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Chapter 1555: Treatment (1)

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Sima You Yue didn’t feel like she had been in the pool for such a long time. When she heard that it had been six months, she was shocked. Seeing Feng Ru Yan now, she cried out with surprise, “Aunt Feng, didn’t your wounds get treated? Have you used the Divine Scar?”

“Not yet.” Feng Ru Yan said with a light smile.


“Ru Yan wanted to wait for you.” Feng Qing said, “I thought about how the divine scar had been nurtured by your blood. With you around, we should be able to control it better. Since she could take out some time, we waited for you. We just didn’t expect that you would come out so quickly.”

“Is half a year’s worth of time considered short?” Sima You Yue was rather surprised.

“You know, the last time someone activated the forbidden void, how long did they take? Do you know how long it was before the person emerged?”

Sima You Yue shook her head. This was their Feng Clan’s issue. How was it possible for her to know?. However, she knew that Feng Qing didn’t really ask her that question.

“The last time the forbidden void was activated, it was ten thousand years ago. At that time, that ancestor took up to a year before he was able to emerge. Even if that was the case, from the dawn of time, he was the very first array master.”

The very first person from the dawn of time. This proved that that person had truly reached great heights.

“At that time, arrays and barriers were all grasped casually in passing. In a single moment, he could traverse tens of thousands of metres. There were times you clearly saw that he was walking, but in the blink of an eye, he would be a hundred kilometres away.” Feng Qing really revered that ancestor. He glanced at Sima You Yue, saying, “Even an outstandingly talented ancestor like that took a year to emerge. So tell me, don’t you think that the time you spent there is considered short?”

Sima You Yue smiled, but she was not proud. She didn’t feel like she was powerful or anything. She felt like a large part of the reason was because she managed to understand the domain.

She was lightyears away from that person.

“No matter what the reason, the fact that you can come out so quickly is your talent. Also, the things you have comprehended are yours.” Feng Ru Yan said lightly.

Sima You Yue nodded. She tossed away the unnecessary thoughts. The things that she comprehended were all hers. She felt like, if she were willing to right now, she could fuse with the void and really become one with heaven.

Right now, she could directly conceal herself in the spatial area and nobody would discover her.

“You’ve been tired during this period of time. Go back and rest.” Feng Ru Yan held onto her hands and led her back to her courtyard.

As for those people from the clan, they returned to their own areas.

Feng Ru Yan let Sima You Yue rest. She didn’t decline as she headed back to her room directly.

During this time, although her mental strength had grown by leaps and bounds and she managed to comprehend the spatial area such that heaven and man became one, she was still rather tired. She fell asleep the moment she hit the bed.

By the time she woke up, three days had already passed. She took a nice shower before heading back to her courtyard.

Knowing Feng Ru Yan, she immediately walked over and didn’t expect Feng Qing to be there too.

When she saw her in the garden, she hesitated. Feng Qing waved at her, asking her to come over.

“How has your recovery been?” Feng Ru Yan saw that her complexion wasn’t bad, and knew that she had recovered pretty well.

“I’m healed already.” Sima You Yue came beside Feng Ru Yan and sat down.

“Since you’re fine, we can begin treatment for Ru Yan.” Feng Qing said.

Sima You Yue saw that he didn’t stand up and planned to stay in the courtyard to treat her and was stunned.

“Right here?”

“Ru Yan’s body has already recuperated pretty well. The items have also been prepared. Most people dare not intrude here, so isn’t it the same no matter where the treatment is done?” Feng Qing glanced at Sima You Yue and waved his hand. A few jade bottles appeared in front of Sima You Yue.

“All these things are pills that I have refined in the meantime. I have added in the Tree of Life and the saint medicine. Only then did I manage to make these few pills.” Feng Qing said.

Sima You Yue heard what Feng Qing said and didn’t question anything. Comparing herself with Feng Qing, these kinds of hardcore ranked people, really made her feel like she lagged behind.

The first time she bumped into Feng Ru Yan, her wounds were severe and she could only suppress the wounds on her body. It wasn’t that her medicinal skills were better than Feng Qing, but that the art of acupuncture was mysterious. Later on, she taught the art of acupuncture to the Feng Clan, allowing the medical skills of Feng Qing to soar. Naturally, he learned it very well and his medical skills in treating Feng Ru Yan would be more powerful than Sima You Yue.

“Once Ru Yan has eaten the pills and the effects begin to take effect, we’ll support it with the divine scar. If the situation turns awry, you’ll have to control the effects of the Divine Scar.” Feng Qing said.

Sima You Yue was shocked, “The Divine Scar isn’t being made into medicine?”

Feng Qing shook her head, giving her knowledge about divine medicine, “Divine medicine is different from the average drug. The effect it has after being made into medicine is not as good as using it directly. It’s just that you have to suppress the effects a little. The unwell body may not necessarily be able to handle it. Those who are about to obtain divine medicine are not the average person, so they don’t usually have to consider this.

“However, Aunt Feng’s body is so weak, can it withstand the effects of the medicine?” Sima You Yue was rather worried.

“Of course it can’t. But don’t we have the refined pills as well as you?” Feng Qing was not really worried.

Sima You Yue saw how confident he was and asked what the ingredients in the pills were, then took Feng Ru Yan’s pulse before agreeing.

For the composition of the pills, other things aside, the main things were the Tree of Life and the Eye of the Earth that would allow Feng Ru Yan’s body to withstand half of the pill’s effectiveness. The other expensive ingredients didn’t need to be mentioned.

As for Feng Ru Yan’s body, with Feng Qing’s help in recuperation, she had recovered quite nicely.

However, thinking about how Feng Qing had performed acupuncture on Feng Ru Yan, which was a full body acupuncture, she couldn’t help but take another glance at the both of them.

Sima You Yue didn’t have any opinions, so Feng Qing supported Feng Ru Yan as she sat down.

Feng Ru Yan didn’t feel much when she ate the pill, and when she saw the divine scar, she did have a bit of a reaction, but she also became calm immediately.

Sima You Yue saw how calm Feng Ru Yan was and sighed inwardly. Her illness that had plagued her for a few hundreds of years was going to be treated. If she were her, she would probably have been incredibly excited. However, Feng Ru Yan’s eyes looked calm.

After an hour passed, Feng Qing inspected Feng Ru Yan’s body and confirmed that the pills had already begun taking effect. He opened the Divine Scar and got her to eat it.

The divine scar was around the same size as a jujube and Feng Ru Yan ate it in a few bites. The taste was a little sour and a little refreshing. It was similar to a fruit.

Sima You Yue smelled the scent and initially thought that, since she had used her blood to nourish it, it would have a very dense scent of blood.

She thought about how that divine fruit had been eaten just like that and did feel a little emotion. However, thinking about how she had another of the same thing in her spirit pagoda, that disappointment quickly vanished.

Others might only have one divine medicine, but she had two. Although one was big and one was small, it was better than nothing!

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