could we just stand aside and ignore it. No matter whether or not we are treating Jun Xian, we must go with you.”


“No buts.” Han Miao Shuang was firm, “You initially said that you wanted to go back, so we couldn’t involve ourselves in issues involving your clan and we didn’t say much about it. However, this situation is too dangerous. As your Senior Brother and Sister, we couldn’t let you go through this alone.”

Sima You Yue looked at Han Miao Shuang and Su Xiao Xiao. Their expressions were the same. There was no room for discussion.

Thinking about Feng Xiang and the others who were in her Little Realm, even if this situation was rather dangerous, it probably wouldn’t be life threatening. She nodded, saying, “Alright then. We’ll be able to treat Senior Brother in the meantime.”

Seeing that she had agreed, the both of them heaved a sigh of relief. This Junior Sister of theirs was the hardest to convince. They initially thought that they would have to waste a lot of words, but she had agreed pretty quickly this time.

After settling this issue, Han Miao Shuang started to worry about Jiang Jun Xian again, “Junior Sister, why isn’t Jun Xian waking up?”

“When he used to fall asleep in the past, he wasn’t really sleeping. His mind was just tired. Now, I’m letting him sleep deeply, which will truly allow him to rest.” Sima You Yue said.

“Then how long will that be?”

“Let him sleep for a night.” Sima You Yue said, “I will perform acupuncture for him in a moment, then let him recuperate.”

“Junior Sister, if you want to refine some medicine, you can let us know.” Han Miao Shuang said.

“Mm, if I can get you guys to help, I definitely won’t do it alone.” Sima You Yue said with a smile, looking at Han Miao Shuang with a teasing gaze.

“Junior Sister!” Han Miao Shuang was embarrassed under her gaze and her embarrassment turned into anger as she looked like she wanted to beat her up.

“Senior Sister, I’ll need to perform acupuncture on Senior Brother. If you hit me, my hand might hurt and if my needles aren’t stable, it will cause Senior Brother to suffer!”

When Sima You Yue said this, Han Miao Shaung reluctantly lowered her hand. She glared at Sima You Yue and huffed, “After this, I’ll definitely have my revenge!”

Sima You Yue wasn’t afraid of her as she got Han Miao Shuang to strip Jiang Jun Xian of his clothes. When he was left with only his *********, she was so embarrassed that her whole face turned red.

Sima You Yue looked sideways at her and asked, “Senior Sister, you’ve been with Senior Brother for such a long time. Could it be that you haven’t…”

“We said that we would only get married once we found Master.” Han Miao Shuang lowered her head and she looked extremely sheepish.

When she mentioned Xu Jin, Sima You Yue no longer felt like joking anymore. She nodded, “Once I treat my father, let’s look for Master.”

“Of course. Master has been gone for such a long time. Although we know his life is not in danger, he has never contacted us. I’m rather worried that Master has been trapped.” Sima You Yue said rather guiltily.

It was all because of her that Xu Jin and Ge Lang had disappeared for such a long time. When she thought about this and also thought about all the different things she had to do that kept her from looking for them, the guilt in her heart increased.

“Junior Sister, Master wouldn’t blame you.” Su Xiao Xiao said.

Sima You Yue smiled, “Let me perform acupuncture for Senior Brother first.”

Because Jiang Jun Xian’s wounds were of the mind, she only inserted a few needles into his body while the areas on his neck and upwards were filled with needles. Han Miao Shuang’s heart tightened when she saw this.

She wouldn’t turn his head into a sieve at this rate, right?

This time, there weren’t that many acupuncture needles. However, because they were near his brain, Sima You Yue had to spend even more energy concentrating. It was a good thing that her mental strength had grown quite a bit. Adding to that, her experience in the void pool, she wasn’t suffering and her forehead merely started to sweat.

After that, she helped to take Jiang Jun Xian’s pulse again. She took out a pill formula and a bunch of pill ingredients, handing them to Han Miao Shuang, “This is the pill formula and ingredients. You can refine some pills for Eldest Senior Brother.”

Hang Miao Shuang took the ingredients and recipe before heading back to the room. Su Xiao Xiao saw that there was nothing for him, so he planned to take Jiang Jun Xian back.

“Senior Brother, wait. I have something I want to ask you.” Sima You Yue stopped him.

“What is it, Junior Sister?”

Sima You Yue pulled him to the side of the table and sat down. She said, “I saw back then that the Qi Spirits were different from the ones we had encountered before. I wanted to ask you what you thought.”

When she mentioned the Qi Spirits, Su Xiao Xiao was in no hurry to leave as well because he had also felt that they were strange. Later on, he told her about the situation they encountered when they went inside. Sima You Yue trembled when she heard what he said, and felt lucky that she had gotten them to invite her Senior Brothers and Sister.

On that day, she had mentioned to Sima Qing about Su Xiao Xiao and the others, and he had immediately sent his men to invite them. Then he sent them directly over to where Sima Zhi Yuan and the others were. When they knew that they were Sima You Yue’s Senior Brothers and Sister and that they had Deviant Flames, they brought them with them wherever they went.

Later on, it showed how great their decision was.

Although the Spirit Masters they had chosen were all of the lightning attribute or Spirit Masters who had contracted spirit beasts with the lightning attribute, they were not very useful inside there. Although the strengths of the spirit beasts would not increase when they were struck with lighting, they were unable to exterminate them. It was only Su Xiao Xiao and the others who were able to use their deviant flames to kill them.

Furthermore, the strength of the Qi Spirits had increased since the last time they encountered them. When they attacked them, they showed intelligence. This probably had to do with the person that Sima You Yue said was controlling them.

Because they had the three of them, the Sima Clan had suffered the least casualties this time.

Sima You Yue fell silent after hearing his story. The lightning attributes were actually unable to exterminate the Qi Spirits. Just this point alone was enough to give everyone a headache.

Although the Qi Spirits wouldn’t become stronger when they were killed by the lightning attributes, they could revive quickly. However, the spirit energy of the spirit masters would not recover so easily. If they fought with the Qi Spirits, their spirit energies would be depleted sooner or later.

“Once Eldest Senior Brother is awake, let us head to the cemetery to take a look and see just what it is that has caused the change in the Qi Spirits.” They couldn’t think of a reason why, so they could only head there directly and take a look. They might be able to discover something.

She knew that if she said that she wanted to go in alone, they would definitely disagree, so she might as well go with them. In any case, they had Deviant Flames. Adding that to her own Top Grade Purple Lightning and Little Birdie, they wouldn’t be in much danger.

What You Yue didn’t know was that, shortly after she left the clan, there were people who came to look for her. When they found out that she was not in the clan, they didn’t say much before leaving directly.

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