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Chapter 1556: Treatment (2)

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After Feng Ru Yan ate the Divine Scar, she was initially alright, but her eyebrows suddenly furrowed and her expression became pale. Huge beads of sweat fell nonstop.

“Ru Yan!” Feng Qing grabbed Fen Ru Yan’s hand and took her pulse.

Sima You Yue was currently thinking about the other divine scar when she suddenly heard Feng Ru Yan’s voice and immediately came back to her senses. When she saw Feng Ru Yan’s tortured state, she also became anxious.

“The Divine Scar’s medicinal power is rolling inside her. You Yue, I’ll have to leave the rest to you.” Feng Qing took out a pill and gave it to Feng Ru Yan to eat after saying this.

Sima You Yue knew that Feng Ru Yan’s current condition was very dangerous. She grabbed her hand and observed for a moment before inserting her spirit energy into her body through her palm.

“Aunt Feng, I’m going to use my spirit energy to open a path for the medicine’s energy. Don’t resist me.”

Feng Ru Yan nodded lightly.

Sima You Yue’s spirit energy flowed from the meridians in her arm into Feng Ru Yan’s body. She could sense the energy collisions, and attempted to control it and get it to calm down.

It was as if the Divine Scar sensed the familiar aura, and it became less chaotic. However, it didn’t stop.

Sima You Yue saw that it had calmed down quite a bit and was much less anxious.a t the very least, it proved that she was still useful. She did her best to control it. Although it was difficult, the good thing was that it worked in the end.

The medicine’s energy followed her spirit energy and arrived at the place inside Feng Ru Yan was injured. It ground against her injury.

Feng Qing saw that Sima You Yue’s complexion was getting worse while Feng Ru Yan’s complexion was getting better. Only then did he heave a sigh of relief.

It seemed like waiting for her to emerge was the right thing to do. It was just that it troubled this kid.

The servant girls were given orders not to enter the garden, so they all waited outside. Those elders received news that Feng Qing was treating Feng Ru Yan’s injuries, so they all rushed over.

Feng Qing had set up a barrier around the garden so they couldn’t enter. They could only watch the situation from outside.

In the beginning, when they saw Feng Ru Yan suffering, they were incredibly worried. However, they could only wait outside helplessly. Later on, they saw her condition stable and were incredibly grateful for Sima You Yue.

“We really have to praise her. Otherwise, the Honorable Master may not necessarily succeed.”

“The outcome isn’t fixed yet. We can’t be happy prematurely.”

“I believe in His Honor. He was very worried just now, but he looked very relaxed now.”

They were all aware of Feng Qing’s abilities. Even he wasn’t worried, so the others naturally calmed down as well.

A day’s worth of time passed by quickly. Feng Qing would take Feng Ru Yan’s pulse from time to time. He sensed that her condition was improving steadily and knew that they had succeeded.

Sima You Yue’s spirit energy was inside Feng Ru Yan and she naturally sensed her condition. Although Feng Ru Yan was like this now, she was able to control the divine scar. However, she had yet to come out and would remain to the end.

Another day passed and Sima You yue saw that Feng Ru Yan’s wounds had completely healed. Only then did she leave her body. Feng Ru Yan also opened her eyes at the same time.

“Aunt Feng, you’re finally well.” Sima You Yue smiled at her as she fell to the side.

Feng Ru Yan stretched out a hand and caught her. She examined her for a moment, saying, “She used too much mental energy and has fainted.”

Feng Qing took out a pill and fed her as Feng Ru Yan sent her back to her room.

The moment she stepped out, those from the Feng Clan congratulated her, “Congratulations, Honorable Master on your healing.”

“Softer. Don’t interrupt You Yue’s rest.” Feng Ru Yan was not particularly excited, “Let’s go to the discussion hall.”

Perhaps it was because she managed to settle the issue weighing on her mind, but Sima You Yue slept very well. When she woke up, she felt like her mood was greatly lifted.

As long as she could settle the issue weighing on her mind, she wouldn’t be so tired.

The room of the door opened and Feng Xiang entered. When she saw Sima You Yue’s opened eyes, she said happily, “Young Miss, you’re awake?”

“Young Miss?”

Didn’t she use to address her as Young Miss You Yue?

Young Miss You Yue and Young Miss expressed different rankings.

“Honorable Master has already informed all the clans that you are now a Young Miss of the Feng Clan.” Feng Xiang said with a smile.

“Where’s Aunt Feng?” She climbed down from the bed.

“Honorable Master left the day after she was healed.”

When she heard Feng Xiang’s reply, Sima You Yue was stunned.

“Aunt Feng has already left?”

“The situation over there has always been urgent. It was already hard to see Honorable Master staying in the clan for such a long time.” Feng Xiang replied, “Actually, when Honorable Master was being treated, news had already come. However, Honorable Master said that she wanted to wait to see if you would awaken. However, you still didn’t wake up on the second day so Honorable Master had to leave.”

“How long was I asleep for?”

“Four days.”

“I slept for so long?” Sima You Yue was rather shocked. She had slept even longer than the last time.

“Honorable Master said that you have been too tired these few years, and you stretched yourself too tightly. Now that you have settled one of the issues on your mind, your heart relaxed, so you relaxed. Only then did you manage to sleep for a long time.” Feng Xiang looked at Sima You Yue with a little sadness.

She heard that she was not even a hundred years old, but she had to hold herself so tightly.

Sima You yue smiled. It seemed like she really hadn’t rested in a long time.

“Oh right, His Honor said that you were to look for him in his courtyard when you awoke.”

“I got it.”

Sima You Yue didn’t know where Feng Qing’s courtyard was, so she asked Feng Xiang to lead the way. She knew that he didn’t look for her for any urgent reason, so she wasn’t anxious and slowly appreciated the scenery in the Feng Clan.

When the Feng clansmen saw her, she greeted her enthusiastically.

Although they were not overly fond of outsiders, when it came to her, they were truly very grateful to her. If not for her, Honorable Master’s wounds would never have been cured.

After arriving at Feng Qing’s courtyard, Feng Xiang returned first. The first ones Sima You Yue met were Fang Fang and Yuan Yuan.

When they saw her, Fang Fang still acted as close as before while the iciness in Yuan Yuan’s eyes lessened quite a bit.

“You’re finally awake.” Fang Fang said while beaming.

“I’ve never seen anyone sleep like you do.” Yuan Yuan’s words were cold, but his tone sounded rather caring.

After all, she had only gotten injured because she had treated Honorable Master.

“Where is Uncle Feng?”

“Waiting for you in the medicine field. We can take you there.”

Sima You Yue followed them to the back of the medicine field. Feng Qing stood in the medicine field with a small hoe in his hand. He was currently plowing the area.

“Uncle Feng.” Sima You Yue walked over.

“You’re finally awake. You slept so well.” Feng Qing stood up and said when he saw that she was doing rather well.

“Mm.” Sima You Yue knew that her body’s condition was much better after waking up.

“Before Ru Yan left, she said that you were to take a group of people over. If those people don’t give you the divine medicine, you can just snatch it.” Feng Qing said.

“Alright.” Sima You Yue replied.

“Get Feng Xiang to go with you. They are still rather famous outside. In the past, when the Feng Clan had dealings with the people below, Feng Xiang was in charge.”


“Then when do you plan to go?”

Sima You Yue thought about it and replied, “I came here to treat Aunt Feng. Since she has gone off, I plan to leave now.”

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